Tricia Helfer & Grace Park do Maxim

October 14th, 2009 // 148 Comments

Here’s Battlestar Galactica stars Tricia Helfer and Grace Park in the November issue of Maxim, and that asthmatic pop you just heard was every single geek with Internet access ejaculating into their Orko Underoos. *looks down* Wait, my bad, I meant Chewbacca. Chewbacca Underoos. (Forgot it was Wednesday.)

Photos: Maxim

  1. Smile

    Hottest asian chick I’ve ever seen.

  2. Cast

    Funny that people still can’t figure out why someone looks hotter in a photo than in real life. P H O T O S H O P morons!

  3. huhandwtf

    maxim is a shit magazine worse than playboy.

    could you elongate and airbrush them any more?

    …and, ummm, battlestar is long OVER for fucks sake so a little late.

  4. Dave

    It’s almost like they want us to see the bottom of their boobs.

    Smile, not even close.

    Jarah Mariano.

  5. samsams

    dude, ima bang this chicks so hard and fast til my balls on fire..

  6. comikaze

    There’s a Grace Park surprise at 00:57mark!

  7. techman

    When did Maxim start doing promos for the Feed the Children fund?

  8. AnnaDraconida

    Oh man. It’s either FAT COWS or VAMPIRE CRACKERS. What happened to sexy, athletic women? Even Jessica Biel is getting rid of her muscles… BOO.

  9. aprilstp

    #47, yes they both look really pretty, prettier than on the show, especially Tricia. Too thin also, but that’s another matter. Lol, I’m a straight chick and thought they and Starbuck were hot!! Something about that show, everyone was sexy, even Baltar and Bill Adama!!

  10. me

    this site used to be so much fun , now – eh………btw, these two skanks are scrawny and nasty.

  11. fat guy in little shirt

    eat something… please.

  12. Dubbs

    WOW. You are a fag if you think this is hot. Pic #1 the asian has bones showing in her leg I have seen in pictures of people suffering from starvation. I instantly thought of the Holocaust when I saw that picture…

  13. nice

    i wish girls actually looked like this instead of the fat ass pigs that they are.

    “Get these girls some cheesebugers”

    Well, fat pigs, they look like this BECAUSE they skip the fast food line, god bless them. I love it when jealous fat pigs get all defensive and call the hot babes anorexic.


  14. LEB

    Do men really find stuff like this sexy? You’d think sexing one of those girls would be like humping a skeleton with a coating of rubber on it.

  15. Ariana


    Pretty girls, but wtf body. Oh and doesn’t the camera add 10 pounds of weight too? How can people live on animal crackers? o_O

  16. mah

    i think that the blonde one is not too thin , she is skinny but in a fine way…. but the other one, Grace Park she is way too skinny in my opinion

  17. look at the video

    you see both of their nipples. Grace has a full nipple slip.


  18. It’s already been said, but I’ll say it again for good measure: these chicks need to EAT!

    They look like they weigh about as much as a photograph of themselves.

  19. It’s already been said, but I’ll say it again for good measure: these chicks need to EAT!

    They look like they weigh about as much as a photograph of themselves.

  20. phil

    @43: OK

    Ugh. Stick insects!

  21. ktulu

    Someone feed these f*cking ho’s

  22. Ugh

    What the hell? Helfer looks like Kate Vernon (Ellen Tigh). Plus, they are beautiful, beautiful women, and they look terrible! What’s with the weird photoshoping of Park’s thigh/butt? *sadfaise*

  23. Duke Nukem

    Skinny? This used to be called “normal” back in the 1960′s. Now so many people are fat that it’s “too skinny” when you actually stay in shape.

  24. At second marker :44, u see park dancing a little and her bones are showing in her legs when she moves but i think its natural.
    anywho, tricia doesnt look bad, shes hot, park looks extremely thin but that just may be her body structure. im 5 4 and 90 lbs n i recognize what bones show, i dont think shes ana, ud have to see her back and then ud know for sure.

  25. Hello There

    dont care about the blonde but do want stalk/rape the asian. sigh.

  26. Kikker

    Eat Something!

  27. ha


    Um, yea, because of Twiggy who made the waif thing stylish.

    Before that, the Marilyn Monroe hourglass was in style.

    But seriously, they’re pretty and hot. Marissa Miller looks scarier than them imo and you guys are always all over her.

