Trump’s America: The Kardashians Get Their Own Cartoon

As if the fever-dream of Keeping Up With The Kardashians wasn’t enough, now we can look forward to a possible cartoon version of the Kardashians riding in on the fourth horse. Word is out that Kris Jenner has been walking around Hollywood with caricature drawings she bought off a street artist in Venice Beach (my presumption) and even scored a pitch meeting with Harvey Weinstein. What in god’s name she plans on doing with Weinstein-level production value is beyond me, the most I’ve ever seen one of the Kardashians move on their show is from one room to the next so I can’t imagine the animation is that demanding.

Honestly, I’m not even phased by this. Kris Jenner’s attack on our sanity is nothing compared to the real life cartoon that’s been playing out since November. This is just another fractured episode of Rocky and Bullwinkle that’s diverting our attention from Boris and Natasha while they buy their way into the U.S. government. I see you Kris Jenner and I know who you work for!

One can only hope that A) this never works out because the real world is on fire and B) they give Kim some sort of butt-related superpower if it does. On a positive note, if you’re an animator whose forte is drawing faces with stink-eyed looks of shock and disappointment, this might be the gig of a lifetime.

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