Travis Barker on lawsuit: ‘If something goes wrong… you should be compensated.’

November 24th, 2008 // 77 Comments

Travis Barker spoke out last night about the lawsuit he filed against the owners and makers of the Learjet that he barely escaped from when it crashed in September. E! News reports:

“I wouldn’t have been in the state I was in if I wasn’t in the crash,” said Barker, who spoke Sunday while at the Miss California USA event with Shanna Moakler. “I wouldn’t have third-degree burns all over my body or be prohibited to do certain things. I can’t go swimming. I can’t do some of the things that normal people can do. I didn’t ask for that to happen.”
The drummer says he doesn’t know if he’ll win his lawsuit.
“I don’t know. I just think positive. I mean, I think so–if something goes wrong that’s not supposed to go wrong or you fall victim of it, I think you should be compensated.”

DJ AM who also survived the fiery crash is not part of the lawsuit, according to Travis, “I can’t speak for him–I think everyone just has different attorneys.” Which means DJ AM’s lawyers used the old legal maneuver of “let the jackass go first.” Congratulations, Travis Barker, you’re a guinea pig. And did I mention jackass?


  1. daffy

    For fucks sake Barker you fuckwit.., be thankful you’re alive.

    Bloody Amercians are so goddam litigious. Just HTFU get over it and get on with it.

    And if you need $$$$, make another shitty album you twat.

  2. havoc

    Oh man, if he doesn’t win, he’s cooked.

    Oh, maybe I should have worded that better…..


  3. ChuckleHead

    He is in the state of ugliness.

  4. duh

    This guy ALMOST LOST HIS LIFE, and was damn lucky he didn’t! He will never be these because of the LIFE-THREATENING injuries he sustained in the crash. I work in the law/case management field and see all sorts of ridiculous lawsuits. This is NOT one of them. The plane was defective and/or it was major pilot error. Barker deserves all that he can get from these guys.

  5. duh

    This guy ALMOST LOST HIS LIFE, and was damn lucky he didn’t! He will never be the same because of the LIFE-THREATENING injuries he sustained in the crash. I work in the law/case management field and see all sorts of ridiculous lawsuits. This is NOT one of them. The plane was defective and/or it was major pilot error. Barker deserves all that he can get from these guys.

  6. Bill Clinton

    Message to airlines;


  7. OUCH

    stfu lawyer douche. kill yourself.

  8. duh, duh

    Duh, if you work in the “case management” field – is that code for “Ambulance Chaser”? – you would know several things. One recovery is based on two things, the nature of the wrong and less apropriately but still none the less equally valid, the nature of the victim.

    First, very little has been reported about the nature of this plane crash. If the pilot was drunk, sure he deserves to recover. But generally speaking, short of that, you need some severe pilot error and a proof of negligence (the reasonable pilot wouldn’t have done the same thing) and from all accounts we don’t have that. Travis was almost correct in his quote… “if something goes wrong that’s not supposed to go wrong [AND] you fall victim of it [due to the negligence or intentional misconduct of another], I think you should be compensated.”

    Travis Barker is proving he is a tool, and trowing the second factor out the window in the media. If he was smart, he’d just make a record about it if he wanted the money – suing airlines and pilot’s insurance companies is not a smart idea. Surprise! They have some of the top legal teams available.

  9. duh

    #7 – Oooh, owie my feelers are sooooo hurted. And I never said I’m a lawyer. Learn to read, dumbass.

  10. OUCH

    9 – oh so sorry. aspiring lawyer douche performing menial tasks until night school pays off and you can officially be a blood-sucking ambulance chaser was too long to write the first time.

  11. blahhhh

    Only an idiot would think his lawsuit was just about money!!!

  12. OUCH

    shit happens, can’t sue someone everytime something bad happens

  13. Fail

    Unless there was proof of negligence this guy is out of luck. People in the country are so sue happy. It’s called an accident. If I could, I’d sue Travis for being the accidental excuse of a human being that he is.

  14. p0nk

    he should be suing his mom for the botched abortion.

