Tyler Perry Fans Boycot New Film Because Of Kim Kardashian

November 9th, 2011 // 143 Comments
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Tyler Perry makes movies marketed to predominantly religious black audiences, so imagine their surprise when he basically cast a porn star who just took a massive shit on the institute of marriage in his latest film. Via The Huffington Post:

The filmmaker’s fans have taken to the site saying they will boycott his new movie “The Marriage Counselor” if he follows through with his plans to cast the reality star. Commenters say Kardashian is the antithesis of Perry’s Christian and respectable image for a range of reasons, including her impending divorce from husband Kris Humphries after only 72 days of marriage and her exploitation of black males.
Here are what some fans had to say:
“Mr. Perry as much as we the middle class black folks love u!!! I have made my mind up on your next movie. Me and my wife and children will NOT be supporting you on this one. You are way to classy to have this un-talented lady name Kim Kardashian in your film, She only uses our black brothers for money,sex!!!!! What kind of role model is she and again sir WHY??? All the black actresses out there needing owrk and you choose this negitive person how sad. And what a slap in our face as black people. But I guess cause you have your MILLIONS now you don’t care how we thepeople feel after we are the ones who helped you make these millions. WOW…do the RIGHT thing pull her from the movie PLEASE Mr.Perry”

Tyler Perry has already responded to fans and told them Kim Kardashian is staying in the movie as planned, and he meant it because she started filming just this morning. Which is also interesting because she’s barely been on set an hour and is already making sure everyone knows her divorce is definitely going through. TMZ reports:

Kim Kardashian is not reconciling with Kris Humphries, and the divorce is full steam ahead … this according to sources with first-hand knowledge of the situation.
We’re told even though Kim is somewhat conflicted, she knows divorce is the right thing to do, and the purpose of the trip to Minnesota last weekend was to create face-to-face closure.

KRIS: How’s the set, honey?
KIM: Ohmygod, tons of black guys.
KRIS: I’ll call TMZ.
KIM: Could you?

(How that happened.)

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  1. dontkillthemessenger
  2. Kim Kardashian LAX No Makeup Minnestoa
    Commented on this photo:

    Too bad the plane didn’t crash and obliterate her, leaving all other passengers unharmed. This BITCH makes me SICK and wish she would just disappear. Die Bitch Die!!!

    • Jayme

      Umm excuse me but that’s not even funny! Keep ur rude ass comments to your self! I think Kim is lovley and she can do whatever the hell she wants.!
      I think your just jealous cause im pretty sure ur not prettyer than her, She is a wonderful woman and all this hating shit needs to stop!
      In fact if she killed herself cause of you, You would be going to prison…(:

      • Kay

        Actually, she looks like a sleep-deprived rat above. Noted, if she were to kill herself, it would be her fault. Do you support sex tapes for fame? Sex tapes for fame is absolutely desperate and sleezy. However, you’re talking about her being pretty. Let us name a few of her surgically “enhanced” features: lips, nose, and glutes. I don’t know about the breasts, but if they were worked on, I’d be suing. I’ve never seen a breast enhancement so droopy. I also love how you know how to spell shit right but you can’t even spell prettier. You, comrade, have made a fool of yourself in cyber space. What you put out here, you can’t ever get back.

  3. TheTruth

    Dag Tyler, it’s hard to believe you have gone Hollyweird chasing that dollar instead of a quality turnout like all your last – 1st of all the girl can’t act; 2nd of all the girl has no class nor respect for herself or others; 3rd of all – when did you lose your mind?? Can she read? She sure can’t act. Ain’t nothing real in there. You may feel sorry for her 18 million payout she now has to share with Kris (that’s why they broke up – mom was furious he demanded his half, cutting into her profit) There are plenty of genuine, studied, can’t catch a break actresses out there, struggling – and you give this gold digger hooch and her pimp momma more money? She’s screwing Everybody! Fake everything sells huh? Not with me, you Stand for Something or you Fall for Anything – this movie is going right to the dumpster – along with your brilliant reputation too — eww you got 72 days to cancel -

  4. kara

    so now people think kim is EXPLOITING black guys just because she dated a few? oh, ok. i forgot, dating outside of your race immediately means exploitation.

    on that note…to all you black guys dating white & asian girls…GOD, STOP EXPLOITING US!

    dumbass people. focus on something relevant for once.

