Tyra Banks casts transgender contestant on America’s Next Top Model

August 13th, 2008 // 194 Comments

Hold on to your androgynous zones; the new season of America’s Next Top Model just got a whole lot more penis-ier. Meet Isis (above) a transgender model who “identifies herself as ‘a woman born physically male.’” She/He made the cut to be on Tyra Bank’s completely scripted modeling competition and looks forward to pretending to have to a chance on this season’s cycle, according to Us Weekly:

Will she be a role model?
“I like to help people, but I’m here to follow my dreams,” she tells Us.
The inclusion of Isis is being hailed by GLAAD president Neil Giuliano as “an unprecedented opportunity for a community that is underrepresented on television.
“We applaud Tyra Banks and The CW for making this historic visibility of transgender people possible,” Giuliano said.

So, if she’s a woman born physically male, does that mean she makes herself her own sandwiches? Otherwise, you lost me.

Photo: CW

  1. LizzT

    Your sexism cracks me up. Except for the fact that most of your visitors are female. BTW, Nice posting two days late.

  2. Barak Obama

    Nipples and nuts? Thanks for trying to brainwash America into accepting this BS. I’ll pass.

  3. joho777

    Transgender. Does that mean she has a butthole big enough to turn a Harley-Davidson around in?

  4. jane


  5. whitestbear


    and that bloke looks way better than fergishly ugly and a few others

  6. mimi

    Embrace change you a-holes!

  7. joho777

    Plus, it looks like she went to Paris Hilton’s plastic surgeon

  8. Any shorter and that skirt will reveal an inconvenient truth.

  9. LaraCroftsmole

    Those legs are really not a good shape dear – hide them. Surprise surprise this wannabee is black or mixed race too. Really not an attractive person facially.

  10. simplicity

    Why dont models have to be pretty anymore?

    I hate Tyra and her idiotic shows anyway.. so, dont care.. wont be watching. She is pathetically trying to be Oprah Winfrey and failing.

    Whatever happened with her Psychiatrist friend.. Dr Keith Ablow?

    Tyra Tyra Tyra…
    you love yourself way too much sweetie

  11. noonegiveaflippingflip

    I’d tap it

  12. Bunnie

    For a dude, she’s hot. lol.

  13. She “made the cut.” Oh, I get it.

  14. sarah

    im down! making it a little easier for teens everywhere to transition is always cool :)

  15. sarah

    im down! making it a little easier for teens everywhere to transition is always cool :)

  16. Yo

    Just as ugly as the other contestants but those legs are fucked up.

  17. yo mama

    didn’t tyra turn down a transgendered contestant before? and she got on janice dickinson’s show…

  18. Elliot_Spitz_On_Her

    i hate to admit it but he/she is making me pulsate. oh no. i’ll be back in a few minutes

  19. that is just pure evil.

  20. Jane

    Bravo is such a political network. There are WAY more gays on its programs than in the population at large. This has nothing to do with talent and everything to do with an agenda. It’s disgusting.

  21. jc

    Funny, I thought Jasleen was the first transgendered contestant. To Wong Foo…

  22. dumb tyra

    NO NO ON NO NO NO NO NO TYRA! what are you doing!
    they are disgusting! how the hell can you do something like that? you are exploiting the “circus freak” curiosity of your viewers, trying to draw more ratings just because it’s a guy. just know that your male viewers (if any) will hate this and leave.

  23. Barely Stearn

    Well I’ll say one thing for her: She’s at least thin and can look down and see her toes – That’s one hell of a lot more than can be said fo rthe vast majority of the fat assed broads trolling this site…

  24. DrDanny

    @ 21: What “agenda” are you referring to? They’re in it to make a profit, and they see an under-served market segment. Fuck off with your homo-/tranny-phobic ways.

  25. dumb tyra

    “14. Fuzz – August 14, 2008 9:22 AM

    She “made the cut.” Oh, I get it. ”

    hahaha, thanks, now i got it too.

  26. Cheryl

    That is just nasty and this world is nasty and we need to bring our “teens” up on morals not transition this is a perversion.

  27. Run n Gun

    Fuck it!

    I’d suck the shit out of her dick and then fuck her in her ass!

    All pink on the inside, right fellas??

  28. Bunnie

    27, people like you are a perversion. You halt progress in all fields, you encourage inequality, and fear and abuse anyone who differs from what you consider “acceptable” and “normal”.

    I consider true morals to be accepting my fellow man/woman/man-woman, regardless of skin colour, religion, whatever, and treating them as I would wish to be treated. If they’re not hurting anyone, more power to them.

  29. Uncle Eccoli


    @25 It seems you’ve got an agenda of your own. That some of us are repulsed by this… person is not necessarily any indication that we are afraid of him.

  30. the question we’re all asking is ‘does she have a dick?’ Seriously is she pre or post op, has she had full surgery or a woman living with a penis? Answer me.

  31. sarah

    people who are hating on transgendered people are just ignorant and closed minded. do u think any teen that isnt serious about being born in the wrong body would have a sex change? who has a sex change? people who are extremely unhappy in their own bodies!!! showing that these people arent “freaks” or “sideshows” is totally awesome. maybe if u had a brother or sister who went thru a very difficult transition like this, u would be more accepting of other people’s personal decisions and realize that EVERYONE IS FREE TO DO WHAT THEY WANT and be treated still as a human being!

    dont u clueless losers realize that all ur prejudices are just embarrassing yourselves? dont homophobes know that homophobia is the new racism? all of u who have ever wondered how ur grandparents could actually think that people of certain races were actually inferior to others, apply that to ur own views! why do u care if someone is transgendered? everyone be happy, one love!

