Here’s A Buttload of ‘True Detective’ Theories Because F*ck The Oscars

March 2nd, 2014 // 5 Comments
True Detective

Let me first qualify that headline by saying, yes, we’ll have galleries of any outstanding celebrity breasts at the Oscars tomorrow morning. In the meantime, I’m not about to sit around sweating another boring Hollywood circle-jerk while the bar for dramatic television is being set. So on that note, here’s an antler-horned cornucopia of True Detective theories and articles for you chew to on before after Act 3 starts tonight. And before some idiot asks if HBO’s paying me for this, let me tell you the secret to Internet marketing that won’t cost you a dime: Make something so good people can’t shut up about it. Which is why if you’re in charge of marketing for the Heroes: Reborn, kill yourself the first chance you get. /rustcohle

14 Strange True Detective Visual Clues To Feed The Obsession – Gothamist

The True Detective Glossary – Slate

Who Is True Detective’s Yellow King? Here Are Our 6 Favorite Theories – Wired

And saving the best for last, back in 2010, Nic Pizzolatto cited Alan Moore and Grant Morrison as two huge influences on his writing, and Kyle Pinion over at GeekRex does yeoman’s work showing how that’s reflected in True Detective:

The Comic Book Influences in Nic Pizzolatto’s ‘True Detective’ – GeekRex

See you bitches in Carcosa. (Don’t even once think that’d be an awesome thing to say women. Trust me.)

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  1. Taibhse

    This is the only post you need on Oscar night and pictures of Lupita Nyong’o to fulfill any affiliate requirements.

  2. dennis

    I tried watching this. It’s a well made show but I’m not really into it. Kind of reminds me of the style David Lynch used in the late 90′s/early 2000′s.

    But props to Woody Harrelson to get Alexandra Daddario to do her scenes totally naked. Even to the point where you can play with tv setting and see the hair and roast beef after straddling Woody.

  3. wow

    Please. We need Courney Stoddens’ posts.

  4. I’m getting caught up using the HBOGo on-demand app. I knew I should be watching it, but after Fish first ejaculated all over everything the other day, I got into it.

    What’s dumbfounding is how anything of genuine depth that tries to reach beyond what seems like a prescribed level of what the entertainment industry thinks people want to see, is immediately devoured like a prime ribeye among people constantly fed saltine crackers. They really could raise the bar considerably, still make as much or more money, and not make nearly as much crap.

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