Tyler Perry Fans Boycot New Film Because Of Kim Kardashian

November 9th, 2011 // 143 Comments
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Tyler Perry makes movies marketed to predominantly religious black audiences, so imagine their surprise when he basically cast a porn star who just took a massive shit on the institute of marriage in his latest film. Via The Huffington Post:

The filmmaker’s fans have taken to the site saying they will boycott his new movie “The Marriage Counselor” if he follows through with his plans to cast the reality star. Commenters say Kardashian is the antithesis of Perry’s Christian and respectable image for a range of reasons, including her impending divorce from husband Kris Humphries after only 72 days of marriage and her exploitation of black males.
Here are what some fans had to say:
“Mr. Perry as much as we the middle class black folks love u!!! I have made my mind up on your next movie. Me and my wife and children will NOT be supporting you on this one. You are way to classy to have this un-talented lady name Kim Kardashian in your film, She only uses our black brothers for money,sex!!!!! What kind of role model is she and again sir WHY??? All the black actresses out there needing owrk and you choose this negitive person how sad. And what a slap in our face as black people. But I guess cause you have your MILLIONS now you don’t care how we thepeople feel after we are the ones who helped you make these millions. WOW…do the RIGHT thing pull her from the movie PLEASE Mr.Perry”

Tyler Perry has already responded to fans and told them Kim Kardashian is staying in the movie as planned, and he meant it because she started filming just this morning. Which is also interesting because she’s barely been on set an hour and is already making sure everyone knows her divorce is definitely going through. TMZ reports:

Kim Kardashian is not reconciling with Kris Humphries, and the divorce is full steam ahead … this according to sources with first-hand knowledge of the situation.
We’re told even though Kim is somewhat conflicted, she knows divorce is the right thing to do, and the purpose of the trip to Minnesota last weekend was to create face-to-face closure.

KRIS: How’s the set, honey?
KIM: Ohmygod, tons of black guys.
KRIS: I’ll call TMZ.
KIM: Could you?

(How that happened.)

Photos: INFdaily, Splash News


  1. Kim Kardashian LAX No Makeup Minnestoa
    Commented on this photo:

    Why are they taking pictures of her maid??

  2. Burt

    Now I understand why she wears so much makeup.

    • henny

      For real?? She looks 50x better without all the makeup.

      • maryanne

        For real dude what drug are you friggin on??????? She is one ugly bitch with or without makeup…..yukkkkkkkkkkkkk big fat ass to boot….she’s disgusting….ugh…………….

      • Burt

        “She looks 50x better without all the makeup.”
        Not in those pictures she doesn’t…and I probably wouldn’t give her a second glance if I saw her in person with makeup on.

  3. Any Guy

    Octomom looks like SHIT.

  4. I just cant stop roughing you (Michael Jackson)

    ” She only uses our black brothers for money,sex! ”
    I agree, give the role Paris Hilton.

    This is probably most unyielding motivation I’ve seen from a group yet, on such meaningless, non-issue. Tyler Perry doesn’t owe anyone a cent. Get a life, stop controlling what others do.

    • Artofwar

      ….Umm, no you dimwit—–You’ve gotten it backwards. It is indeed Tyler Perry that owes, unless of course he has a cash printing machine in one of his many mansions—every cent he has ever made in order to afford those very same aforementioned mansions, has come from fans, hence, the people that spend their hard earned money to make him rich.

      Too many of you small people believe that celebrities have their own personal money printing machines, yet fail to realize that the toilet paper celebs use to wipe their over celebrated assess—the tampons they insert into their bloody joy-holes monthly—the drugs that they consume to dampen their insecurities for having little to no talent—the cash they pay prostitutes because their girlfriends and wives are being stingy with the rectum-sex—all of these wondrous delights are paid for with the support– and more importantly with the money that comes from the pockets of their brainless fans.

      So yes, Tyler Perry owes— he owes big time.

