Tyra Banks casts transgender contestant on America’s Next Top Model

August 13th, 2008 // 194 Comments

Hold on to your androgynous zones; the new season of America’s Next Top Model just got a whole lot more penis-ier. Meet Isis (above) a transgender model who “identifies herself as ‘a woman born physically male.’” She/He made the cut to be on Tyra Bank’s completely scripted modeling competition and looks forward to pretending to have to a chance on this season’s cycle, according to Us Weekly:

Will she be a role model?
“I like to help people, but I’m here to follow my dreams,” she tells Us.
The inclusion of Isis is being hailed by GLAAD president Neil Giuliano as “an unprecedented opportunity for a community that is underrepresented on television.
“We applaud Tyra Banks and The CW for making this historic visibility of transgender people possible,” Giuliano said.

So, if she’s a woman born physically male, does that mean she makes herself her own sandwiches? Otherwise, you lost me.

Photo: CW

  1. Julian

    Is vile bile the shit that zombies puke into your mouth to turn you into a zombie too? I fucking hate zombies. That’s why i carry a crossbow around wherever I go . . . that and to take out Tyra Banks and the mole men (They’re cahoots with each other)

  2. thatsfckingross

    I give up, I like dick

  3. ramalamadingdong

    thatsfckingross, you complete me

  4. sarah

    who has the ‘higher intellect,’ exactly? bc im pretty sure its not u, and it sure as hell aint “thatsfuckinggross” or whatever the little twat’s name is (or are u one and the same?)
    no im not a tranny hellooooooo isnt it obvious by now im just a hippie who doesnt like hate? stop the hate! yes, morals are clearly such a difficult word… huh? what are u talking about? what is ‘moral’ about hating? hello? have u read the bible? are u familiar with jesus? he who has no sin may throw the first stone! are u familiar with gandhi? i like your christ, not so much ur christians. YOU are the christian he was talking about, ramawhateverthefuck

    im pretty sure altering your body in order to augment your hotness is not immoral to any of u losers. u sure dont seem to mind looking at altered bodies such as whoever the bikini-of-the-day is. dont u realize that doing something as drastic as a sex change is not something that is taken lightly, like a fucking boob or nose job? that these people are unhappy in their bodies their entire lives, they know they are women existing in a man’s body? what is the immoral thing? is liposuction immoral? WHAT ARE U TALKING ABOUT? changing something that existed previously in a different form? dont u realize that is all we humans DO?

    and just fyi, im not a tranny i just happen to have friends who are, and i hope to god that they dont stumble upon ur misbegotten “arguments”

  5. M

    sarah, don’t bother, they can’t hear you over the sound of their knuckles dragging on the floor.

  6. Uncle Eccoli

    Settle down, Sarah. LOL

  7. spambot

    Shouldn’t that be “Auntie Eccoli”

  8. JPRichardson

    Teens are immature by definition, they should not be allowed to do these kind of thing to themselves. Teens are impulsive, pasionate and ignorant (by definition). Teens think with their gonads and hormones make them lose their ability to reason and take proper decisions.

    While failing and being wrong is part of maturing, you can’t let a young person do this shit to himself. Not to talk about actually PROMOTING this conducts.

    Picking your own sexual preference is already a debatable subject (nature already picked before you did). Leting a teenager modify his body to look like a woman is beyond stupid.

  9. Funny That

    22 y/o is not a ‘teen’


  11. JPRichardson

    @Sarah – talk about ignorant. I would like to see one of those peersons who where “born with a penis but are genetically female”.

    Is that how you define being gay?

    What a retard!

  12. rough daddy

    this is such bull shit, they had bunch of ugly chicks, fat chicks, now they have some dude in a skirt claming to be models,,,,models of what?

