1. Richester

    Mado makes more sense than any of you.

  2. Ooyy

    Too much blood – kinda gross actually.

    But love the comments here…hilarious.

  3. Andrea

    wow, this so needs to go on photoshop fail. Just look at her ass.

  4. g_girl

    thats just making me think of menstruation.

  5. Yes please

    You’re all idiots ! This is fucking hot ! And Anna Pacquin is gorgeous.

    The photoshop is terrible though, they should have just left her bum alone, its lovely as it is! Also, the lighting with the blood on Alexander Skarsgard’s face does look weird. They should have sorted that out too.

    Regardless, I still would.

  6. Hadley

    True blood used to be cool until it blew up like Twilight and every idiot started obsessing over it. As for this cover, I think it is in somewhat poor taste and the photoshopping is AWEFUL! Anna is sucking it in like she is gasping for dear life, it looks like she has no boobs, and Alexander is just a douche, douche , douche, especially full of himself now that he has blown up and is banging that bag of bones Bosworth

  7. al

    Everyone here is such a tard. Anna is a natural beauty. She has a great body, not enhanced by doctors or drugs. She works out a lot and does it all on her own. She didn’t change her face or her teeth. This is her. She is attractive in a non-Hollywood sense and I think it is refreshing. I am sick of the Kim Kardashians and the Heidi Montags. I would much rather look at someone like a natural Anna anyday. She will age gracefully, unlike the rest. And the funny thing is that everyone commenting here is probably so ug that they just wish they could be like her or have someone like her.

  8. purushothama

    Paquin & Moyer deserve each other, cuz they’re both fugly. However, Alexander Skarsgård is hot as hell, even covered in blood!

  9. soahc

    True Blood is a show tailor made for idiots with unacknowledged same sex attraction.
    I can’t get over the surprised look on Kwanten’s and Paquin’s faces like ‘holy shit I’m on TV’ and the worst excuses for Southern accents this side of the Pacific ocean.

    The only celebrity that looks more surprised is PDiddy.

  10. russell edgington

    @all… ur all fucked… moyer is hot, paquin is hot, skarsgard is hot… ur all high. matter of fact, unless you want to end up like the newscaster at the end of the last episode, get a life… before you lose it…

  11. Bringbackbabalu

    Sookie has such a sweet ass, if only she wasn’t a canadian if she was a real southern girl would be soo much better. Oh well I have the real thing.

  12. Kelly

    Personally, I love the cover. The show is my absolute favorite. ( I am addicted) It is a cast of some very attractive people. Why are people so hard on Anna Paquin, are you jealous or something. She is beautiful.

  13. Kelly

    I love this cover! I am totally addicted to the show and I don’t know why so many of you are insulting Anna Paquin- she a beautiful girl, and the guys are hot.

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