  5. HalfRight

    Did it ever occur to anybody that the reason she dates black guys is because white guys don’t like girls with big asses? Just saying…sometimes you’re drawn towards those who appreciate your type of beauty. And I know I’m gonna get a bunch of responses telling me she’s a fat whore, but not everyone thinks the epitome of beauty is being flat as a board in front and in back. Not all of us are turned on by anorexia.

  6. HalfRight

    This is a non-story. People pay Tyler Perry to watch his movies. It’s called an exchange. Beyond making a movie worth paying for he doesn’t owe anyone fuckall. If people don’t like his movie I’m sure they won’t see it and that’s as it should be. He made it this far by doing what he thought was right, not by polling the peanut gallery, so why should he start doing it now? If people want better movies then they should make them, not badger other people into changing theirs.

  7. AngusParvo

    Wow Tyler, just wow. I have so much respect for what you’ve built, and now you take a match to it by casting this piece of walking shit in a movie. What do you gain by this? You played the President of the Galaxy in JJ’s Star Trek movie, and now this? Sad.

  8. Clearly im lost

    Black women are retarded.Your argument is she bangs black guys you fantasize about,great argument.And lets be real the majority of Tyler Perry fans are women with multiple kids by multiple baby daddy’s who’s never been married.Your All jealous,and is that christian and just the black version of christian

  9. red

    now if a white person had written to a producer in this fashion they’d be racist. This goes to show you even regular blacks are racist as fuck!!

    • Kenweed

      Dude, everyone is racist to an extent. It’s not a black and white issue. Its a Black, Korean, Filipino, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Native American, White, etc etc… issue. Everyone hates everyone and they use differences to justify it.

  10. Kim Kardashian LAX No Makeup Minnestoa
    Commented on this photo:

    She should have her lip enpuffening undone so her mouth will close.

  11. Kim Kardashian LAX No Makeup Minnestoa
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m so sad I couldn’t even sit through make up today, you guys.

  12. Kim Kardashian LAX No Makeup Minnestoa
    Commented on this photo:

    Peeting on the sanctity of marriage was the finaly straw.

  13. Kim Kardashian LAX No Makeup Minnestoa
    Commented on this photo:

    i have been listening and watching this, and i don’t understand why everyone feels like the know what kim is doing is the wrong decision. we have not been with these people behind close door. she obviously feels like the impression that we see of her and kris living this wonderful life is not something she wants. so we all must be wrong to assume this much. if someone is not happy in a relationship even if that person is a celebrity, they have all the right in the world to get out of it. remember not all that glitter is gold. i just hope they both learn something from this so that next time they can make a better decision before getting into something that is so very important. i am not married, but i know that it takes a lot of work, and if only one person is willing to do that it really makes no sense to carry on if they don’t have any children. if they did then it would have been a different situation. we all need to be happy and we need to respect kim’s decision. why are we judging imagine if we were in her shoes. they both have feelings.

  14. Kim Kardashian LAX No Makeup Minnestoa
    Commented on this photo:

    Her complexion looks great!
    All that piss must work wonders for her skin.

  15. jen

    Its not about getting a life. We have suported perry from the very start and yes he does owe his fans by keeping the integrity of his body of work. Adding kim is a stunt. A cheap one that. Kims cool but keep her out of our movies.

  16. rhoda

    Oh my dam tyler are u kidding me

  17. Tracey Newton

    First, I am a white female who stronghly agrees that Kim Kardashian plays on African-American men and the JENNER – Kardashian family values are horrible and invite all in on boycott against Mr. Perry’s move and a group and growing daily who are organizing a blackfriday boycott in MD, DC, VA, AND NEW YORK THE GROUP HAS REACHED OVER 820 YOUNG ADULTS AND TEENS SO PLEASE EMAIL MDTERP4219@GMAIL.COM FOR MORE INFO BOYCOTTING : SEARS ( IN SEVERAL OF THE STATES AND LOCATIONS ) , QVC IN PA , DASH STORE IN NEW YORK AND ALSO CONFIRMING BOOKSTORES THAT ARE CARRYING KRIS JENNER’S BOOK We have to make a statement that young women of today do have values . Also I am a parent of one of the 16 year old girls that started this boycott and I am so very proud to back her and these other teens and young adults.

