Travis Barker is glad he’s not dead

October 8th, 2008 // 37 Comments

Travis Barker has given his first interview to Us Weekly since surviving a plane crash that left four people dead. He’s currently being treated in Los Angeles for the second- and third- degree burns that covered the lower half of his body. Here’s what Travis had to say:

“I hate planes,” the ex-Blink 182 drummer, 32, tells Us exclusively. “My biggest fear ever is to be involved in a plane crash, so when that happened … well, I’m just thankful to be alive! I’m just grateful to be here at all.”
How are you doing?
“I am doing the best I can possibly be. I’m so anxious to get out of here. …I’ve just been in surgery after surgery. I have third degree burns basically from my feet up to my waist and both hands. One of my hands was second degree burns and one was third degree burns. I’m trying to have a quick recovery and play the drums again and be able to hold my kids again. [Barker has two children, Landon, 5, and Alabama, 2, with Moakler.] I’m going nuts not being able to see them and spend time with them!”

Travis Barker hated flying to begin with then winds up in a plane crash? Jesus. That’s like being an arachnophobic and a guy in a Spider-man costume shows up at your birthday party to bang your mom. Not that anyone would ever do such a thing; but, Geekologist, if you’re reading this, tell your mom I checked the receipt from the rental place, and it definitely needs dry-cleaned. Oh, and also, doctor says my “web-shooter” is totally cool. False alarm. Thanks, bro!

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  1. frist


  2. Ram Punchington

    This Dude looks dirty, all those tattoos.
    Hope he doesn’t waste all his new skin grafts getting them tattooed.



    you cunts! :)

  4. mamadough

    he looks dead from the waist up, so now i guess the bottom matches the top.

  5. Socialist Doom

    A celebration is in order – more nasty ass tats please.
    Whats up with the fucked up kids names?
    Is he from Alaska or something?
    If this post was a scratch & sniff : “I smell hot dogs burning on the grill”
    Remember, vote high yellow in 08 because its just cool.

  6. If you put a bag over his head, he would be hotter than shit. I love tatoos on a man; the more the better. Yummo!!!!

  7. Smunch

    7th, 8th, whatever. TCLTC!



  8. Randal

    With the look you have there Travis, folks might thing you’re already dead. I think you need a much cleaner look and Slayer, well, that era is long gone. Take a look at more successful musical artists in the scene to get an idea of a clean image, which normally also goes hand in hand with good music.

    Hope one day you find that because you’ve missed the mark one too many times.

    PS – Glad you’re alive.


  9. People always tell me “You’re safer on a plane that in a car.” BULLSHIT. I believe it is more likely you’d actually survive a car crash as opposed to falling out of the sky at 800 miles an hour. I’d much rather have some broken bones or a closed head injury to being dead any day. Thanks for listening. :)

  10. Randal…you always make me laugh. Thanks for that! :)

  11. I just don't care

    Well, that makes one of us.

  12. tanya

    I wonder if his pecker got burnt off?

  13. mamadough

    he may be glad that he’s not dead, but we’re not

  14. @13 I’m definately not a religous freak or anything; in fact, I consider myself an Ahtiest, but I’m pretty damn sure there is a special place in Hell for people like you. You know, people who open their mouth to speak english, but stupid is all that comes out. Fuck you.

  15. alex

    #9 – but you are far more likely to be involved in a car accident than a plane crash. that’s why people say you are statistically safer in a plane.

  16. #16. True, but like I said, which are you more likely to survive? Honestly. I really hope I’m not sounding like an idiot. This is just the way I feel. My own little justification as to why I will never fly. Unless of course, I am IV sedated and, the last time I checked this is not something the airlines offer. :)

  17. hmm....


    I was wondering the same exact thing :O

  18. Jim

    “I’m going nuts not being able to see them and spend time with them!”

    Roasted nuts, to be specific.

  19. veggi

    Travis – yes, it will be a very long and arduous road to recovery, but always remember this: at one time you were the hottest man on earth.

  20. alex

    #17: There were an estimated 6,420,000 cars involved in accidents in the US in 2005. There were about 2.9 million injury cases and 42,636 car accident deaths. An average of 115 persons die each day in motor vehicle crashes in the United States — one every 13 minutes. According to the World Health Organization about 3000 people die in crashes each day worldwide.

    Lot of deaths.

    I hear you though, my wife won’t get on an airplane either!

  21. NY Ted

    “Travis Barker is glad he’s not dead.”

    Yea…but were not…!

  22. 10pound

    Wow, he gave an interview to US Weekly.

    That is SOOOOO rock and roll.

    (i wish he were dead)

  23. What a negative guy!! be thankful you have fresh new canvas for more elaborate tats…

  24. every male Superficial commenter's nightmare

    He burned all the skin off his penis AND his hand. If that happened to a male Superficial commenter, what would he do with the 5 hours a day he just freed up?

  25. Joe

    he has 3 kids, not 2

  26. Gino Beteta

    Is this the guy from prision break?

  27. Good luck to him. He’s going to need it. He may be able to drum again, but when it comes to doing other things, such as…umm….you know…he’ll probably be out of luck.

  28. lengyu

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  29. Dippin

    Think his penis still works?

  30. be sure: SHANNA MOAKLER IS NOT!!

  31. Jeff W.

    What a scumbag. Nice tattoos, loser.

  32. Grunion

    “Travis Barker glad he’s not dead”

    That makes one of us


    What does this guy do?


    What does this guy do?

  35. What a negative guy!! be thankful you have fresh new canvas for more elaborate tats

  36. Don’t like him.

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