Tupac’s Sex Tape Sounds About Right

October 3rd, 2011 // 80 Comments

Eclipsed only by the news of more Arrested Development, a sex tape featuring Tupac Shakur is making the rounds and you’ll never believe it involves a hip-hop artist making a woman blow him in front of a room full of people while he holds a blunt. I thought I entered a parallel universe. TMZ reports:

The tape, shot in 1991, begins with a bunch of groupies in a living room during a house party. Tupac walks into the room with his pants down to his ankles, his shirt off … sporting several chains.
Tupac — whose head is shaved — pulls one of the women toward him, and she begins performing oral sex. As she does her thing, an unreleased song of Tupac’s is playing in the background, as Tupac is singing along and dancing, wiggling his hips.
And it gets even better. As the woman services Tupac, who is holding a cocktail in one hand and a blunt in another, Money B from Digital Underground walks over to him. Tupac puts his cocktail arm around Money B, continues singing and dancing … and the woman never stops.

So, basically Tupac’s sex tape is every rap video since 1991. Wow, stop the presses. Except you know what would’ve been awesome? If one of the groupies turned out to be Sarah Palin, and everyone’s all like, “Damn, Pac, you better bang that bitch with the hunting rifle ‘fore shit gets real. Says she wants it in a helicopter, yo.” From there I like to imagine one lands directly in the living room causing the bathroom door to blow open while the dad from Friday‘s taking a shit.

Adding… Yes, I seriously believe John Witherspoon is always on every black person’s toilet at any given moment. Don’t be frontin’.

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  1. chainsawbuzzkill

    “Pac, you better bang that bitch with the hunting rifle”???

  2. gblah

    [Deleted for small-cock racism. Left so Venom doesn't look like he's talking to himself. - SW]

    • Venom

      Tupac was actually very intelligent and educated.
      You might want to do your research before you spout off at the mouth.

      • gumption

        thank you Venom. I LOVE Tupac and yes, he was highly intelligent, educated and an amazing artist. His capacity for so much all by the age of 25 is astounding. RIP Pac,

      • Gilligan's Hat

        Just went and watched youtube interviews/songs…..
        While he sounds like he MAY be literate (Which I admit is an AMAZING accomplishment in the world of rap) he’s still far from what most “normal” people would consider intelligent.
        Just because your dog knows 2 or 3 that the other dogs don’t doesn’t mean you should call him a genius and let him go driving your car.
        And his music,..cookie cutter rap, there’s nothing unique there. Sounds EXACTLY the same as many of the groups/rappers that came before and after.
        But as long as the great media machine says he’s great and his face is on T-shirts, it must be so. Plus all your friends will think you’re really cool if you’re all like “Yeah,..Tupac, much love”. Another career rapper/criminal dies,..*YAY!!!!*

        I Celebrate his death every year by reading a book, taking a bath, listening to music made by people who actually know how to play an instrument, and then I go look out my window, take in a breath of fresh air, and revel in one more second/day/week/month year that I get to enjoy all this, when scum like that get what they deserve and die.

    • DFENS

      In America we have the freedom of speech. The right to disagree.

      J/K everyone knows that’s not true :)

    • Venom

      Thanks for that SW.

      • Tim

        Gumption wrote that Tupac’s “capacity for so much all by the age of 25 is astounding”. I think gumption meant his “ability to accomplish so much” at such a young age is astounding.

        To which i say:

        I’ll give you that he sold all these record is impressive, but it’s not like he cured cancer or even made innovations in his art form. He acted in a few movies and made a few rap albums. whoop-de-doo. The amount of veneration Tupac has received is unwarranted.

  3. RIchard McBeef

    Rap music died in 1996.

  4. Keep it Positive

    At least he didn’t pee on her.

  5. Wait, what? His head was shaved when this happened? That blows the theory that it could be Tupac right there.

  6. Tupac Shakur Sex Tape
    Commented on this photo:

    It’s too bad it took gay marriage to take this long to become legal. These bitches make such a cute couple.

    • Alex

      I knew you were Suge Knight! Can’t fool me Mr McPoop!

    • Bala

      You bastard! I’m her bornfieyd and manager, we are getting married in the Fall of 2012. I asked Lana about you and she claims she’s never even heard of you. WTF is going on, framps?? She’s heard of willie nelson,though .

  7. truth.org

    Biggie’s sex tape is better. I’m an east coast guy.

  8. Tupac Shakur Sex Tape
    Commented on this photo:

    This is the Aunt Jemima that makes your pancakes taste like shit.

  9. Tupac Shakur Sex Tape
    Commented on this photo:

    Where he comes from, you first have to be a giver in order to be a receiver.

  10. Tupac Shakur Sex Tape
    Commented on this photo:

    Not pictured: Sarah Palin making ‘black microphone’ face.

  11. Tupac Shakur Sex Tape
    Commented on this photo:

    Remember kids, the more gangsta you are, the more bedazzled you get. That’s why Elizabeth Taylor is an O.G. muthafucka, ya heard?