      And if he continues to refuse to listen to his core audience, he may yet find himself back in that one bedroom, roach and rat infested, apartment he once almost committed suicide in, way before he cashed in off the wallet contents of his first fans.

      Never forget you cretins peasants— every rich person is rich, only because of the non-rich.

      Sorry for the diatribe, however, someone had to bring proper prospective as to how things really work.

      Enough said…Artofwar

      • Ryan B.

        1. Stop name-calling.
        2. A party only owes when that party has not meet their end of an agreement or obligation.
        3. In this case, Tyler Perry is offering ENTERTAINMENT. Black people then give him money for providing such ENTERTAINMENT. Would they give him money for films they thought were horrible? No. Do they give him money for no reason? No. Therefore, the production of consistently good films (for his audience’s tastes at least) is how he gained his wealth. He owes no one. He has earned it.
        4. Yes, he should keep his patrons in mind, but he is an artist first and has to trust his artistic instincts and not bow down to his audience which would take away from why they watched his films in the first place.
        5. Stop name-calling.

        If you are arguing he has a obligation to the black community just because he is a black man, then fine. But qua film producer he doesn’t owe anyone anything. Saying the rich owe the poor I can’t get with. Would it be nice of them to share? Yes, I think so. But is there an obligation? NO.

        6. Please don’t call me any names

      • BoneCrusher

        & Let the Church say…. #Amen ….. (Cosign Artofwar – someone had to pay for all his Coonery Shows)

      • Da Pusha

        You so silly,..
        You forget one thing.
        Tyler Perry is like Crack to black people,..
        Sure you can quit him for one movie, but next time that “Tyler Perry’s “Movin in with the Browns” – (A new series on UPN)” Pops up,..those eyes will half close and glaze over,..mouths will hang open and that drool will start to flow as the lines go around the theater for that sweet sweet easy to understand completely predictable, black affirming comedy drug goodness. They’ll even put out the picture menu’s at the snack bars because 99% of the audience will be illiterate.

    • Art of ROUGHING

      After this long and tired drivel, you didn’t really make a point. There won’t be any name calling on my part because you have already been disarmed. This must be the same logic you use to degrade a celeb you have never met. That non dimwitted view you just wrote is why blacks has always box themselves in situations such as this, like having a leader in this day and age.(example Jesse Jackson) Just because Tyler Perry uses that audience to abounding wealth it still doesn’t mean he owes them. If you’re black you still have not shed that cotton mentality. And if you are Caucasian you have no business as to what blacks ought to do.

      • Da Pusha

        Yeah you’re right,…the neighborhood next to mine has had all the property values drop 30% *more* than the already horribly national average. (Which is now ruining mine as well) And sure now there’s a lot more drug dealers walking around my area, and my stuff tends to get stolen if I don’t make sure it’s under double lock and key (and even then sometimes it does now) and the gunshots I hear from time to time, well I guess they’re just ambiance. The fact that I can’t ever have any packages delivered to me if I’m not absolutely there to get the hand off from the driver… that’s no big deal. Oh and the time I got beat up because I was “A stupid cracker that only had $10.00″ for them to steal (guess I’ll carry $50′s from now on to save my ribs and face) I have no business as to what they’re doing, none at all.

        13% of the population commiting 49+% of all crimes… yeah no white persons business. (because if you acknowledge that nasty little truth… that makes you a racist! And the only thing more damning in today’s society than being a pedophile, is saying you don’t like a black person for any reason.)

      • metallicasixsixsix

        as a white person i say your an idiot MAINLY whites like to play with little kids dicksbc most ppl think bc they are white they are above the law and since your racist you are a stupid cousin fucking cracker who gives us whites a bad name you deserved to get your ass whooped i hope they jump u again and again and quit compalining about living in the ghetto your “white”parents sounds like the sterio typical black to me so stfu about blacks when your parents live in the ghetto you poor fuck blacks dont only commite crimes u idiots hmmmmm everybody who ever shot up schools hurting innocent children was ummm you guessed it WHITE you can hate a black person for w/e reason but hating an entire race race for wat a few has done is so stupid i hope you get your ribs bashed in again and again and its so easy to talk shit online go tell that to the people who jumped u oh wait your the sterio typical white A PUSSY

    • J

      What a long-winded pile of bullshit. No one forced anyone to go to the theater and watch Tyler Perry’s shitty beyond shit movies. They did that all on their own.

