Tyra Banks dares to discuss ‘what’s up down there’

November 2nd, 2007 // 101 Comments

Tyra Banks is devoting her entire show on Monday to the vagina. Yes, that’s right. The female vagina. It will be an entire hour-long episode about the ins and outs of the mysterious lady part. People reports:

“I have wanted to do this show for two years,” says Banks, 33. “I know for a lot of women talking about what is going on in our bodies is extremely difficult, but it is incredibly important.”
She added, “We should be able to talk to our daughters, sisters, mothers and friends about our bodies and not be embarrassed. I hope after this show women will not be ashamed about what’s up down there.”

Great. So now I know what’s really been on Tyra Banks’ mind all these years. Burdened with this information how am I supposed to enjoy reruns of America’s Next Top Model? I’ll be sitting there wondering if Tyra was really upset when Caridee insulted Nigel or was she just thinking about vaginas? When Janice Dickinson spoke was Tyra actually listening or was she noticing that Janice’s collagen lips look like a huge vagina? And how would she make a segment out of that for her show? Haven’t you heard? It’s about vaginas.

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  1. Chauncey Gardner


  2. nie


  3. tyra banks


  4. kpol

    Is she planning any visual aids for the show? If she’s planning on showing a bunch of vaginas on TV, I might have to set the Tivo. Learning is good.

  5. Chauncey Gardner

    The only thing that could get me to watch this cavalcade of cooze is if Hayden Panettiere and Vanessa Hudgens talk about their first orgasms and then mutually masturbate onstage. The other condition is that Tyra leaves while that happens. Nobody needs to see her twisted junk.

  6. big teeth

    Tyra Banks is insufferable… whoever told her that anyone wants to hear her opinions on anything should be shot.

  7. PR DIVA

    This is great! Seriously. Women AND MEN have no idea how important it is to get tested every year. If we are going to be sexual we should know everything about our bodies inside and out.

  8. JOSH

    There she goes again, miss Ophra want-to-be.

  9. imran karim

    she’s wearing tights

  10. Ruby Blue

    Dumb bitch, she’s acting like she invented the damn thing. Tyra baby, I talk about my vagina all the time. With pretty much anyone anywhere. I really don’t need your fat ass going on tv telling me how vagina’s are ok. What I really want to hear is how it is that your show didn’t get cancelled. Pretty much everyone I know has seen it in passing once and cries “BLUUUUGH!!” when I ask for their opinion about it.

  11. RENEE Z...

    Oh God, whatever. She just does stuff for attention and shock value. I find her highly annoying. Just cancel that lame ass show already before it turns into another Ricki Lake.

  12. Vince Lombardi

    Thunder hips.

  13. If the show is anything like her vagina, it’ll stink!

  14. PunkA

    For Tyra, usually whats’ up down there is a vibrator. For others, it’s an erect penis. By the way, can’t wait for her expose on “How’s it Hanging: The male penis Show”.

  15. The Vagina Monologues starring Tyra Banks. Whats next?

  16. “in’s and out’s”
    get it they are talking about a vagina!?!?!?
    Oh never mind…………………

  17. #14 I’d watch it

  18. G Man

    She seriously needs to get laid… Someone donate some pickle time to her.. Hook it up and give her a ream job and spray her with some baby batter…

  19. You Stupid mother Fuckers

    All you stupid mother fuckers need to realize that there is no such thing as a vagina.

    There are cunts and there are pussies, but nothing called a vagina. That’s almost as retarded as thinking there is a meat-stick called a penis.

  20. You Stupid mother Fuckers

    All you stupid mother fuckers need to realize that there is no such thing as a vagina.

    There are cunts and there are pussies, but nothing called a vagina. That’s almost as retarded as thinking there is a meat-stick called a penis.

  21. justifiable

    I’m waiting for the (usual) moment when she asks the demo vagina if it had a secret crush on her.

    #18 Nobody in the world is THAT charitable.

  22. em

    well, judging from the lack of guys that tyra is photographed with, i’d say nothing is up down there.

    and oh yeah, she’s fucking annoying

  23. cookie monsta

    think of all the cunts they can get to give a point of view ….. you know Tyra’s got one, but Fish is one ….

  24. VaginalOoze

    This is America. Leave the sex education where it has been for generations. In the home of parents who have gone out and left their children home to party.