  15. Max Planck

    Sweet sentiment on the T shirt…says it all.

  16. veggi

    Travis, buddy, come on. Your christkilling kikefriend DJ AM, a.k.a. Bernie Burnstein, didn’t sue, even though he’s genetically related to 99% of all lawyers in the country. That’s all you needed to know.

  17. Sport

    Accidents happen and you SURVIVED A FUCKING PLANE CRASH.

    Isn’t that thank you enough – move on.

  18. Andy

    He got on a plane with a woman pilot. Hadn’t he ever been in a car with woman driver? What did he expect?

  19. Rossco

    I guess selling your soul to MTV isn’t as profitable as it once was. Either that or selling your soul to MTV entails being/becoming a total fuckwit and no money will ever seem enough… Eat shit and kill yourself, Travis.

  20. Pookie

    If he wins. perhaps he will invest in some DENTURES. That meth mouth of his is fukked-up!

  21. deadgoon

    “My career is over and I’m a giant douchebag. Give me money!”

  22. He always looked like someone just shoved a cock up his ass.

  23. I definitely think he should be compensated.

  24. Pathetic Worm

    I guess he’ll be travelling the world by bus from now on. This guy just became too much of a liability for any private jet operator, or indeed any commercial airline.

  25. Chungster

    What a great symbol of exactly what’s fucked up and wrong with most people. Something terrible and unfortunate happened to me and others so I deserve a lot of money. Not everything in life is perfect. His case may have merit, or it may not, but the fact that he thinks that you should be compensated when something goes wrong causes me to lose all respect for him. Just because other assholes get a way with it does not mean its OK. Too bad he’s a parent…his contribution to the genetic pool should not have happened.

  26. Buffy

    What a fucking tool. You guys are right…this country is way too litigious. I am a medical malpractice paralegal and some of the lawsuits people file against doctors are just mindblowingly retarded. Travis Barker will never get his day in court because the owners of the airline will settle the case for an undisclosed amount. If he was smart he would give any settlement money to charity to make him look less douche-like.

  27. ummm...yeah

    If the motherfucker is so hurt ,
    how come his ass is at EVERY SINGLE PARTY AND GALA?
    Seems to me if you are suffering from third degree burns and going through all this fuckin pain , your ass would be in the fuckin house, in the bed ,poppin pain pills…or morphine…I’m just sayin

  28. the truth

    the only reason he is suing is because his dong probably got fried off. which, im sure still isn’t as bad as sticking it in paris hilton was.

  29. b

    fuck him and his shitty pop band. When bands are done they should GO AWAY.

  30. Danklin24

    What the hell does his shirt say? i cant read that fucked up writing.

    Travis Barker, you’re a fucktard. Tires blow out all the time. Its an act of God idiot. The tire company didnt purposely make the tire blow. Maybe a nail got wedged in it for all you know. Shit happens. You survived a damn plane crash. Be thankful you’re alive. As for the lawsuit, are you fucking serious? You have a shitload of money already. Giving you another shitload of money isnt going to bring your friends back jackoff.

  31. dude

    Barker’s right…”if something goes wrong, you should be compensated.”

    Travis, your last two albums went horribly wrong…I want to be compensated for cerebral damage from listening to it.

  32. jlylec

    @18 – hahaAHAHAHAHAAH…so true. can’t believe nobody else caught that.

    and to ambulance chasers and sue-happy fuckwads like travis – go fuck yourselves. you’re the problem in this country. people like you. so please…go FUCK YOURSELVES.

    accidents happen fuckholes. go sue god. after you fuck yourselves.

  33. poor bastard

    Poor bastard in both senses of the word. Poor because he has no money to pay for his cheating girlfriend. and poor because hes a fucking shitbag. Try getting a job you fucking weasel.

  34. What a whiny little bitch. He should be thankful that he is alive. The pilot that he is blaming the crash on is dead. Yeah, I’m sure she meant for it to turn out that way…

    This is one of the many things that is wrong with Americans, they’re fucking sue happy. Most people look at a tragedy as a way to cash in, nowadays. Sick fucks.