  12. Pac is a legend and american hero!

    • Me

      So you think convicted rapists are hero’s?

      I suppose he is a legend since hes a thug who sings about crime, got shot at for being a thug and pulled guns on people cause hes an insecure moron who gang raped a woman to presumably feel like a man.

      But hero i think not.

      • Don’t comment fucker if you don’t know what your talking about. He was convicted of sexual assault for doing the same thing as this ” sex tape” except on a dance club floor.

      • check with Venom’s comment at the top, and then go fuck yourself.

      • Viking burger flipper

        You sound immature and insecure so I assume you like metal.

        boohoo nobody understands me…. I’ll show them! hail Satan! Yeah I’m tuff now let me get in the mosh pit to show how brutal I am. See I’m cool now. look at my long hair, I play by own rules.

      • gumption

        screw you “me”, why don’t you get the facts before spewing b.s. about rape. You are a mindless bitch

      • Peep

        I actually think he was convicted of touching a womans butt

    • Me

      Actually he was convicted for gang rape, so maybe you should take your own advice. If your the type of morons who think this thug is a “hero” then maybe you should follow in his foot steps and get shot yourselves.

      Yes rapists and thugs with guns are often the most educated people in the world, along with people who use foul language and leave idiotic messages on websites to others who have a different oppinion then themselves.

      Nice to see your all in good company.

      • Me

        @ Viking burger flipper

        So i take it you hate metal then, i didnt say anything about it so im also guessing you have ADHD and have trouble keeping up with things. Keep taking your meds they will kick in eventually.

      • GFY

        Yeah and Casey Anthony wasn’t convicted for murder. Or Troy Davis being sentenced to death despite video evidence, witnesses claiming they falsified their statements, or major supporters like George Bush or Clinton. If you don’t like Tupac fine but STFU because really who are you to be judging someone. If pimp thinks Tupac is his hero that’s his opinion. Leave it alone.

    • BrandiLye

      TY, GFY.

      Tupac did try educate himself (reading books does count as educating yourself) in prison and then got out an enjoyed his life as a “thug.” Just your typical artist, lots of beautiful ideas and concepts running through your mind, but saying f*it because none of that crap fits in an ugly world.

      Pimp seems to like his artist side.

  13. Poison Ivy League

    The thought of Tupac shuffling into a room with his pants around his ankles makes me think of a toddler that needs help wiping. And this makes me laugh.

  14. cc

    Oh, maybe now someone will give a crap about this guy again.

  15. ChinaSuperficial

    Wow. Just wow. Talk about the pursuit of happiness: Sounds like Pac caught it.

  16. just here for laughs

    Is there any way his momma could make a buck off of this? Cause that’s the only thing I see happening here.

  17. You dead now….no more orgies. Lucy you died or you’d be walking around with a dozen STD’s. Say hello to Amy Whinehouse for me.

  18. You dead now….no more orgies. Lucky you died or you’d be walking around with a dozen STD’s. Say hello to Amy Whinehouse for me.

  19. TomFrank

    Turns out the woman blowing Tupac is Courtney Stodden. Half the Internet will go “Aha! I KNEW she wasn’t 16!” and the other half will go “Aha! I KNEW Tupac was still alive!”

  20. icomplainalot

    is this zombie sex?

  21. Dan

    I don’t understand how this is news…

    Tupac is an awesome rapper – and seemed like a really intelligent guy in most interviews.

    People need to remember that intelligence and knowledge are not the same thing. I know a few college professors are educated way beyond their intelligence. I have met a few really poor people who know every edge case at every store in town to get the best deals for survival and pride themselves in self sufficiency and not taking help.

  22. Cock Dr

    If the blogger had presented a link I would have pursued this for the curiosity factor. I can now only speculate about what exactly was meant by “hip-hop artist making a woman blow him”. Was there force involved? It seems like it would be pretty hard to force an unwilling woman into fellatio without weapons or physical abuse.

    • He told her she could be in one of his videos if she blowed him, and to save time he had someone record the act, thereby fulfilling his part of the obligation at the same time. It’s why he’s considered a legend in the hip-hop community – his unique ability to fulfill agreements and contractual obligations.

  23. Tupac Shakur Sex Tape
    Buddy the Elf
    Commented on this photo:

    Omar Epps?

  24. Tupac Shakur Sex Tape
    Commented on this photo:

    Big Pun?

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  27. Do Freebird

    “……an unreleased song of Tupac’s is playing in the background,….”. You’ve got to be kidding me – there is no fucking way that they haven’t released EVERY possible sound that Tupac ever made in his entire life.

  28. Tupac Shakur Sex Tape
    The Brown Streak
    Commented on this photo:

    I understand tupac is dead but why show a picture of Scottie Pippen, Damon Wayans and Bruce Willis?

  29. Tupac Shakur Sex Tape
    The Brown Streak
    Commented on this photo:

    You see me drivin’ my dune buggy…can’t you see I’m black and turdy!

