Tyra Banks causes a riot (Indirectly)

March 15th, 2009 // 53 Comments

An America’s Next Top Model audition went apeshit yesterday in Manhattan after a broken down car pulled up next to thousands of barricaded models prompting someone to yell “It’s a bomb!” The ladies, all under 5′ 7″ per this cycle’s guidelines, obviously panicked and made like they’d just been offered pizza, crushing everything in their path. NY Daily News reports:

By the time the model madness ended, six women were injured and two women and one man were busted for inciting a riot, authorities said.
“The girls were running like it was 9/11 part two,” said Jennifer Brown, 27, of Kensington, Brooklyn. “I feared for my life.”
“The metal barricade fell down,” said Kiara McCarthy, 19, of Levittown, L.I. “All of a sudden we heard this roar from behind us and we looked behind us and there’s a wave of people falling on top of us.”

After surviving an apparently anorexic midget stampede, little Kiara now has a new lease on life. But not really:

“I’m 5-foot-3. There’s no way I can make it into a model agency,” McCarthy said. “They would turn me away at the door. We had an opportunity and it was taken away from us.”

People almost died, including herself, and all she can think about is being on TV. I think we’ve found the new Miss America, folks – provided she grows a few inches. Hey, can’t have the other countries thinking we’re a nation of dwarves. That’s just crazy talk.

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  1. mankey

    I’d create a riot just to get in her knickerbockers. A fine chance of that happening, though.

  2. foof;y

    giant forehead alert

  3. bootlips

    You can’t allow nlggers to assimilate. They will act like monkeys no matter where they are.

  4. fall

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  5. maker

    haha I would have loved to see this! Leave it to models to do something stupid.

    really only the first people who started to run after someone yelled bomb are to retards but ya I would run too if there are 1000 + people behind me running.

  6. Frank Lucas' Bitch

    Rofl, I can’t believe some midgets actually have aspirations to become models instead of, I don’t know, getting higher education and getting a career. Wow. Hahahaha…retards…
    And Tyra, seriously….wow. What’s next…overweight lesbian midgets with eating disorder?

  7. Gina Vega

    I was there yesterday, it was so chaotic they thought that there was a bomb.

  8. Say what you want about her personality, but if you can tell me you wouldnt bone her after seeing this picture I’d call you a gay man…or a straight woman.

  9. Camille Natzke

    I cannot believe you allowed “bootlips”‘s comment to be posted. If you do not remove this, I will never read this site again. I thought this site was better than that.

  10. lmao


    don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, sweetie.

  11. Massa Jr.

    Camille you nigger loving idiot, groids are always bashed on this site because they’re fucking monkeys. You idiotic cunt, no one cares what you think. Stupid bitch.

  12. Lowlands

    Holy crap! Her beauty has made great improvement! What happened!? Did i miss something!?

  13. Sauron

    Her generous curves in playfull harmony with her smooth skin! How tall is she??

  14. Darth


  15. Donkey Dong

    @9, if you hated that comment, wait until Jane Goodall arrives. Then you will be really offended.

    I on the other hand will be laughing my sweet testicles off!

  16. .

    I don’t really understand why female models have to be over 5′ 7″. Some of them look so freakishly tall, they don’t even make the clothes look that great.

  17. yeah

    I don’t know if this is really related to the subject, but Goddamn Tyra’s fine! She’s got a skinny face and neck and like hands and arms, but she got some big ol’ titties and hips and ass and the fat on her stomach is sexy. I wanna hurt this bird! By the way I mean hurt in a good sexual way, not in like a Chris Brown way.

  18. Zoe

    Really? 5’3 is considered to be a midget nowadays? Superfish, are you aware the average American woman is 5’4? 5’3 is short, but by no means is it freakishly tiny.

    @ 16: Models have to be over 5’7 so the clothes can be easily seen from a distance. Runway model don’t need to be pretty or have attractive bodies. They just need to be able to walk and be tall. Models are called walking clothes hangers for a reason.

  19. lola

    If I am 5’1 then what does that make me? The average height of women around the world is 5’3. A guy has to be taller than me or I am not attracted to him. Many men are not attracted to tall women either. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but I believe that America already puts tall women up on a pedestal. no amount of hard labor, charity, or praying can change your height so it is just another means of making women feel inferior and keeping them from changing the world!

  20. shane

    Massa Jr. ko s.u.ck. your moms d.i.ck.

