Tricia Helfer & Grace Park do Maxim

October 14th, 2009 // 148 Comments

Here’s Battlestar Galactica stars Tricia Helfer and Grace Park in the November issue of Maxim, and that asthmatic pop you just heard was every single geek with Internet access ejaculating into their Orko Underoos. *looks down* Wait, my bad, I meant Chewbacca. Chewbacca Underoos. (Forgot it was Wednesday.)

Photos: Maxim

  1. GrammarMenshevik

    Good one, Maxim, you took two hot chicks and made them look like starving heroin addicts.

    Christ I hate that magazine.

  2. canadian goose

    Barack Obama is a scumbag

  3. Peter Potamus

    ya get that thing?

  4. zana

    Wow . .so thin! Kinda hot though.

  5. jaime

    “every single geek with Internet access
    I think it’s quite safe to assume that geeks, by default, have internet access.
    you can’t consider yourself a geek if you don’t have an internet machine…

  6. Jeffro

    I am, apparently, hanging out with the wrong heroin addicts.

  7. Ruby

    Beautiful girls, but I’m getting an overwhelming urge to force feed them cheesburgers. I sincerly hope someone got just a little overzealious with photoshop and they don’t actually have their ribs portruding like that in real life.

  8. AnonymousError

    Yikes on the skinny factor- this is a prime example of why 15yr old girls across america are eating 3 tic tacs for lunch and then vomiting them up. Im all for skinny/thin but emaciated? not so much. I hope its some overzealous photoeditor’s work as well, Ruby.

  9. anonymus

    Battlestar Galactica doesn’t have Phasers … total turnoff.

  10. ama

    Park looks awful.

  11. me09

    the last pic is very disturbing and in no way hot ….wayyyyy 2 skinny ….thats so unhealthy looking ……….. :( sad …….just be yourself and if someone doesnt like how you look then they can go to hell….its really sad what some people will go through just to look good 4 someone else ..if u are happy and healthy with urself then screw what any 1 else thinks… :)

  12. michelle

    agree with #10. also, helfer looks extremely OLD.

    bodies look malnourished. pretty gross…

  13. nat

    Insert cheeseburger here.

    Anorexia is sooooo 2008.

  14. Gross-looking airbrushed chicks are gross-looking and airbrushed.

  15. The indoctrination of Rough

    Ill take silk skinned geisha for the win Alex….

  16. female audience

    Hot chicks are fine and all, but where are all the pictures half naked men? Men at the beach? This is a girly/faggy website, after all. It’s a pink celeb gossip web page! Why does it cater mostly towards penises? Does not compute.
    You can keep the bikini pics up here but for chrissake, think of the female/homo audience once in a while.

  17. sva1994

    Ugh. Anyone who’s seen Park in other mags knows that she’s disgustingly anorexic, and has the shoulders of a man and the figure of a prepubscent boy. At least the last time Maxim did a shoot with her, they covered this up with good makeup, lighting and maybe retouching. Here, they didn’t even bother. Just look how awful she looks in those first and seventh pics. It’s obvious in that first pic that they airbrushed her tits and ass, and didn’t even do a half decent job of it. Her ass looks like there’s a lump coming out of it that’s not the same sking tone as her thigh, which looks like it was left alone. Yuck. Girl needs to eat a fucking sandwich.

  18. Shawn_solo

    Helfer has always looked like she eats a baby carrot for lunch and then barfs it back up, but when did Grace Park start following the same diet plan?

    Sexiness fail!

    Excuse me for liking, ya know, secondary female characteristics.

  19. Grace

    People in Somalia look fatter than these chicks

    Anorexia kills!!!

  20. Guest

    They are SLIGHTLY thin.

    And why is the asian one darker than the white one?

  21. morphine chocolate

    Do girls like this poop more than regularly? Just curious

  22. Name (required)


    Jeez, that’s not hot.

  23. The indoctrination of Rough

    Yeah go to japan and china and tell them theyre too skinny….

  24. Amy

    Is it a requirement now that all women in television must pose either naked or half-naked? Sure seems that way.

  25. yuck

    does anybody actually think that they are hot?

  26. WTF?!

    @20 you’re a fukin weirdo if U really think they are SLIGHTLY thin. I hope U were being sarcastic. Also not all asians are white, some jus have a naturally darker complexion. Vietnamese, Malaysians,etc. Also, its really sad for women who have such a pretty face, to look like they’re only one step away from death. I understand the pressure to be thin as a model, but seriously this is nothing more than a slow suicide when U start to look like this. Instead of being in awe of their beauty, I jus feel a deep sense of sympathy when I look at their pics. I hope this was jus a photoshop fuck-up:-(

  27. Turd Ferguson

    I’d fuck the slope.

  28. Wendy

    morphine chocolate: Yes we do. I’m 5 2, 95 lbs, and I have a 3 yr old son. I eat a lot but I also poo 3 times a day. With that said, Park is really too skinny. She can use an extra 5-10 lbs.

  29. S

    They are beautiful, but I’m glad to see so many people commenting on how skinny they are. That is NOT ok!! when will people stop glamourizing skin and bones

  30. Richport’s Ghost thinks that its dad fucked Grace Park’s mom in Vietnam about 40 years ago — you know, SUCKY SUCKY!

    Oh don’t give Richport’s Ghost that “She’s Korean, not Vietnamese, you fucking redneck in-bred snaggle-toothed cocksucking motherfucker!” shit…. they’re all slanty-eyed war-mongers with 3″-long cocks. Which, sadly, puts them about 1.5″ in front of Richport’s Ghost. The good thing is that Richport’s Ghost right palm doesn’t know any better.