  32. Shammy

    Wow… This is frickin ridiculous… Bisexual Tequila chic… Now transgender model! And they callin em underrepresented??? It’s not a social group!!! What is this world coming to??? Acceptance in terms of religion and colour of skin, those are things that God made you with. But when we reach the point that we wanna accept ppl who go against God himself, i’ll stick to my ignorance, Thank You!

  33. Sick fools

    I think this SH-IM was on a documentary about Transgender male on MSNBC before… I watched it about 3-4 months ago. The dude really does look like a woman… It’s so nice that Tyra is finally bringing her own people on the show. And by “bringing her own people”, I mean dudes with dicks and bad weave… HA

  34. Sick fools

    Yep I was right… This is the same SH-IM from the MSNBC show… It has a younger brother that absolutely hates his guts because his brother is a weirdo… But the dude’s mother totally supports him. This thing is also an aspiring designer… Like all SH-IMS are

  35. Julian

    Personally I have no problem with gay/lesbians but this thing is political correctness taken to BS heights. As far as I’m concerned this person is a man with a reshaped body and either a penis or a mutilated penis made to look like something else. Fuck you Tyra Banks, at least get a hot tranny, not one that i would need 5 voldka stingers to throw caution to the wind and take a meat poll down the throat

  36. thatsfckingross

    what a freak this shouldn’t be allowed there is zero argument about this topic. if people want to be gay fine but getting surgery to look like the opposite sex is morally wrong. bringing an issue like this into prime time tv is so fucked up. tyra you fat cow. and HOW THE FUCK do you say people are ignorant if you have an issue with trans gender. THEY ARE FUCKING WEIRDO FREAKS this shit IS FUCKING WRONG. WHAT THE FUCK

  37. M

    You fools bitching about ‘morals’ need to STFU. You’re the same toolbags drooling at Ali Lohan.

  38. sarah

    STOP DISPLAYING HOW STUPID AND IGNORANT YOU ARE why do u care? its “wrong” hello?!? thats what people say about being gay.. are u aware that some people are born with a penis but are genetically female? are u aware that others are born with a vagina and are genetically male? are u aware that GOD MADE THEM THAT WAY? and by calling them “freaks” u are just showing how silly, judgmental and small minded u are. GET A CLUE, we’re all ‘freaks’ no one is ever born that exactly fits whatever medeival idea u have of what a non-freak is! 60% of men have sex with another man at some point in their lives. women are turned on by watching chimps have sex. WERE ALL FREAKS DEAL WITH IT and dont watch the fucking show if u dont like it

  39. Julian

    I don’t give a damn if a person is on the street is transgender or not. I wouldn’t give them a second glance (its friggin NYC). What bothers me is that this is all used as a ploy. they have a transgender on this show simply for shock value. let there be no doubt in your mind that this person isn’t getting eliminated from the show until a least 3/4 of the season is over.

  40. thatsfckingross

    i don’t have a fucking problem with people that are born created the way they are. It is fucking wrong for a man with a PENIS to go and get surgery for a fucking VAGINA and breasts. THATS FUCKING WRONG. nor did i say i have a problem with gays but when that shit is brought into my home i have a fucking problem with it. and if i want to drool at a lohan fuck off..that shit is normal. replacing your privates ain’t. and you are an idiot if you think 60% of men have sex with other men. and sarah do you think god would want them to change their sex? would god want them to replace their dick with a box. no.

  41. thatsfckingross

    sarah I think you are a tranny….freak

  42. Tim

    My best friend became a “TV/CD” and she said 99% of the guys that hit on her on myspace were married men with kids.

    She said every single “straight” guy she’s been with cums in literally seconds. Theyre probably the same fucks that bash this girl

  43. ramalamadingdong

    hey SARAH – did your name used to be Sam??? get off your high horse, you cunt.

  44. sarah

    right i am the idiot, i am a tranny “freak”, wow u really got me. if u are the one who thinks “god” is a person with feelings or desires, than u are the idiot. ahhh but thats another argument. do u really think god is a being sitting in a cloud watching whats happening, taking notes, approving or disapproving with our decisions? u are the freak, born without a brain.

  45. thatsfckingross

    no one likes you sarah

  46. sarah

    haha these ‘insults’ are just so stupid and vile im just laughing at your pathetic non-intellects at this point. no one likes me… as in the little idiotic bigot is confused by someone having a differing viewpoint. dont u want others to be happy? why would u hate on someone trying to make a better life for themselves?

    oh thats right, ur a fucking pathetic pissant with peasized perception and an even smaller capacity to analyze the world around u as being somehwat more complicated than what they fed to u when u were fucking five. educate urself, spread something good instead of vile bile!

  47. jo smo

    “does that mean she makes herself her own sandwiches? ”

    You crack me up.

  48. thatsfckingross

    sarah were you abused by a transexual?

  49. ramalamadingdong

    sarah – you are cracking me up. seriously though, why are you so hell bent on this? are you a tranny? is your mom a tranny?? do tell. this is a gossip site you know.

    and another thing – you say this in your post: “as in the little idiotic bigot is confused by someone having a differing viewpoint.” well i say this – you are an idiot tree hugger who is just being a bitch by not keeping your mouth shut when you are told to do so by someone of a higher intellect.

    not all of us in this world want freaks running around. we have things called MORALS. i know it’s a big word for you, so don’t strain too hard, k?

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