  21. Is this a racist site? Last time I checked the president of the most powerful country in the world is a black man. So obviously in response to some of the ignorant comments low life people on this site make(MASSA JR? AND BOOTLIPS?) has no relevance in the real world outside there homes and off there computers because i bet if a hot black girl such as ( tyra banks) even gave you the time of day you would wet your pants and thank god she even looked at you. So enough wht those ridiculous comments B.C THE WORLD has CHANGed GET OVER IT…

  22. Anon

    What colour do you expect the President of China to be?

  23. bootlips

    Oh please. The only female nlggers that are considered to be attractive are the ones who don’t have the typical simian features and they wear wigs to cover the pubes on their heads. I find women of every race beautiful except for the simian negro. They all look like transvestites and behave like typical nlggers..

  24. PR

    Every girl in that line was a dog. This whole thing was just another PR pow wow game, and it worked big time this time!

  25. So What - UR UGLY

    Tyra is getting a little too old to wear soooooooooooooooo much makeup, and, yes, she does sort of look like a transvetite…..

  26. manamanadoodoodadooduh

    industry-wannabe fidgets are desperate, angry hobbits anticipating rejection thus creating it….duh!

  27. my comment

    Tyra is turning into JonBenet Ramsey.

  28. Drago the Perv

    She got fat. But I’d still do her, ’cause i’m a perv.
    During our meeting, I would let her asspipe be the receptacle of my vitamin-filled manjuice.

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  30. manamanadoodoodadooduh

    having said that, i cannot wait for ‘Top Model: Brick Shithouse’…

  31. Annie

    hahaha….So funny, that people really think the color of your skin determines who you are. Haha. Uneducated, hateful bigots.

  32. sin

    What do you expect when you have a bunch of black women with self inflated egos? No matter how fat and ugly there are, black women think they look good. Thats how stupid the black race is. Is you are 5’4″, and weigh 225, you do not look good. No matter what setting you are in, you are still a fat ass hog.
    Who was dumb enough to get that many brain dead morons together in the first place? They all think they are better than every one else so they had to know attitudes and jealosy would cause problems. Unless, of course, Tyra knew this and wanted the publicity. She seems like the kind of person who would throw you under a bus if it would help her career out.

  33. rebecca


    i mean no offence when i say this but that is just a stupid, retarded,racist comment.
    “Massa jr.” and “bootlips”
    GO JUMP OFF A CLIFF!!!!!!!!

  34. sin

    You send your liberal ass off first.
    By the way, Its none of those because my statements are true. You may not like them, but you can not deny the facts.

  35. sin

    You send your liberal ass off first.
    By the way, Its none of those because my statements are true. You may not like them, but you can not deny the facts.

  36. OMG, we can’t really control the mind of other people, they’re willing to do whatever it takes to become a start even if it’d mean hurting other people.

  37. CakeSniffer

    Not surprising. You get a bunch of people with nothing better to do than try to make it on to a meaningless reality TV show for their “big” shot…well, let’s just say you ain’t gonna gave the creme de la creme of society showing up. I kind of wish I had thought of this little caper…

  38. Jane Goodall

    Tyra appears to have some human DNA in her genes, but she does have some very common attributes of the North American Street Ape. The mishapen head, the widened nose, the steel-wool textured hair, and especially the lack of emotional control and perpensity for acts of rage and violence, especially when confused or confronted with facts or by authorities.

    Tyra’s emotional outbursts are very common with purebread North American Street Apes, but the fact that many of her outbursts are emotionally charged but not physically violent, and her lack of a long and distinguished rap sheet, leads me to believe that she must have some human DNA in her somewhere, which gives her some control over her genetic instinct to physically attack anyone who confronts, confuses, or disagrees with her.

    So until the North American Street Ape can display control over emotions and won’t violently lash out at humans when confused or confronted, I conclude that the Apes should be held in captivity. Either in zoos or in medical/biological testing facilities where they could possibly be useful to humans for the first time since slavery.

  39. Still White on the Outside

    “You ain’t so tough now, little n!gga. I hate your black bastards, you *stink*! I hate your black skin. I hate your black pants. I hate black pepper. I hate black keys on a piano. I hate my gums, because they’re black. I hate Whoopi Goldberg’s *lips*. I hate the back of Forrest Whittaker’s neck. Huh? Most of all, I hate that black-ass Wesley Snipes.”

