Tyra Banks in a Bikini

“Mothafucka, how you gonna not look at my vagina?”

Just a heads up, 90% of today’s posts are going to involve bikinis, but before you start rubbing your hands together in sexy anticipation, I should probably point out some are gonna look like this which my memory is trying to tell me used to be a supermodel, but that can’t be right because supermodels don’t try to hide behind their asses. Let me check with David Copperfield just to be sure.

Okay, he said no on the ass thing, but his rule of thumb is if the model’s body weight requires more than 1.5 ounces of chloroform in your rape palace, she doesn’t count as a supermodel, so definitely putting that one on a Post-It next to “Mary-Kate is the murder one.”

Photos: Splash News