    When all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

    When all Richport’s Ghost has is its right hand, every chick (yes, even Kathy Bates) looks like a supermodel.

  31. Amy

    @21, I don’t. I’m 5’3, 105 and never poop. I’m not super-skinny though. Just really petite. I’m sure the aneorexic type take laxatives so that the food passes through without effectively absorbing.

  32. Way too thin. And this underboob shot is kinda tacky.


  33. lola

    I am also 5 2- 110 pounds. I weigh more than you guys, but I used to be a wrestler so I have a decent amount of muscle. I look NOTHING like these girls.. When I had no fat at all I looked nothing like this. These pictures are photo shopped and exaggerated. As a woman you can eaither be strong and ripped or very slender with a layer of fat. To be slender and bony is a sign of sickness or malnourishment. Either these girls don’t eat or they have AIDS

  34. Jose

    Yep, completely anorexic. I dont know how girls like this are allowed to just keep on going not eating. Dont even fucking try to say “ohhh I eat like crazy, I just have a really fast metabolism” thats fn BULLSHIT. Nicole Richie and so many others tried to pull that shit. Its simple, you eat calories, your body converts it to fat or energy and the energy will convert it to muscle if you use it. This girl has neither fat nor muscle so FN EAT! Or get your ass in some mental therapy. I cant stand anorexic people im sorry. If you desire being physically attractive THAT MUCH, then get in the gym and earn it. Only in America man. You got people diggin through dumpsters for food and then people either refusing to eat or eating it and throwing it up.

  35. Nobody Special

    Pretty soon they will be showing dead girls on a slab in the morgue. Dead from starvation. You can’t get any hotter than that, right maxim?.

  36. Cylon

    You guys don’t want em? I’ll take em. Sheesh.

  37. Edie

    Tricia and Grace seem like such sweet girls though. I mean, I don’t know. I’ve heard a lot of good things from both of them and they seem like they’re both bright and funny- especially Tricia. Oddly enough, I kind of like both of them for them, a little bit more than their ultra skinny selves here.

    I mean then again I love pretty much every actor on that show for the same reason. James, both Michaels, Jaimie, Kate, AJ… okay, mostly James. Even Katee.

    I would like to see some of the men do a shoot like this though. Or the men and the women together. I don’t discriminate when it comes to the hot.

  38. Jose

    On a side note, I can see these girls reading these posts and feeling pretty hurt so I do feel a little bad about that. But only a little because YOU did this. This is what you wanted, to not eat and look like a starving Somalian. Another reason I dont feel bad is its SO EASILY FIXED… just fucking EAT. So save the tears and make yourself a sandwich, matter of fact eat 5 of them a day and after just 2 weeks youll look fine ;)

  39. Sinamon

    wow, it’s kinda refreshing to see most comments slamming the fact that these two chicks are wafer thin.

    i know tricia was always thin but grace park actually had some meat to her a couple of years ago, wtf happened?! she wasn’t superbly toned but she was at least real looking. these bodies looks so…weird…there’s no other word i can think of. they’re strangely shaped and misaligned. i really do hope this was the work of an overlyzealous editor (who should be fired) and not how they really look.

  40. Fat Chicks Suck

    First of all…they both look ridiculously hot. Second…I have to bring up the “too skinny” crap. I’m not sure how people are so stupid in this country…or so blind…but the problem isn’t that people are starving themselves to get bodies like this. The problem is that everyone is stuffing their face and sitting around on their fat asses getting fatter. 66% of the population is overweight or obese and less than 1% have eating disorders – I don’t think hot skinny models on a magazine cover is influencing anybody. There are 66 times as many fat people as there are people with an eating disorder – 66 TIMES! We’re in a sad state where the country gets fatter and fatter to the point that the average person thinks a thin, healthy woman has a health problem or doesn’t look right. That’s what a woman with a toned body and no excess body fat looks like!

    These girls are perfect and any straight male on the planet would love to fuck either one of them. Man I hate fat people.

  41. phil

    Ugh. What a fatso.

    Ugh. What a fatso.

  42. izzo

    # 40 Thank you for calling out the fatties!!!!! Grace Park looks fucking amazing

  43. Amy

    #40, STFU Troll. You manage to appear everytime there is any mention of weight. You pull your usual copy and paste rant without reading the comments. Nobody on this site is advocating fat people. In fact, this site makes fun of fatties most of the time. We understand lots of people are overweight. That’s not the point though. These women chose to pose like this, therefore we can pick them apart. They are obviously too skinny. Are they pretty? Yes. But could they gain 7-10 pounds? Hell yes.

  44. mafme

    I hope they survived the trip home after this photo shoot that was apparently done in someone’s parents’ basement with a disposable camera.

    These are terrible photos.

  45. they both need a hot beef injection in the ass

  46. they both need a hot beef injection in the ass

  47. Fonzi

    Trish Helfer looks soooo much better here than in any episode of BG and I’ve always had the hots for Grace Park. Anyone else agree that these 2 haven’t looked better? As for the overweight females replying that these too are too thin…. too bad… Fatty

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  49. k

    Can you imagine what brittney spears would look like stood next to these two girls? lol

  50. V

    Wow, those who don’t think they’re too skinny at first glance..please look at the last pic. Seriously scared me. She looks like a holocaust surviver.

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