  13. ramalamadingdong

    first off i would like to say that i am very excited about being trolled. #53 – YOU complete me you sweet little troll.

    now, on to you miss “ohmygodihavetrannyfriendsdon’tbemeantothem!!!!!!” crybaby sarah. did i say i hate them? no, i just said that i feel it is wrong and immoral to slice up your body so you can become something you are not. God made us the way we are for a reason and we need to stay that way (and just for your information – i hate fake breasts – they look retarded). i never cast a single stone, miss thang so hold your fucking horses.

    and you know what – i hope your fucking tranny friends DO find this site. bring ‘em on. i have no problem going to head to head with an immoral freak. yes dear, that is what they are – FREAKS. most people don’t like them too much because more than half of them are not honest with people and try to pass themselves off as something they are not. i don’t know one dude who wouldn’t beat the SHIT out of some “woman” that he didn’t know had a deformed dick hiding in there.

    so, i think it’s around time for your nap, child. go suck on a deformed tranny dick and have a great day.

  14. M

    You stay classy JPRichardson

  15. M

    ramalamadingdong, just in case you missed the memo, God doesn’t exist.

    Carry on hating.

  16. sarah

    jprichardson… ugh omg i dont even know how to respond. yes, clearly thats what i think gay is. have u heard of hermaphrodite? jamie lee anyone? yes i am ignorant… wiki intersex, idiot. surprise surprise i was a women and gender studies major, thats why im freaking out about this. but come on people we can do better! educate urselves! im just trying to send out some positivity and information to the deluded masses who didnt graduate from high school… im looking at u, thatsfuckinggross

    and ramalama ok yes i will bring my freak army to u, we will molest u with our strange hippie love. i hope ur ready!!

  17. ramalamadingdong

    65 – and your proof is….where…..???

    suck my hairy ball sac.

  18. M

    67 – And *your* proof is where? A story to scare little children and weak people?

    lol, you god-freaks amuse me.. keep staying repressed

  19. ramalamadingdong

    sweet! i can’t wait for the hippie tranny slug fest. bring the shims ON!

    and how can we possible think you are educated when you can’t even type out the word Y-O-U? stop being a lazy fat ass cunt rag.

  20. Sam

    I have nothing against transsexuals, but it seems that Tyra is only doing this to get more ratings, God I hate that bitch I wish she would choke on my dick.

  21. ramalamadingdong

    I blame Obama.

  22. Julian

    I dont want to get in the middle of this discussion to much but I just noticed that ‘M’ and ‘Sarah’ are on the “don’t hate” side yet ‘M’ just trashed all all religions. WOOOO! Tolerance kicks ass!!!

  23. sarah

    yeah i cant quite manage it my fingers are too fat. i like how u have nothing to say to me… except to criticize that i type ‘u’ instead of ‘you’ huh? what are u even talking about? fat ass cunt rag hahahahaha thats a new one. i like how everyone on this site will eventually stoop to just calling hte other person fat when the whole point of these things is we dont know what we look like! wrong again bitches!!! i actually resemble neither a cunt nor a rag, and im not fat. i AM however a bitch, but only to u rama. ironic that u go by rama, do u know who he is? im guessing no. hes actually a hindu god, hero of the ramayana, one of the greatest hindu epic poems of all time. aka a “freak” im sure, in ur little delusional world.

  24. Uncle Eccoli

    @57 Huh?

  25. M

    I never said I was tolerant, certainly not of fools.

    Carry on..

  26. JPRichardson


    really, go to school. How old are you? 10?

    Hermaphroditism is NOT the same as homosexuality, dear. And an homosexual man is genetically… (you guessed it right) A MAN!!!

  27. sarah

    jp seriously, omg get a clue. WHAT??? i said some people are born with a penis but are genetically female… as in they have two x chromosomes. these people are called intersex. what are u talking about?

  28. Julian


    That’s cool I guess. Personally I’m atheist but I find that Religion is very much a necessity in our world and people that relay on it are not necessarily weak. I’m also one of those wacky atheists who doesn’t go around bashing religion because I don’t believe in certain things. But to each his/her own.

  29. JPRichardson

    I’m talking about how pretty this dress makes me look.

  30. The strength of a man and the bitchiness of a woman… wait, I just described Tyra…

  31. sarah

    so u just realized ur an idiot. thank u

    or YOU rama

  32. M

    78 – We’re not friends, you don’t have to get all winded explaining your beliefs to me, fatty.

  33. Uncle Eccoli

    Hey Sarah, what exactly are you after, anyway?

  34. sarah

    OK, I am an ugly fat tranny, people point at me in the streets, I never made it to school, but u are the ignorant ones. Since I can’t reason with people like u, I can only troll you and insult you and offend you because i am an ignorant prepubescent idiotic freak.