  40. :P

    @3: it’s obvious you didn’t even read the post, you just saw the headline and another opportunity to say something completely moronic just to start something.
    @11, 32, etc: you’re just morons – get off your asses and get jobs, contribute something to society instead of just taking up space, air, food, water, etc.

    I feel sorry for all of you who share their opinions and hope to GOD you don’t procreate (I fear for the future of mankind when I read your asinine comments)

  41. sin

    #40.. AAWWW…Whats the matter…Someone does not see things the way you do so you have to revert the the standard liberal tactic of name calling??
    Give us the true facts. DNA evidence, Congressional records, Smithsonian actricles. Someplace where the facts are real and can be verified. Not from some left wing newspaper or cable news show. AND give us ALL the facts. Don’t just pick and choose what part of a statement to mention.

  42. Jane Goodall

    Liberals and North American Street Apes share some common instincts. The instinct to lash out violently when confused or presented with facts. This can be witnessed in liberals when they are confused or confronted with the typical responses like “Bush Wants Oil!”, “Republicans are Nazi’s!”, or “Bigot, Racist !”, compared to North American Street Apes and other Ape species with their responses of illedgible grunts and shrieks, along with chest pounding, fist pumping, hand sign language, and poo flinging.

    This is a very interesting condition. As liberals, who are technically human, and North American Street Apes, who are not human, seem to be on the same level of emotional maturity. Perhaps in it’s crusade to elevate the North American Street Ape to the status of humans, they have just lowered their own levels of intelligence and social behavior.

    Which actually makes sense, since that is the liberal way, to lower standards of all facets of life to that of the lowest of the low. This way everyone is the same in theory. Of course liberals have failed at everything they have ever tried, but that doesn’t seem to stop them from trying.

  43. sin

    Yes. instead of raising the standards for exellence, liberals lower it so more people “feel better” about themselves. Look at what that kind of thinking has done to this country. Waterhead Billy should have failed a grade and taken special classes but these liberal put him in with the regular students and slows the learning of these good students to meet the needs of one slow kid. All because the parents do not want their baby to be labeled as slow. They lower the standards on everything when they should be raising them if we want to compete in the World market.

  44. blahbleh

    sin, when you mention “facts,” I assume that means you have some sort of peer-reviewed study, or at the very least a quality theorem supported by research and science. Until you can present those to us, who have never seen such research, we’ll just have to assume what we always have about you: that you’re a 40-year old bald guy masturbating furiously as he types his comments and looks at pictures of Paris Hilton vagina on The Superficial.

  45. worldgonemad

    I saw this on U-Tube yesterday and as someone who lives in NYC area… we are a tad bit senstive about people yelling bomb. For the rest of you… Live through 911 and then judge. FYI. there were people of every race, creed and color there not just blacks…. I believe Tyra should re-schedule auditions and hire more security and NOTIFY the NYPD.(no brainer).

  46. sin

    i already gave you one earlier. Pay attention.

  47. Im back…and you all, and “you all,” know who Im referring to…can kiss my simian, monkey looking, primitive dwelling, etc butt tonight or tomorrow, which ever is better for you.

    P.S. I don’t care if the sentence is grammatically incorrect either.

  48. rebecca

    Why does it always come down to race whith you sin?
    Where are your scientific studies and these so called “facts” aren’t facts they are personal oppinions. What gives you the right to say that other people, or different races aren’t as good as you?
    Are you perfect?
    Jane godall who are you referring to when you say “North American Street apes”?
    If you are talking about people whith coloured skin you are wrong! People whith coloured skin can be just as pleasant,civilized and intellectual as everyone else. Actually the president of the United States of America has coloured skin.
    I have proof of all the things i have claimed what about you?

  49. Napoleon


    If you write such things while believing in God, then shame on u. The white race is superior to any other? How dare you? God has created all things. Every human, every shade of skincolor. This means that you are disagreeing with God. Hmm.. A debat you will win? Think not.

    This is for the racists that don’t believe in God:
    When the day comes that you will have to get brainsurgery because of a deadly tumor and your operating docter is a black (wo)man, would that change your opinion? Or would the fact that a black person has had higher education, certificates and an income you can only dream off only piss you off..?

    And for the racists that don’t give a damn:
    Hitler killed himself. Follow his lead.

  50. rebecca

    Right on Napoleon!

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