  30. lol eff this nig

    Pac was a criminal nothing more. If only he died sooner that woman he gang raped wouldnt have suffered. Shakur had received five bullet wounds; twice in the head, twice in the groin and once through the arm and thigh. sounds more like she hired some hit man with the hush money he paid her. LOL and Im offended you use the word intelligent when referring to this ill trained monkey He could rape a woman and pick his ass…. no way he ever read a book in his worthless life. Thank you GOD for releaving our planet of this waste, I pray you take some more.

    • Dude..

      You’re obviously an idiot.

      1. Tupac was convicted of sexual assault – the charge was for “forcibly touching the buttocks”.

      2. He was extremely well read – and showed that in countless interviews.

      3. He was a kid. You’re a sick piece of shit to wish such things on a young man. He was only 25 when he was murdered.

      I’d stop praying for god to release more waste – you’re next.

      • Me

        “I’d stop praying for god to release more waste – you’re next”

        So leaving a comment on a website that you dont agree with is equal to gun crime, drug abuse, enticing others to commit crime in rap, gang rape and general crimial activity?


        Also 25 is not a kid, 18 sure 21 maybe. But 25? put down the crackpipe, turn off the rap, your tiny brain cant handle anymore.

  31. Tupac Shakur Sex Tape
    Commented on this photo:

    There’s always a bald, gay man saying it with his tongue.

  32. Tupac Shakur Sex Tape
    ghost of 2pac
    Commented on this photo:


  33. ghost of 2pac

    *bends over “Me” and starts banging…*

  34. shawanda

    white men can’t fuck for shit.. i fall asleep everytime

  35. GFY

    @lol eff this nig
    I find your statement disconcerting, one would assume that someone who would scrutinize another person’s ability and/or eagerness to read, would have at the very least taken the time to punctuate. Let alone consider grammar or sentence structure, “…no way he ever read a book in his worthless life.”. If you want people to take you seriously I would consider writting properly.

    Tupac’s library contained books from authors such as William Shakespeare, Niccolò Machiavelli, Sun Tzu, Kurt Vonnegut, Mikhail Bakunin, Alice Walker, and Khalil Gibran. Tupac had been enrolled in the Baltimore School of Arts but could not complete his education there because he was forced to relocate to California. Tupac definitely wasn’t a scholar but he definitely wasn’t an ignorant fool.

    Also your opinion about Tupac remains an opinion not a fact.

  36. Its so sad to think that if Kevlar came in gold, Tupac would be with us today.

  37. BrandiLye

    I kinda miss Tupac, like an older brother or something. His ma was a Panther so I’m just gonna call him my brother.

    Get off that island, bro! You are taking this Machiavelli thing way too far!

  38. Gilligan's Hat

    Another case of all rappers being gay.
    Overcompensating by getting blown in front of a crowd “See see everyone,..this is me with a WOMAN,,,I’m not gay really!

    Then later in the backroom with his bodyguard in a thug-spunkfest.

  39. forrest gump

    ofcourse, what did you expect?
    ……………….HE IS BLACK, man!!

  40. Blahblah

    Reports are that the chorus of the unreleased song could be heard in
    the background:

    “I made this tape a long time ago
    A real long time ago, WAY BACK
    Way before Paris Hilton blew on cam
    Way before Tommy Lee filmed railing Pam”

  41. Tim

    Whoever said rap died in 1996, is so wrong it isn’t funny. I’d go so far as to say anyone who think hip hop died with Tupac is not a real fan of hip hop or rap.

    Mos Def really blew up after 1996, and Biggie was still alive at least a few months into 1997. That alone makes the “Rap/Hip Hop died in 1996″ argument invalid.

    Not to mention most of the rap legends and most of the best lyricists are
    still alive. Snoop, Kane, Hov, Eminiem, Nas, Immortal Technique, Kool G Rap, Rakim, Q-Tip, LL, Talib Kweli, Andre 3000 and more!

  42. Tibbie

    That’s a genuinely imperissve answer.

  43. Tupac Shakur Sex Tape
    Commented on this photo:

    Not to mention .It aint like Biggie was fuithfal to her Here we go with the double standard .Niggas expect women to be at home when they out doing their dirt. But when a female goes out and does the same thing all of a sudden she is a bitch and a ho SMMFHUnless you was in the industry back in the day how the hell are you gonna say whether it was appropriate to meet up in hotel rooms to do business.Is it appropriate for producers and directors to sleep with artists? NO but that shit still happens don’t itThe way I see it Faith and Pac knew each other from before and Pac was SUPPOSEDLY Biggie’s friend so why go through all the red tape when u can just get your money directly

  44. Tupac Shakur Sex Tape
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m so excited about your 2011 BWB Book Club Reading List for 2011 ! I’m redniag Jack Canfield’s book-just what I need right now. I’m editing my book about Rubio Clinic to have it finished by 01-01-11. Thanks for your inspiration. Hope you had a trouble free move. Happy New Year, Virginia.

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