Travis Barker checking out of hospital in two weeks

September 26th, 2008 // 342 Comments

Travis Barker is doing well and “feeling the love” from fans, according to his business partner Jermaine Dupri. Travis, along with DJ AM, are in the hospital after suffering severe burns when they escaped a plane crash that left four of his friends dead. People reports:

Barker’s improved spirits could be due to his newly outfitted hospital room: “He’s just now getting everything in the hospital set up for him – iPods, computers, everything that he needs,” says Dupri, who estimates Barker will be in the hospital another two weeks. “You got to make sure he is comfortable.”

I hope he likes the model planes I sent. Get well soon, Travis!

UPDATE: DJ AM just got out. That’s gotta burn I’m going to Hell.


  1. ohsssshit


  2. Karl

    First. My first time ever!

  3. Karl

    Damn… make that second.

  4. Malffy Hernandes

    Good to hear.

  5. havoc

    Model airplanes.



  6. HorribleJudgment

    It’s great he’s doing so well. Best wishes to him, as well as AM. RIP to those who lost their lives. Get well soon, Travis :)

  7. Here we go again...

    ..with the ‘get well soon’s and the RIP’s. Boring. Model airplanes was funny.

  8. Ram Punchington

    The guy needs multiple iPods and computers?
    Is he stupid or just greedy?

  9. Clayton

    I know 8, wtf?

  10. Never knew this! Jermaine Dupri is his business partner? now it made sense he did a collaboration with “Soulja boy”!

  11. #8 Thank you!!! I was just about to say something obnoxious about that!! He NEEDS that stuff, man!! That’ll make that burning feeling go away.

  12. Pete

    Everything he needs? How about a hooker willing to suck on charcoal?

  13. John McCain

    I will not attend the debates until DJ AM is released from the hospital.

    What’s that you said ? Oh shit….

  14. Grunion

    Hopefully he can get back to making shitty music again soon…

  15. Matt

    Teaches him to get on a plane with a female pilot – chicks can’t drive, everybody knows that.

    But, anyway, I’ll join everybody else in wishing him well and I hope he has a speedy recovery, so he can enjoy the rest of his life as a chronic pain patient who’s grotesquely charred over all his erogenous zones.

  16. Bucky

    You have to pity the poor guy, but beyond that Travis Barker is nothing but a punk. Don’t let his cute little reality show fool you. He is a punk, who is not as good a drummer as he thinks he is.

    Alternative to more traditional forms of tattoo removal.

  17. lakeside

    yes, you are going to hell.

  18. Hitler

    How the fuck does this waste get the hospital to cater to his every pampered whim.
    He really must’ve learned a life lesson in humility after that plane crash.


  19. ed

    You think he will have to get all those tattoos redone?

  20. ed

    You think he will have to get all those tattoos redone?

  21. Hitler

    How the fuck does this waste get the hospital to cater to his every pampered whim.
    He really must’ve learned a life lesson in humility after that plane crash. What an appreciation for the little things.
    Why couldn’t he have died instead (sorry God).


  22. Sandy

    All I know is, he’ll be keeping that hand on the back of his next groupie’s head the entire time. Afterward it’ll be like she’s trying to cough up a furball.

  23. HorribleJudgment

    #7, don’t question my fucking comment, you fugly fucktard. You are not even eligible to walk on the same fucking ground that I walk on. Don’t play around in my world, you look like a goddam idiot.

    I repeat: Glad he’s doing well. RIP to all those who lost their fucking lives.

  24. Still Boring


  25. mr sensitive

    I hope the female pilot was a mom and all the kids on the playground teased her grieving 6 year old daughter until she broke down sobbing, and then kicked sand in her face.

  26. lloyd johnson

    I’m sick of looking at all these jungle drum beating colored people on this site! What? those are tatoos? Well I don’t like him anyway because he probably has sex with white women.

  27. Also worth reporting


  28. Tim

    Nice fucking picture. He looks like a black dude just made his first full-length thrust up his ass.

  29. HorribleJudgment

    #24, Still boring? Wow! Good one! Still not eligible to walk on the same fucking ground as me, and still looking like a fucking idiot trying to play around in my world. I’m in the big leagues and you’re in the fucking small leagues. Whatever you have to say about any comment I make, my comment counts and yours fucking doesn’t, get it? I count, you don’t. I will ALWAYS be a winner, and you will ALWAYS be a loser. Yeaaah, you got it :)

  30. Andrea

    lmao@28 – “Whew dat’s a big conk!”

