Travis Barker & DJ AM expected to make ‘full recovery’ after surviving plane crash

September 21st, 2008 // 94 Comments

For the few of you who haven’t heard, former Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker and DJ AM were the sole survivors of a plane crash Saturday in South Carolina that left four people dead. The two had just performed at a free concert (above) near the University of South Carolina with Perry Farrell and Gavin DeGraw. They are currently being treated at the Joseph M. Still Burn Center for second- and third- degree burns, the AP reports:

“Anybody who can survive a plane crash is pretty lucky,” Mullins told reporters during a news conference Sunday morning.
Barker was burned on his torso and lower body and DJ AM, whose real name is Adam Goldstein, was burned on an arm and a portion of his scalp, according to a statement from the musicians’ families released by the hospital. Mullins declined to discuss specific recovery times for the men, but said such injuries can take a year to fully heal.
Both men are still in critical but stable condition, he said.

Right before the crash, Travis and DJ AM were lucky enough to dive out of the plane while it was engulfed in flames. An eyewitness, William Owens, watched the wreckage careen across the highway in front of him and came upon the survivors:

“I noticed two guys who were on fire and it looked like a dance: They didn’t know what to do,” said Owens, a 60-year-old delivery van driver.
Goldstein had stripped off his own shirt and was helping Barker strip naked, said Owens, who was able to identify the men Saturday night because of news reports that showed Barker’s extensive tattoos.
Owens said Goldstein told him four other people were on board the jet, but the flames were too intense to get close.
“‘Oh my God’ was all they were saying,” Owens said of Barker and Goldstein. “They stood there and it’s like — didn’t know what to do. None of us did.”

According to a recording recovered from the cockpit by authorities, it appears a tire burst while the plane was near its 92 mph take-off speed.

The Superficial wishes a healthy recovery for Travis Barker and DJ AM along with our sincere condolences to the families of Chris Baker, Charles Still, Sarah Lemmon and James Bland.

Photos: Splash News

  1. All jokes aside, I’m really happy to hear they survived the crash.
    Best wishes to them both for a speedy recovery.

  2. Yowza Cats

    Holy crap, I hadn’t heard. Glad they’e all right. Too bad we can’t say the same for the others =(

  3. All the best to them both.

  4. Phil

    Jesus, that’s a miracle they survived. What a painful way to go, burned alive inside of an airplane. Wish the two musicians a speedy recovery.

  5. Kumuthu

    Prayers of healing for Travis and Adam and of comfort to the families of those that died.

  6. ali

    you’re posting on a sunday?

  7. justtheobvious

    All the best to Travis and Adam, speedy recovery in order. You are some lucky fucks so, whatever happens, who cares, you are alive! You will get past it, this can’t be the worst thing that has ever happened to you. ok, maybe it is, but get over it and carry on and be the best you can be!

  8. Hope everything goes well.

  9. Anonymous12345


  10. Arobot6

    who were the ones that died?

  11. bnalh

    aww, i’m sorry. that’s unfortunate. i wish the best for you both. i hope you recover soon.

  12. veggi

    Two of the biggest douchebags on the planet. It’s a shame they didn’t roast like the pigs that they are. Hopefully they’ll be permanently disfigured.

  13. Sam

    Um Veggi, you’re kind of an asshole, huh? Who says that? Oh right…. stupid immature cock faces like you. Karma’s a bitch Veg and I hope it disfigures you.

  14. HorribleJudgment

    Thank God the two of them survived, and I’m glad they’re expected to make a full recovery. RIP to all that lost they’re lives. What a tragedy. :(

  15. melissy

    i hope they both recover ok and quickly and im sorry for the loss of the other 4 people my prayers are with there family….. and as for VEGGI wow you are cruel and as sam sad karma is a bitch and people like you will get whats coming to them

  16. melissy

    i hope they both recover ok and quickly and im sorry for the loss of the other 4 people my prayers are with there family….. and as for VEGGI wow you are cruel and as sam said karma is a bitch and people like you will get whats coming to them

  17. Duh

    You DO realize that the shit stinking up #12 is a troll, right?

  18. (=???=)

    They fucking suck. Why didn’t they die? Boooooooooo.

  19. (=???=)

    +2 for Veggi. These cunts have no talent, and get paid millions for it. The are very similar to John McCrash.

  20. friendlyfires

    Holy cow! The Supe’ didn’t wait ’til Monday to report this. How sad for the families involved. They have our sympathies.

    You know you’re not a rock star legend when you survive the plane crash. What a wake up call.

  21. meee

    wow 12, 18, & 19…now i understand why you’re not famous, rich, admired, talented, or anything else adam & travis are & say shitty things via the internet. fucking faggots.

    best of luck boys. the recoveryy won’t be easy but you’ll make it!

  22. B

    I hope they get better. They’re both so talented in what they do, it would’ve been a shame to see them go. I’m extremely happy that they made it out.
    I feel really bad for the one’s lost. Little Chris was the shit! He’s was such a nice guy. I met him at a +44 show. He was handing out Famous Stars & Straps stickers to everyone in line and complimented me on a shirt that I was wearing. Never met “Che”, but from what I’ve read about him, he seemed like an awesome guy and a very good friend to Travis.
    I wish TRV$ X AM a fast recovery and to the four that didn’t make it, you all have a spot in heaven and in your friend’s and family’s hearts. R.I.P.