  18. Kim Kardashian LAX No Makeup Minnestoa
    Commented on this photo:


  19. Just Saying

    lmao they complain about this but don’t care that Chris Brown stars in Perry movies? Isn’t he pretty much just as big of a shitass, if not worse? The black community needs to quit playing favorites. At least Kim didn’t beat the shit out of her fake husband.

  20. Kim Kardashian LAX No Makeup Minnestoa
    Commented on this photo:

    come on – she has make up on, it’s just the kind to make you look tired, sad, devastated, human
    and for once she doesn’t have sunglasses on – how odd
    or maybe, just maybe… nah, that would have been too calculated…

    • Jayme

      Actually your pathetic! Writing hate comments? yeahh not even. Grow up! I think all this shit needs to stop! This is just messed up.

      • Jayme

        I would do the same thing if i were her! you know what she is going through? Umm yeahh well Kris treated her horrible! and i garintee u would never say this to her face!

      • sosickofkk

        bitch, your ass needs hooked on phonics. if you can’t spell which clearly you cant because it’s GUARANTEE, then keep your mispelled comments to yourself. your nice comments about kim is just as stupid as people making nasty comments because she doesn’t give a rats ass about you or anyone but herself…..SO SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. fgeus

    I’m def not spending my money on the SHIT. Tyler perry needs to go sit down somewhere.


    ohh COME ON get the hell over it!!!! I mean seriously are we this ignorant that we still get mad over interracial relationships. So WHAT if she likes black guys get the hell over it. It’s her RIGHT to like and date whoever she wants. And all of Tyler Perry’s movies employ black actors and actresses he’s KNOWN and SUPPORTED for that so stop being ignorant haters and stop complaining. She’s not the brightest bulb in the bunch–and not a role model but half the actors an actresses today AREN’T so if you don’t like it then don’t watch it. & She’s NOT ugly let’s be serious she’s a pretty girl with a nice body. I can’t believe the stupid racist hate spewing out of the mouths of people who have and continue to receive the same type of hate to this day. You’d think we’d learn how to treat people the way we haven’t been treated.

  23. Shocked

    I too am very disappointed in Mr Perry choosing to have someone like Kim Kardashian in his film. He has always had positive strong messages come thru his movies from positive strong role models but with KK being in his film just degrades what his positive messages normally represent. I too for 1 will not bother to see the movie, maybe if he presents her for what she really is…money hungry, no morals, in playboy, porn maker, married twice as a joke & for money, materialistic & the fake that she reallyi s then at least he will do something right in his movie!!!

  24. I don’t have a problem with kim k. being in tyler perrys movies, only if he cast her as a maid or a nanny, like they did black people back in the day.It could be her big break for the movies.

  25. Get off this mans Nu**. He aint given us no money nor is this movie benefitting us black or white..if u dnt like it dnt watch it.gosh..leave it alone.she is what she is yall cant change it..her parents cant even change it…thank you!!!

  26. mandy

    Mr. Perry! I can not believe that you would choose Kim K out of all those talented actresses! Can you just imagine how they feel! I will not support this movie!

  27. goc

    If Perry goes ahead with Kim in his new movie, he’ll be losing more than fans, he’ll be losing credibility. No moral legs to stand on in continuing with her. She represents everything a woman should not be; fake, immoral and a complete negation of the role she would be playing in the movie. We’ve more respect for Tyler Perry but this will not go down well

  28. Latrell Haney

    People stop! He can put whom he chose in hiz movie, damn! ITZ hiz money….when u cum out of pocket then u complain…til then b the hell quite! Kim IZ not the only women of a different shade that date Blk men? HOWEVER! DNT 4th they wanna date her azwell!! Thatz like a married man cheatn on hiz wife, but the wife goes after the women instead of the husband…..THINK B4 U SPEAK!!!

  29. Kim Kardashian LAX No Makeup Minnestoa
    Commented on this photo:

    bald bitch

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