  28. ginger

    I love to fuck skeletor

  29. Mark

    The video isn’t retouched.
    Too skinny? I guess. I know plenty of gals size 4 and below who eat a lot and don’t throw it up.
    Tired of people bitching about skinny when that’s all they really want to be.
    …and get this…some girls…have big boobs…and tiny bodies. No, I know, it sounds redonkulous. No implants…seriously. Sorry you got the ass end of the gene pool.
    Good luck with your lame desk job. I’m sure Tricia and Grace here are laughing about your fat ass at Walmart on there way to their next glorious paycheck.

  30. Dread not

    So when are these two Cylon chicks gonna start rollin’ off the assembly line? I want to place my advance order. Hell, I’ll pay extra for the “Dolly Parton” upgrades.

  31. baba

    these chicks are hot. period. True, they are thin, but I like um like that. People are just so use to looking at fat chicks, with fake balloon tits and a fat ass (Brit) and being told that it’s hot. Fat is not hot. These girls will live longer and healthier than some over weight cow. And they will certainly fuck a lot more in their lifetime also.

  32. Susanna

    Beautiful ladies.

  33. asfawe


  34. yobo

    these girls are f***ing hot. #40 is absolutely right. also, no one has mentioned that grace park is freaking 35 years old. she’s smoking.

  35. ppl

    must be alot of retouching…I just looked a real pic of grace park and she looks alot older

  36. Phil McCracken

    I wish these blogs would stop posting shit from Maxim. No one likes looking at photoshopped pictures, especially NON-nude ones. It’s a waste of everybody’s f%cking time.

  37. The bitch on the left has a big ol’ horseface.

  38. Indeed #85. Tricia looks younger and more attractive than usual in these pics as well.

  39. They're not too skinny

    They’re hot, and you’re fat. The end.

  40. hehehe, I love it when you can see the bottom of their thingies.

  41. canuck

    Two ultra hot Canadian babes. They need some sandwiches though.

  42. Lor

    Grace is 5’9, and Tricia is 5’10. They both started out as models. When you are that tall, your body is built a bit differently. Tricia needs to pack on about 5 lbs – but that’s it. And Grace is fine.

    No matter how hard you try, if you are a short or average height woman, you are NEVER going to look like this when you are skinny. They are built lanky. So women need to stop starving themselves if they are trying to look at this. Genetics is half the game.

  43. EW, these girls, esp the one on the right, look malnourished.. and also needs some exfoliating. How is this sexy?

  44. yo

    to everyone saying its all the fattys calling these girls anorexic, trust me its not. they don’t look good no matter which way you spin it. yea they look better than a 300lb whale but that doesn’t mean they look good. that last pic looks like she had to roll those underwear up to fit her, they are all baggy in the crotch area, fucking gross. shes pretty in the face, but her body is sick looking. like she’s literally sick. that is not healthy. healthy is thin without the shape of your skeleton on full display. if anyone has any doubts look at a height weight chart to see whats healthy and whats not. they are prob like 5’10 and they are supposed to be like 140-1501lbs. but 150lbs on a 5’10 frame would look healthy. these bitches look like they are 100lbs soaking wet. get real you fucks. you got a bone fetish?? cuz thats all your gettin with these 2. ive messed around with skinny chicks like these before and their hipbones would stab me. its not as much fun as a girl with some meat on her bones. meat not fat. there is a difference. you can be skinny with meat on you.

  45. jessica

    agree with 10, 11 and 12. eat something. eeew.

  46. Shia

    Wow, Grace Park looks amazing! I can’t believe she’s 35. She looks 25. I never remember her looking this good- in the video, she looks even better. I think she’s gotten much more gorgeous than when she first started acting. Is it plastic surgery? Good diet & exercise? I want to know!! ;)

    I always thought there were so many native Korean actresses much prettier than Grace, but here she’s giving them a run for their money.

    Both women look like they are Victoria’s Secret models; actually, they look like Jarah Mariano and Stephanie Seymour.

  47. Eddy

    They both look so bored. I’m sure they’re both thinking, “Gods, why won’t anyone take us seriously as actresses?”

  48. shitty

    i’m 19 years old, 5’4 and about 115 pounds and i saved this picture and put it on my desktop to remind myself that i need to lose weight.

    nuff said.

  49. nancy

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  50. Kimmy

    The blonde has a HARSH face, particularly in the video. She must have blown the director good to get her job.

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