      • stephanie

        DA PUSHA…
        You just couldn’t wait to get that out of your system, huh? LOL Well, wrong thread/topic, dude. We’re talking about Tyler Perry and his decison to cast a wh..re in one of his movies. It’s his right to do it – but I won’t be tuning in. I don’t care for his movies, anyhow. I don’t like chick flicks.

        Piggybacking off ART’S point…you have no platform from which to speak with any degree of knowledge concerning black community issues. You’re just an ‘outsider looking in’.
        ALL black people love Perry…really?
        According to whom?

        Now…if you got your ‘cracka a..s’ beat for only having 10.00? That’s…sad. I don’t know what to tell you. Either you need to move to a better neighborhood or surround yourself with a better class of people.

        …and you’re totally incorrect. I, for one, couldn’t care less about ‘racist whites’ or whatever ‘nasty little truth’ they acknowledge. I don’t own issues that don’t belong to me. Most who would take issue with me are too low on the totem pole to matter…in my world. Honestly, people can be as racist as they like. Just leave me the hell alone about it. Because…life’s wayyy to f’in’ short to immerse myself in the drama of others.

        Neither do I care what ‘statistics say’. It’s not my world. No one steals property where I live. There are no drug dealers and other such bottomfeeders of society where I live.
        …and I’d like to attribute this to the fact that I, unlike you, DON’T live in a ghetto.

        Don’t come on here lying. LOL
        I can read between the lines of your post and infer…much!

        - Hoardes of drug dealers don’t live in well-to-do and affluent neighborhoods. They live in ‘hoods’, ‘barrios’, i.e., typically low income areas.

        - Thefts, muggings…WTF? Crime typically follows poverty. Poverty is a culture.

        - Racial/ethnic groups tend to cluster with their own. The only time that neighborhoods are truly diverse? When income/status are factors.
        Rich with rich. Middle with middle. Bottom with bottom. The ‘haves’…and ‘have nots’.

        You couldn’t possibly live in a NICE area if it’s crime-ridden and filled with thugs. I’m fairly well-traveled. While some property values change drastically from street to street in certain regions, your depiction isn’t realistic.
        Yeah…like the f’in’ UPS and post office suddenly became afraid to deliver? Yeah right.
        This scenario is indicative of a longstanding problem.
        I doubt that this is a new development and pretty sure that your neighborhood exists today as it’s ALWAYS has.

        Either way, your neighborhood has ‘typical low income/high crime/poor, low-performing and underfunded schools/hovering on the bottom rung of the socioeconomic scale’ written all over it.
        But that’s not my concern. This is:
        You get on the internet taking out your frustration on random black people, the bulk of which, you’ve never even met. “Well – statistics say…’ and ‘I can’t even walk in my neighborhood in peace.”

        Ok – how is that MY (our) problem? LOL

        I may be a little black woman but I’m very much ‘well-to-do’.
        I *OWN* my home and, of the two of us, you’re the only one who seemingly lives in ‘da hood’, DA PUSHA…which is just plain sad, considering… *laugh*
        …that you can’t even work a system that was established for the benefit and continued dominance/econ advancement of YOU, white man….

      • DA PUSHA

        That’s great,…you’re the exeption to the rule. You’re the one in a thousand, and based on that alone YOU don’t deal with what most blacks would consider “black community issues” either.

        And my original post simply points to the fact that boycotting one Tyler Perry movie will do nothing as he’s already used his patented formula to completely cash in, and once this has blown over (by mid Jan) he’ll be able to release another movie and will be a media darling that can do no wrong because he has an audience that he can easily read and control w/out too much worry.

