Truth, Justice and Sexual Harassment

February 28th, 2011 // 57 Comments
Jon Hamm Superman

Via Nerdist, here’s an awesome rendering of Don Draper himself Jon Hamm as Superman which I’m posting entirely because I’m a huge fucking dork and it’s my birthday. On that note, don’t be surprised if there’s a delayed start tomorrow morning. Not that I’ll be out “winning” tonight in the Charlie Sheen sense of the word, just infusing myself with tiger blood and transforming into an F-18. You know, keeping it chill.

See you.. eventually,

- The Superficial

Slap some grey on those temples, Kingdom Come, baby:

Jon Hamm Superman

Photo: Phil Noto


  1. gogo


  2. dufresne


  3. Bucky Barnes

    When I read the last WWI vet had checked out I became concerned but glad to learn you’re still hanging in there. Happy birthday, Mr. Fish.

  4. Herself

    Have a great birthday!

  5. Happy birthday Fish!!!
    Enjoy your night of “Sheen-ing”…

  6. Jon Hamm Superman
    Commented on this photo:

    It’s my birthday, too. I DEMAND BOOBS!!!!

  7. strit


  8. Dan

    Happy Birthday Fish!!!

  9. caley

    Happy Birthday Superficial Guy! One day after my own!

  10. The King

    H-h-h-ha-ha-ha-hap-hap-happy B-b-b-bir-bir-birth-birth-b-b-bir-birth-birthday!

  11. Jennyjenjen

    Happy Birthday Fish!

  12. Cock Dr

    Hoist one for me…….congratulations on not dying for another year.

  13. Jon Hamm will never be the Superman Brandon Roth was…

  14. sobrietyisacrutch

    In honor of your birthday I’m going to do several shots of patron while throwing toilet paper at my TV during “Two and a Half Men” tonight.
    Hell, even if it wasn’t your b-day I’d do it.
    Have a happy one!

  15. Have a double awesome bday fish, with those momsen pix it kinda feels like mine too~

  16. Brooke

    Happy birthday, Fish!!! Hope you get an opportunity to use the shocker without having to pay for it :D

  17. carx

    it’s my birthday as well!! cept i think i’m a day head of you. also it’s ron weasleys birthday and justin biebers but he doesn’t count because i can’t have sex with him.

  18. Satan's bitch

    Happy birthday, Fish – my how you’ve grown!

  19. Anita Cocke

    Happiest of birthdays to you, Fish! I’m drinking in your honor (thanks for the excuse). Cheers!

  20. Amy Grindhouse

    Happy Birthday! x

  21. Cam R

    Happy Birthday Fish!!!! Ahhh to be the underaged girl gyrating on stage while you cry into your wad of dollar bills about growing old all alone. Good times, good times.

  22. Killagh

    This is a good piece of art. I have read the other fact you presented in your post and will not acknowledge it, though.

  23. Wow, you share your birthday with comedic superstar Gilbert Gottfried? Way to go, buddy! Have a good one! Oh, and try not to sleep in too late… Charlie Sheen could die in a cloud of coke and STDs any minute now. Wouldn’t want to miss that!

  24. Kisses4Katie

    Happy Birthday Fish! And many more happy years of bringing those celebs down a few notches!!

  25. katie

    happy birthday superficial!!!!!

  26. Snooki Lover

    I wish you nothing but pain on your birthday, especially if you end up in my octagon.

    No, seriously, hope it’s such a good time that you cannot remember it!

  27. lils

    Feliz Cumplaños, Fish!

  28. Cri Cri

    Buon Compleanno & Tanti Auguri da Firenze! Happy Birthday! :-)

  29. me


  30. Blech

    Happy, happy birthday Fish :). Have many more!

  31. Blech

    That Superman is kinda… hot.

  32. M

    It’s my birthday too! I always felt very similar to you!!!

  33. browneyedgal

    Happy Birthday!! Hope it’s so good that you can’t remember it. :)

  34. downwithmuffins

    extra happy birthday!!! :D

  35. Peanutty

    Birthday to my favorite 12 year old.

  36. Lauraa

    happy birthday, dork (:

  37. Holland

    Happy birthday dude! Told Blake Lively about it, and she promised she would stop by to give you a birthday-striptease……should be any minute now :-)

  38. Rhialto

    We’ll have legal experts later have a look. False pretenses, stealing Pr-time, wiring and tapping, serious privacy infringement, psychologic harm on purpose, stealing and spreading personal material, obstructing income, reputation damage, and so on and so on. Yes, the entire world was watching.

  39. Laura

    Happy Birthday, fellow Pisces:)

  40. Rhialto

    We got rid of her. She wasn’t in anyway.

  41. Rhialto

    We’ve clicked some of these nonsense pages away. To my great delight.

  42. Rhialto

    Being grooped, stalked and wired without any evidential proof. we’re going to beat their legal butt black n’ blue.

  43. fumus

    Today is my b-day fish.

  44. Bowman

    Sorry I missed your birthday, Fish. I’m in France, where the only thing worse than the quality of the internet is the quality of the celebrity. Napalm!

  45. Instead of a comment, pretend this is me popping out of a cake and singing happy birthday to you.
    Yes, it’s every bit as good as you’re picturing.

  46. Happy birthday. Sorry I was late.

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