  25. Guy


    no just AIDS

  26. Calaverita


    SUPERFICIAL: Looks like you´re having a bad day, please tell us more.

    I dare you to show us your face! Be our new Perez Hilton!


    Not cool, i´m just teasin´ you. Love Ya!

  27. “No, no, NO, Tyra, I said do a show about Virginia!”

  28. Lexoka

    “The female vagina”… Because there’s a male vagina, now?

  29. Pedro McChang

    A cunt talking about cunts. I knew she was self-absorbed, but c’mon!

  30. Pedro McChang

    I hope both people who watch her show learn something.

  31. Chin Fernandez

    Tyra sucks. I know it. You know it. Your grandma knows it. Rot in Hell, Tyra! You fat ho!

  32. Roflcer of the Lawl

    Eww she looks like one of those nasty africans from a national geographic book.

  33. you spelled caridee incorrectly.

  34. L.Linus

    Tyra, if you want to inform the world about the vagina show yours. Explain how you pee, get wet before sex and have an organism. See this is what people really want to see. Do you shave or do you have pubic hair? These are the things people really want to know!!!

  35. Anatomy Woman

    As much as people seem to want Tyra to show her vagina on television, the only way to see any vagina is with a special tool that looks like a pair of shoehorns and a light. The vagina is INSIDE a woman’s body. It’s where babies come out and/or a penis (or vibrator, though most women prefer a vibrator on the clitoris) goes in.

    Small wonder so many women seem to have an unsatisfactory sex life. Nobody even knows what the hell is down there, what it’s for, or how it works! Maybe the show will do some good and teach people the difference between a vulva and a vagina and show people precisely where a clitoris is!

  36. Ted from LA

    You know your pussy, that’s for sure. Send pictures.

  37. Spearchucky

    Tyra’s pussy probably looks like Britney’s but has a lil more flub to it, since Tyra is actually fatter with monster hips, so I think I would pass on that.

  38. jacknasty

    You know who Caridee and Nigel are? I didnt realize this was a gay blog

  39. Me One

    I plan to take off work just to watch this. My mind has been on Tyras’vagina for a long time anyway!!!

  40. 1MILF Hunter

    There’s something very fishy about this whole show.

  41. Roflcer of the Lawl

    If by fishy you mean her vagina then yes.

  42. Hecubus

    Apparently Ellen was going to do this for her show but the network vetoed the idea when she demanded the entire show just be her eating different women out and crying.

  43. But Anatomy Woman!!!

    @ #35, Anatomy Woman:

    “As much as people seem to want Tyra to show her vagina on television, the only way to see any vagina is with a special tool that looks like a pair of shoehorns and a light.”

    But Anatomy Woman, why can’t we just poke a transparent plastic tube up Tyra’s vagina? Maybe one with a little LED inside? That’s not so special is it? And how about a glass turkey baster?

    What about a couple of guys holding pencils, or maybe even Tinker Toys? Just pull up and down and sideways like the corners of a square!

    There must be ways to see inside that thing without using special instruments! I bet we could find something really simple and cheap. I bet even carrots would work . . .

    After we’re done, would you like some carrot cake?

  44. The Obvious

    As others have said, the subject plays to Tyra’s strengths, because she’s a giant cunt.

  45. Excellent. Can’t wait for this show.

  46. ‘To be honest, I don’t know the taste of your vagina. But I love too taste it!! the first important step to take is the direction your TITS want to go. My conclusion is: they’re definitely heading for the finish. And what about your vagina? ASK THE CABLE GUY!!

  47. Betch

    The funny part is that she thinks she’s doing something radical.

  48. CorrectAnatomy

    #35 Thank you for taking the words out of my lips, I mean teeth, I mean…what is the generic term for the thing that speaks, eats, and breathes?

    I hate it when people misuse specific words. ie. Oprah “Vajayjay” Winfrey.

  49. sillypanda!

    BLEH. i cant stand a minute of her show; she always makes her about her &shes pretty rude!!

  50. Tess

    Although Tyra is actually quite annoying I think this show might be a good thing. Seems to me that especially Americans could use a little extra sex ed and let’s face it, a lot of young girls (not just boys who can’t locate a clit) really have no idea about their bodies and they just might end up having two kids and producing more because they don’t understand birth control (just an example). And besides, the more you know about it, the more you’ll probably enjoy sex.

    No more unwanted babies and STD’s and women having sex just to please guys in this world, please.

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