Trishelle Sells Self

20041116_trishelle.jpgYou know you’re a pathetic mess when you’re selling “Spend a day’s” on eBay. As thrilling as a day with Trishelle sounds, I think I could find a better use for my time than taking care of a drunk slut. And I know I call a lot of “celebrities” out there sluts, but I really mean it when it comes to Trishelle. I mean she was on The Real World for crap’s sake, so I can only assume that all those guys she hooked up with were real. I guess maybe I’d be interested in this if it were going for $2 or something, but $1,150? Seriously? For $1,150 I could just get a professional prostitute and not have to deal with the formality of getting her drunk. Not that there’s any mention of actual sex in the auction, but with Trishelle that’s pretty much just assumed.

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