        As to the rest of your post,..all ramblings,..When I moved to the US I made good money and this was a nice neighborhood. I was injured severly on a job that folded up without a penny, my medical expenses were way beyond what ANY normal person could bear financially, and as my neighborhood suffered from a “Ethnic population shift” it *WENT* from being nice, to being a ghetto (see ghettos are MADE that way) It just so happens, my ghetto was made when a lot of black people bought houses for crazy money that a lot of white people sold for about twice what they were worth. The guys in the latino ghetto on the other side of town got it good, the place is noisy but you can walk down the street at night w/out fear for your life.

        Your story is the exeption,….my story is the NORM.

        And as to moving to a better class of people, thank god I am! I’m selling my little ghetto house now that it’s worth about 50% of what I paid for it.
        Luckily I’m moving back to London in March. Great family, a great place to stay within a nice self sustaining farm community and really It will be refreshing to live in a country where black people are “Just more people” as opposed to having the majority being illiterates that thrive on a culture of self destruction and entitlement expectations. I only wish everyone else in the US could experience that, but that’s just the dream of one crippled up racist.

      • Rootsman

        Hey pusha, first off u are twat… I love when the idiots learn try to use stats. Tell us were u found your incorrect stats… Here’s your big wake up call u poor unknowing and diseased individual YOUR RACE IS NOT THE MAJORITY ON THIS PLANET. It is your lack of proper levels of natural substances in your body. You are to be pitied. The truth is there are more whites on welfare and dumb and ignorant people are everywhere… You prove the latter. As far as Skyler Flerry goes… He is about as good for black people BET… And we all know how that went!

  5. Terri

    What a tramp! Many young black girls and women will be looking at this tramp. Sorry, Tyler, can’t and won’t watch. You see I teach for a living. It’s hard enough. There are many other young women who can fulfill this role. A sex tape with Ray Ray and a Scam of a wedding with Kris. Too much. Cast Khloe.

  6. Kim Kardashian LAX No Makeup Minnestoa
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Such a glamor-puss.

  7. Snack pack

    Did I do that right, CD?

    • Cock Dr

      That’s VERY good. Nice job.
      Cow’s looking puffy and dead eyed here. There must not have been any nearby wealthy African American cocks needing stimulation when these pics were taken.

  8. Kim Kardashian LAX No Makeup Minnestoa
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:


  9. NeNe

    @ Burt:

    My thoughts exactly.

  10. Kim Kardashian LAX No Makeup Minnestoa
    Charlie Hodge
    Commented on this photo:

    So the appearance of not wearing makeup and not having your hair done is supposed to give off the impression that one is going through a traumatic ordeal, and thus the public will feel sympathetic towards you? Too bad for her we’re not that dumb.

  11. Minky Wail

    Well it’s too late to use Elizabeth Taylor.

  12. NeNe

    With all the backlash going on right now surrounding this P.O.S, it is not a good idea to have her in this movie. This was a very bad idea.

  13. NeNe

    She looks busted in this picture.

  14. Kim Kardashian LAX No Makeup Minnestoa
    Jon Hex
    Commented on this photo:

    “Exploitation of black males’? Wasn’t it a white dude she paid to marry her?

  15. g spot finder

    Who gives a fuck?

  16. Deacon Jones

    Tyler Perry has done more to stereotype and set black people back then anyone I can think of.

  17. Santana

    Because Tyler Perry Fans are used to the highest standards of film. Madea’s big booty jokes can’t be as funny with Kim Kardashian’s butt cushion around.

  18. Duke

    Jesus. I’m all about this great cause, but would it kill these folks to spell check their sh*t?

  19. skunk

    Tyler Perry presents “Gangbang”

  20. The Critical Crassness

    I truly like the part about only using the black brothers for sex and money….the former may well be the truth…but money? Get effing real….the black brothers she has been associated with are all paupers compared to the whole treasury of filthy money she and her family have earned by scamming the public…starting with her father, Robert Kadashian…she doesn’t need any handouts from the young black brothers… and she is perfectly suited for a Tyler Perry film…one no talent hack working for another…

  21. r

    Let her be in the movie so it can flop.