  31. Hitler

    The Jew, Goldstein was released today??? I want to know where he is IMMEDIATEDLY.

    p.s. kids are what I love.

  32. Numbers for #29

    13 (age)

    4 (penis length)

  33. Samantha

    “HorribleJudgment” give it a break already. Your comments sound like something from a specially-abled grade school playground.

  34. HorribleJudgment

    Samantha, are you that tranny that always hangs out at that bar and hits on all the guys? If so, nobody’s interested. By the way, SamTranny, we all know you are the “Still Boring” poster. :) Ooooh! So sad.

  35. lloyd johnson

    32 are you perhaps Micheal Jackson? I ask this only because he is the only person I can think of that measures 13yo penis’s. I do agree that HJ sound like an adolescent.

  36. sexy

    To # 21, why couldn’t it be you that died, oh shucks… to the ignorant fools on here, ya know who ya are. Maybe his computers and whatever else will take his mind away from the stress that none of yu can imagin he’s going through, God I can’t believe there are such dumb and cruel people in the world. So you don’t like someone and you wish them death. Your mother should die too. Say what you want.

  37. HorribleJudgment

    #32, if you think I am a 13 year old, then why, pray tell, are you measuring my penis size? Sorry I don’t dig gays, and I happen to think that pedophiles belong in jail, so off with you!

  38. LBC


    Gays don’t like you either….keep thinking your a winner you f-ing moron!

  39. Gorilla

    32 stop looking at kids penis’s you sick fuck.

  40. HorribleJudgment

    #38, nice try, but I know that’s you “so boring”, or should I say SamTranny. :) And I am a winner. I will ALWAYS be a winner and you will ALWAYS be a loser. And yes, I’ve also figured out that you were the one who wanted to measure my penis. Again, I’m not into gays. And sorry, I’m not 13 so I can’t fill your pedophile needs. My, are you sad! What name are you going to post under next?

  41. mimi

    Douche-skag alert!

  42. Gorilla

    41 aren’t you the girl who won’t leave her room because you’re obsessed with Britney Spears?

  43. nightmare

    “RIP to those who lost their lives. Get well soon, Travis :)”

    How fucken gAy is that? LMAO as if he’ll read it and remember the BJ you gave him outside that bar in Seattle back in 2006. Fucken dumb shitstain. And sending a RIP “to” dead people? What are you, 9? Is this a joke? Just telepathically send it to jesus while you impale a cross into your poot chute.

    Of course we saw your horrible judgement when we watched you stealing electronics after a flood; no electric, remember? thats why the alarms didn’t go off, dumbass!

  44. Lulu Vega

    #29-Horrible Judgement-
    Spencer Pratt, I knew I’d find you on here!

  45. Lulu Vega

    #29-Horrible Judgment-
    Spencer Pratt, I knew I’d find you on here!

  46. Ronald Dumsfeld

    Can’t we just get a loan?

  47. Fuck you

    You know what? Fuck this useless motherfucker and that other ugly ass gorilla face DJ wanna-be…. How ironic is it that the 2 “so-called celebrities” are the ones that survived and not the other 4 people?
    Everyone is talking about those 2 assholes when there are 4 people that died that day. Leaving behind family, friends and loved ones. But the only ones that get any kind of recognition are the 2 bastards that survived? Fuck em all and to hell with this stupid bullshit… That’s some real fucked up shit though

  48. Tom Cruise

    Spencer Pratt loves the cock!

  49. mimi

    42, no I say Brit is a hickabilly.

    Pray for Amy

  50. HorribleJudgment

    #43, again, nice try “still boring”, SamTranny, Penis Measurer, LBC, and now nightmare. I know that you are all the same person, and this pathetic angry little rant full of question marks and exclamation points just shows how much I have gotten to you. Stings, doesn’t it? :) You’re little effort is so sad. But I’m afraid that you just cannot get to me. It is impossible. Me: winner. You, as you are now proving to everyone: loser.

    I feel obliged to remind you: Not into fags so don’t try to measure my penis. Stay away from small children, you sad lonely pedo :( Don’t hurt them, they’re only children! And if you’re going to hit the bars in your tranny getup, stay away from the guys, you just make them vomit. Hmmm…what name will you use next? This is fun! :)

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