“Just Don’t Say Puerto Rico Like That When You do The Speech, Okay?”

Despite going 0-12 in his Puerto Rican paper towel toss game while visiting the hurricane ravaged island, Donald Trump at least learned how to pronounce that rolling “r” sound that will surely make up for his complete lack of empathy towards mankind. The following clip is from today’s Hispanic Heritage Month ceremony at the White House and no, he doesn’t mention the wall in the full speech.

Spanish is so funny sounding, isn’t it? Boy oh boy, I tell you what! What do you think about it, concerned-looking-Puerto-Rican-woman?

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This all comes merely hours after Trump decided to sign an executive order to get rid of Obama’s pesky birth control mandate. Now employers can opt out of paying for their employees birth control through company insurance because Jesus would never have been born if Mary was on the pill!