  22. Grammar: not just your mom’s mom.

  23. She looks like Lourdes Madonna

  24. She also looks like she just got off Lindsay’s meth train…

  25. it had to be said

    Kim’s diary, November 9, 2011: What a dilemma! I am out of makeup and look like a puffy middle-aged Mexican lady. I can’t go out like this, but I need to get more makeup! Help!

  26. The Man

    That is one greasy, unwashed bitch!

  27. Archies_Leach

    Well my need to go to online porn to take care of my urges have been wiped out for a month or so with that image of a disgusting cow.

  28. Anonymous

    She really is an unattractive woman.

  29. Nate

    Wait… Yo I thought Kim was black?

  30. Geoffrey Harrington

    Wake up to that and have to work within her famewhore lifestyle ? Only if she paid me buckets of cash . Having to pound her fat ass from behind and piss on her is a lot of work . in addition.

    • Darnell "The Truth " Jackson

      Fucking that big ass is a lot of work . That ass pushes Back !

    • Johnny Two Times

      She would have to buy me a stable of high – performance sports cars if I had to spooge in that cavern she calls a cooz or the anal interface . I am imagining the smells associated with her anus and it defys description

      • Archie Nelson

        I used to think she had a good blow – job face but now , I’m thinking I would have to imagine someone else when she was sucking me off

  31. Venom

    Sweet a twofer, get rid of her worthless ass and Tyler Perry at the same time. He is just a hack.

  32. Jim Bob

    I guess you can dress up a pig.

  33. Maddox

    The sad thing is that she IS wearing makeup, just not painted up like a rodeo clown like she normally is. She looks busted!!

    • yo yo yo

      Yes! She has a ton of concealer, foundation and powder. Also, those fake eye lashes. Imagine what she looks like with nothing on her face. (Not counting man juice)

  34. Randal(l)

    I’m boycotting this movie too. Not because of Kim Kardashian, but because his movies/shows/tampon commercials are fucking terrible.

  35. patra916

    I have always supported all of Tyler’s plays & movies. But if put Kim Kardashian in his latest project the black community isn’t going to take this lightly. I will not go to see nor will I purchase it when it becomes available on DVD. Please Tyler there are so many talented actresses who are more deserving then that tramp
    Kim Kardashian.

  36. Steelerchick

    Maybe she promised Tyler that he could piss on her if she stays in the movie.

  37. Kevin

    These comments are funny. Kim doesn’t look that bad. She looks like any women of her age with no make-up. Take the make-up off of any women and they won’t look that good.

    I like all the comments about the negative affects on the black community. You know what makes the black community look worse than putting a fame whore in a movie? The Maury Show, or Bait Car, or Most Shocking, or Worlds Dumbest Crimials. I mean Kim did make marriage look like a joke but the Maury Show makes it look like black people don’t get married, rather they just have tons of kids by a bunch of different guys and obviously have never hear of protection…
    I can’t believe THIS is the downfall of Tyler Perry…

    • Venom

      You forgot to add in all the judge shows on TV. lol
      What I found sad was that black people supported this trash family and made them rich instead of one of their own.

      And that shemale Khloe is going to take Odom for every dime that he has.
      I am sure Kim is lining up her next pro athlete that she is going to use right now. Probably has a board in her mother’s living room with photos and names and fame levels and net worths on it.

  38. This is a perfect example of why this society is so hateful. Really? This is a Fu*king movie people!!! If you want to “boycott” something why don’t you find something worthwhile to spend your energy on, like on things that ACTUALLY affect people. Tyler Perry and Kim Kardashian are “celebrities” out for only themselves, not interested in any of the nonsense going on here. I wish I could find out who all these perfect people are that think Kim is so evil and should be prevented from working and “boycott” their jobs and their livelihoods. Get a life people and search your soul for some love.