  35. CarltonP

    Your a piece of trash Barker.
    Your group was a joke. Youre a tatoo-ed poser. You tried to squeeze the pathetic amount of fame you had with a white trash reality tv show. You’ve exhausted every bad cliche in the book.
    Now you’ve taken any good karma you ever had and fried it up, with a f*cking lawsuit. Congradulations megadouche.

  36. helopilot

    Here’s the quote about the lawsuit:
    Per court documents filed Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court, Barker’s camp believes that “one or more of the tires failed, leaving tire debris and portions of airplane components along the 8,600 foot runway” and the pilot made a “negligent attempt to abort the takeoff.”
    “The pilot’s decision was a breach of their duty owed to the passengers onboard and was a substantial factor in causing the crash and resultant injuries and deaths,” the suit continues.
    Moreover, the jet’s “landing gear, tires, wheels, brakes, reverse thrust system, squat switches and component parts were not airworthy.”

    I’m a pilot, although rotary wing rated. It doesn’t matter, however, what type of aircraft you are licensed to fly. You, as a pilot have the ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY for decisions on operation of the aircraft. This is an FAA rule.

    The notion that the pilots were ‘negligent’ is ridiculous. If you are at rotation (that means take-off) speed and a tire blows on your airplane, you have SECONDS to decide to abort or take-off. In this case, taking off would mean having to land with defective landing gear, whether you burned off fuel or not. THAT would not be the best decision. You would certainly crash on landing, because the damaged gear would likely collapse, resulting in the wing dropping to the ground, and probably a rollover or flipover. Anyone aboard would probably be dead, even without a fire.

    It’s better to abort take-off, stand on the brakes, and hope you don’t run out of runway. Unfortunately, the runway length was the problem.

    The pilot and co-pilot are dead. Let’s give them respect for the hours of training they had to go through to qualify to fly. And also their dedication to the safety of their passengers. I understand the pilot had a stellar record (per the FAA database) and the fact she is/was female has no bearing on her qualifications to fly.

    A nurse I know in Irvine, knew the pilot and flew with her on several occasions. She says the pilot was very thorough, cautious and meticulous in her flight planning and was a very safe pilot.

    May she (and the others) rest in peace. Dying in a fire is a horrible way to go.

    Just my two cents….

  37. So I may get slammed for this

    #18. As a woman I have to agree with you, maybe that makes me a traitor to my gender and shit, but I just would feel way more comftorable with a male pilot. I watched a documentary with my husband about the training of fighter pilots and in the group of young rookies there was only one woman and she ended up leaving and hey she was really talented, but she wasn’t cut out for it. Males and females simply do, genrally speaking, have different talents and abilities and are more suited to different things. That’s not sexist and I’m sure there are some great female pilots, but since humans aren’t meant to fly I’d rather have one of the many male pilots who make up the majority fly any plane I was in. Men handle emotion differently and I think that is what makes them more suited to jobs like this. As a woman I know myself and have complete respect for myself and I would never want to be a man I love being a woman, but when it comes to jobs that involve danger, risk and heavy shit get me a man. Sorry ladies, but I just feel safer that way.

    okay let loose with the kitchen jokes…

    P.S. My husband and I are both amazing cook’s and yes I think most women let themselves go after marriage are way too bossy and whiny and most look best with longer hair. I also think men are completely hopeless without us and that together we make a good team and balance each other. So call me sexist, but I prefer male firefighters and male police officers and pilos or at the very least lesbians doing those jobs, tough lesbians not skanks like that tila tequila imagine that thing flying a plane yes we would all be goners. I’ve known a lot of women and I would not want ONE of them flying a plane I was in. Why is that such a bad thing?

  38. Becca

    Douche bags like him are why people don’t want to be pilots or doctors or hell, even teachers anymore. If ANYTHING goes wrong you’re going to get sued. You know what? Sometimes planes crash. Sometimes people die in the hospital. Shit happens. Even if god forbid he had died, no one intentionally neglected something so that they plane would burst into flames. I’m sure the pilots didn’t know this would happen but still went ahead and tried to take off, because hell, dying sure is easier than having to wait for the plane to be serviced.