  35. sarah

    and the reason i am bitching here is because my transexual operation went wrong and i am a victim of anorgasmia and now it is not even fun being a teenage prostitute.

    when i was a shemale i was in heaven…

  36. sarah

    uncle eccoli, um isnt it obvious? im trying to change these people’s minds… everyone at one point thought being gay was gross. and i definitely used to all think that a sex change operation was weird. then i went to college. then i met people who were transitioning. then i became friends with them. realizing their humanity typically tends to follow quickly after. i realize that those of us who grew up in a small place never usually have the opportunity to meet people who are different, so its easy to term them ‘freaks.’ then u enter into the real world and shed those bigoted world views like a snake shedding a dead skin. shed ur skins!! become a more loving and accepting person! dont u realize that god is love? listen to the beatles, travel the world, and dont pollute ur mind with judgments u arent qualified to make

  37. Joe

    This is an absurd publicity stunt. Unless she has a shockingly disproportionately huge cock. In that case, if she posts 3 ten second clips to the web of her really giving it to some guy, she wins.

  38. ramalamadingdong

    my proof? in the eyes of my fiance, the birth of my niece and nephews, my soon to be mother-in-law walking out of the hospital cancer free, the laughter of my children – THATS how i know God does exist.

  39. That’s just biology. Try taking a college science course.

  40. M

    89 – Simple things for simple people. You keep believing, people are depending on your money!

  41. dianne

    as if there aren’t enough gay ppl watching america’s next top model already.

  42. sarah

    they used to pay me more when a had a wiener the size of Michigan, but no, i had to be congruent with my beliefs, and now i offer sex for food

  43. Jambala

    Not all gays aspire to transform themselves physically into women. Most of them don’t. Remember also that in an homosexual relation, usually one takes the male rol and the other assumes the female rol.

    It wouldn’t make sense if all of them cut their penises, right?

  44. Uncle Eccoli

    @86 There, that was better. That’s the first post you’ve made in this thread that wasn’t wholly confrontational, but it was still pretty self-righteous, especially toward the end. Those who are uncomfortable with whatever-you-call-them aren’t ‘wrong’ just because you think so anymore than you are because they think so. You’re not going to change anybody’s mind about anything by ramming your positions down their throats and insisting they adopt them or else be labeled an idiot.

  45. JPRichardson


    All I say is a teenager is in average not mature enough to assume the responsibility of making such a life-changing decision. Chances of this going wrong (phisycally, psichologically) are too big.

    I have absolutely nothing against homosexuality, but truth is adolescence is a transition period were people get all confused about sexuality and never give a second thought about important decisions. That is all I have to say.

    Homosexuality is not something to be in favor or against to, its just something that happens and that we need to learn to live with.

  46. Not That Guy

    Here’s the funniest thing, that Tranny probably looks a thousand times better than the ugly fucking whores on this site.

  47. Lys

    M, Sarah,

    Don’t waste your time. 90% of the visitors here are teenage boys. They don’t think with their brains. They talk about moral (which has nothing to do with freaks) while masturbating at russian teenage girls getting raped live on the internet. Don’t waste your time trying to open their mind : you can’t open something which doesn’t exists. They will carry on with their lives, working in fast food restaurant, ”believing” in a God they were told to believe in, getting married to the first slut who will suck their dicks, having children without having a clue how to raise them, telling them to believe in God, teaching them all their prejudices and ignorance, waking up one day realising they are not happy and thinking they have a ”high” intellect because their solutions to sadness will be to buy a new car.

  48. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    Sarah, are you saying that all transgenders are hermaphrodites?
    Or are you using that tact to try and defend them?
    Ramalamadingdong is the beginning of the shoowopdoowop. I highly doubt the 50′s pop was that into hindu religions.
    Getting an operation to correct intersex is not the same as a whiny little fag getting his weiner chopped off or some butch-dyke mutilating her shit to look like a boy. These people are sick and confused, they were probably molested as children. Love the sinner, hate the sin and all that.
    Oh, and take a shower hippie.

  49. M

    97 – Good summary

  50. Lys


    You are right. But sometimes stupidity is too frustrating.

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