  39. Ibin Jakinov

    Yeah…I’d still hit it.

  40. She’s not wearing makeup so you can tell she is sad.

  41. Authentic

    csusmjen makes a valid point up to a point.

    Celebrities make money off of FANS who support their work. There are a few comments on this thread that make some sense concerning that very issue. There are many black actresses who can ACT and have much more viable characteristics than Ms. Kim K. Although I am not, never have been and never will be a fan of Tyler Perry, he is always one to employ blacks in his productions and films. Let’s keep in mind he did employ Adam Rodriguez (Cuban/Puerto Rican) in a film loving black women.
    These are people of color, Kim K is not white, she is Turkish.
    I think the issue of the many is Kim K.’s moral character and that of her family when it comes to being famous. They exploit others and circumstances to get richer and that means (just like the industry) people too. Kim K and her family are not causes such as Occupy Wall street which I agree is far more important, however, in lieu of how many changes our society is under going, this one is high up on my list as well. Let’s stop glorifying these people, they are after all just people and if we do not like what they are selling, we have a right to say “no” and be responsible.
    Now as far as the comments about her looks.. those were insensitive and insane. The woman is pretty, she makes her living off of her looks. Don’t be cruel. Find some love and just be aware.

    Be well.

    • JoJo

      Kim Kardashian is of Armenian descent, dumbass. And she is still white. Not that color should matter, right black people? Oh wait….

    • Archies_Leach

      Looks or no looks kimmy LARDASShian is a no class trailer trash TALENTLESS FAME WHORE with absolutely no redeeming values whatsoever.

  42. JoJo

    I love how it’s ok for black people to act like hiring a white person is unfair because, after all, there are black women who need work. This comment would so not fly in the other direction.

    • It’s not okay, it’s still racist. It’s just that it came from a random dude with a tenuous grasp of the English language commenting on his site and not someone who would actually have to defend what they said.

  43. Sacha

    Hey Fish:) Just bringing up that you should make clear that’s Kris Jenner speaking in the dialogue at the bottom of the post, not Kris Humphries. Unless you meant it to be Kris Humphries. Which brings up, what kind of weird-ass lady (/weird ass-lady) marries a guy with the same name as her mom??
    Love your blog and the new layout.

  44. Serious?

    That person sounded a bit racist,

  45. Stacy

    I my not be a BIG fan of Kim Kardashian. But there are a lot of great black actors in this movie. Jurnee Smollett, Lance Gross and Ella Joyce. So I will support them. It’s not like Kim is the leading lady in the movie. therefore to me it’s not a big deal!!! I don’t think Tyler is worrying about a few people don’t go see the movie!

    • maryanne

      So here’s the bottom line; lots of great black men in this movie….WELL BIG FAT ASS SHOULD FIT RIGHT IN……

  46. Kim Kardashian LAX No Makeup Minnestoa
    Commented on this photo:

    She had to take off a few layers of makeup to show us her “sad face.”

  47. Dork from Ork

    I have to agree. I mean, all those black actresses needing owrk, and Mork is nowhere to be found. Why Kim?

  48. kimmykimkim

    I just have to ask, when did men start having a problem with being used for sex? Money, I understand, but sex? Really? That’s a bad thing now? I feel like my whole world was just turned upside-down.

  49. soljagirl54

    Tyler, Tyler, Tyler….Why am I not surprised?? Has never failed yet!!! As soon as the Black Man/Woman is situated financially the cut off the hand that helps feed them, History is known to repeat itself and as usual we are not disappointed. Should any of us be surprised at this? No, because MONEY as we all know is the catalyst for ALL things wished for… As much as celebs scream Thank You Jesus/I Love My People, blah,blah,blah they love & crave money more !! When Black /Negro/Africian American or which ever ethnic choice u choose for the month Learn, Realize & Accept the fact that MONEY will ALWAYS be the Premier choice. !! ps: No I am not a racist, I’m a realist

  50. cc

    That’s one haggard looking gypsy.

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