Why Does Every Trump Photo Have To Be Pure Gold?

“Can I just say your hair smells fantastic? Not as good as Ivanka’s, but very nice. I smell hers when she’s sleeping. So peaceful!”

A big part of my job is searching for random entertainment photos for The Crap We Missed, but lately I find myself wandering over to actual news photos almost every day. They used to be a resource I could rarely tap, especially during Obama’s tenure, which apparently was full of professionals who could control their faces so they didn’t look like goddamn lunatics every second of the day. Speaking of which, go ahead and check out the amazingly silent burn book former White House photog Pete Souza is putting together over at his Instagram. But now I’m finding way too many unintentionally hilarious shots of our government’s leadership looking like hapless twats to choose from. So while we wait for Trump to explode into the inevitable rage cloud of orange fart dust. – Have you seen his Twitter this morning? We may be too late. – So please enjoy (and caption the shit out of) these amazing candid shots of Fuck-O L’Orange and his Human Garbage Cabinet.

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Photo: Getty