Tyga’s Rapping About Penetrating Kylie Jenner Now

Considering the past two years of Kylie Jenner’s life have been carefully, if not demonically, curated to become Kim Kardashian: The Next Generation, it really shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone that Tyga is already rapping about fucking her not even two weeks after her 18th birthday. Via Vibe:

They say she young,
I shoulda waited,
She a big girl, dawg
When she stimulated

Later in the song, Tyga confirms something inquiring minds may or may not have wanted to know:

She a big girl dawg,
I’m puttin’ in,
Yeah I’m penetrating

Granted, Tyga’s exact instructions were “Film your dong going in or we still have Jaden Smith’s number,” he did manage to generate a ton of Internet based on a Kardashian getting penetrated, and really that’s all Kris Jenner ever wanted. “You know, you give these kids some room, and they’ll really surprise you,” she later said to a baby before swallowing it whole.

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Photo: Instagram