  39. So I may get slammed for this

    P.S. He is a revolting douchebag and this suit is sickening.

  40. helopilot

    Oh, and as far as this statement:

    Moreover, the jet’s “landing gear, tires, wheels, brakes, reverse thrust system, squat switches and component parts were not airworthy.”

    This is some ignorant lawyer’s contention, carefully worded to put in the lawsuit. You can bet he didn’t ACTUALLY check the plane’s maintenance records through the company that leased the plane and was responsible for its maintenance. And he probably has NO IDEA what “squat switches” are!

    I’m sure that will all come out in court.

  41. Melissa

    You should be f-ing happy you’re alive- people died in that accident. If he does win money, he should donate ALL of IT to a burn center in a hospital.

  42. artjam

    hahaha! You guys are so funny! He is a douchenozzle. What an ungrateful bastard. He’s just pissed because his bitch is skanking around on him, cuz he’s all outta cash. Wah Wah Wah

  43. I call bullshit

    Figures. The most useless people are always the most likely to sue. No value added parasites.

    #37: I don’t believe you’re a woman.

  44. So I may get slammed for this

    #43. Why is that so hard to believe, I can write paragraphs about what idiots men are. I find men and women equally annoying and useless, but in different ways, my husband and I are exceptions to this idocy, but most people are the examples of it. Why is it so hard to believe that as a woman I would feel safer with a man flying a plane I was in? I happen to feel safer with female doctors. It is what it is. Are you a woman and did what I write piss you off? Sorry, but name one woman you know in your life who you’d be happy to have flying a plane you’re in. Maybe I just knew a lot of useless idiot girls, but then again I’ve known a lot of shit for brains idiot men, but I can at least name a few who would be good safe pilots. I see the sexism in the world, but I call men’s bluff on it, I can make a man cry and drop his pants, drool and roll over in a second, men need women and women need men, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t differences between the two that go beyond genetalia and body hair.

  45. Jeremy1Esq

    I “chase ambulances” for a living. Insurance companies are scum. All you people that claim this is just an accident and that him suing is a joke have probably never been the victims of a defective product or someone elses negligence. Its kind of like someone being an opponent of capital punishment until their loved one dies.

    I think Travis is the biggest douche bag on the planet, but his lawsuit has merit and he will be paid quite a bit of money to settle. Where are all you self righteous assholes when your family member gets hurt in a car wreck that was just an “accident” or when a doctor makes a mistake. The media never reports the day to day stuff and the bs pulled by ins companies.

    I sleep great at night.

  46. So I may get slammed for this

    P.S. That’s a complement to me because of the stereotypes people have about women.

    Go ahead ask me a question to prove that I am a woman?

  47. lojothehs

    Are you guys crazy???? He should be able to get compensated for his pain and suffering. There are a lot of frivilous lawsuits, but clearly this isn’t one of them. You get on a plane, not to crash but to reach your destination safely. You’re compensated if you give up your seat on a full plane, so why not if get compensated if you’re nearly killed?

  48. lame

    # 37. That is the stupidest pile of crap I’ve ever heard. As a person who has extensively studied gender differences and gender bias I am pretty confident in saying you are the sad product of a society based on hegemonic masculinity. You don’t need to get slammed, you need to get educated.

  49. lojothehs

    I have to say that #37 does make some pretty good points. She’s saying what you all think and feel but are scared to say. It’s ok, men and women don’t have to be equal in every field. You wouldn’t expect a woman to physically lift the same weight as a man would you?

  50. Travis Bitcher be thy name...

    It’s the wording against the pilots that disgusts a lot of us, clearly Bitcher didn’t write it (the dude can barely express himself), but he went ahead with it. It’s just sick to see someone who has SO MUCH compassion and empathy for himself, but so little for the pilots and their families. I have said it a million times and I will say it again the man has learnt NOTHING.

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