  23. OFCOURSE!!
    ……………………….did you expect anything else?

  24. c

    wow some people commenting here are really horrible…. these guys watched their best friends and assistants burn to death, almost lost their lives, are suffering from severe 2nd , 3rd degree burns, and are in critical conditions and some of you here are wishing they roast to death…thats really disgusting… how dare you say that … none of us know who these guys really are…. how could you judge them like that and wish them death… what is wrong with you….you get a public image and judge them by that….even if they were horrible ppl nobody says that…. you make me sick… you owe everyone an apology…i am not even a fan……

    you are sick in the head….

  25. Hater

    It’s horrible to think of anyone going out like the people who died. Why couldn’t people like Paris Hilton have been on that plane?

  26. Rod

    What will happen to barker’s tattoos? I have suffered major second degree burns myself and trust me, the scar SUCK.

  27. lKGal

    veggi is evil, very evil.

    May Our Lord Jesus Christ shed His Love and Mercy on Travis Barker and DJ AM, and may all those who died fly to Him in Heaven like radiant birds.

  28. bootlips

    He looks like an idiot.

  29. Good luck to you both.

    Travis for his music.

    DJ AM for his movie role in Road Trip.

  30. energythief

    What the fuck happened to this site? Less than a year ago, there would have been 50% mocking, sarcastic comments about this event, 1% of posts crying the blues about the assholes defiling a tragic moment, and the remaining 49% of posts tearing the 1% a new asshole.

    @Fish: Whoring to corporate sponsors has blunted the edge.

  31. nudie

    what? no jokes about the naked dance? i know this is serious, but its funny at the same time and ive seen jokes written at much worse timings. strange for superficial…

    glad they’re ok i guess.

  32. heb

    My thoughts are with the families of those who died, and I wish all the best to Travis and Adam

  33. syn

    #12 –

    Troll or not, piss off. Keep in mind, I’m the first to admit that Travis Barker is to punk rock what Dean Koontz is to horror novels. That said, this is just sad. Anyone nasty and vapid enough to wish this upon anyone else (short of Nazis, rapists and pedophiles) is a useless douche. All the best to the survivors and to the families of those who didn’t make it.

  34. nun

    These guys are both faggots, total flamers. The only reason they were trying to take their clothes off is because the crash got them all excited and they were getting ready to gay-fuck.

  35. Rebbe Shneerson

    The Power of the Individual

    For in this case one is also given special abilities and opportunities by Divine Providence to attain the goal for which we have been created: the realization of a world of goodness and holiness.

    People often perceive themselves in terms of their constraints as mortal beings. Yet there are times that call for transcendent actions. One must at times do more than they can possibly do. For each mortal is endowed with a G-dly soul and the power to transcend mortal constraints.

    Therefore Adam GOLDstein, I bid you to transcend mere mortal constraints, and urinate straight up into the air, and cover everything, yourself, Travis Barker, and the entire wreckage of the burning plane with a cooling GOLDen shower which will extinguish the fire and heal your burns. G_d will allow it.


    Rebbe Shneerson aka Rebbe GOLDen Shower

  36. Fuzz

    Thank God for flame-retardant tattoo ink.

  37. Pam Anderson

    Veggi….you can suck it

  38. blah

    I don’t get it, how the heck were they able to “dive out” of the plane before it even crashed? Dive out of a moving plane onto a highway onto asphalt with moving cars on the road & having your body engulfed in flames …and survive??? And why were they on fire if the plane hadn’t crashed yet? Because the tire burst and caused a fire? I’m confused…anyways, its amazing they survived. If thats not escaping death I don’t know what is. Hopefully they will have a new appreciation for life. That Travis guy seemed like he could use it. It does almost seem unfair that the 2 celebs survive, while the joe averages perish. But I’m still glad to hear they’ll recover. And DJ AM is kind of a cutie.

  39. Dan

    Damn! I so wanted Travis to die too.
    One mediocre musician from a god-awful band is gone? I just felt the world get lighter!
    Or at least the fire could have burned those disgusting tattoos from his body. All those tough guy tats and he is in a faggot, mainstream band liked mainly by little brats.

  40. These guys are worthless talentless pieces of shit. Anybody “praying” for them to recover and thankful that they lived is a brainless knee-jerk fool, the type of idiot who sustains the whole useless celebrity industry. But I am impressed that these two worked so heroically to save others on the plane – no, wait, they only tried to save themselves. Yes, let’s cheer these wonderful “men”.

    You people are pathetic. A bunch of Pavlov’s dogs.

  41. Darby Crash’s ghost shanked that tire.

  42. Americans are retards

    “Karma’s a bitch Veg and I hope it disfigures you.”

    Karma is a complex religious concept that DOES NOT MEAN vengeance or comeuppance or any of your petty mean-spirited ideas from the cartoon versions of the Bible that you American morons embrace. It belongs to an elevated plane of spirituality that you’ll never grasp, much less reach. You only reveal your profound ignorance and hostility when you bastardize a word belonged to a people far more civilized than yourselves.



  44. Dee

    I’m praying for them, I hear recovering from burns is absolutely horrible. So sad.

  45. levi

    Jimbo nails it. thank god someone is alive on this thread.

  46. Anything to get laid and be more famous!!!!

  47. Margucha


  48. Clem

    @42 “Karma is a complex religious concept “…which essentially means it’s a bunch of crap.

  49. Veggi and jimbo are 2dorks trying to be notice…

  50. Dano

    Hey Superficial writer, are these two really “sole” survivors if there are two of them? “Sole” means “alone” and “single”.

    And to those that say Travis and Adam have no talent. Well, they had the presence of mind to know what people want to see and hear. They knew what they needed to do to make it big. They’re making headlines in celebrity blogs/sites/celebrity news and we little folk are relegated to only commenting on it!

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