Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler take advantage of MySpace


Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler are having some sort of weird battle over MySpace, each posting their own version of their marriage and tearing into the other. Shanna writes: “I am very devastated and very much heartbroken over the demise of my marriage and for the upset of my family.” Travis responded on his own MySpace, talking about how she had cheated on him and was a terrible mother.

In the scathing blog entry, Barker claimed that on a typical day, he would get up with his children at around 5:30 a.m. Moakler, on the other hand, stayed in bed until around 2 p.m. and was frequently out late partying, said Barker. He added that the couple’s kids often referred to their nanny as “Mommy.” Barker also claimed that Moakler had neglected to mention that she would be competing on the third season of Dancing with the Stars or that she had a MySpace page. “I was informed by our realtor that Shanna was doing Dancing with the Stars? Why wouldn’t she tell me, right?” he wrote. “A MySpace account? Where she posts pix of our kids and her and I half naked? Weird?” However, Barker’s true breaking point came when he discovered condoms in their home, according to his posting. “We don’t use condoms ever,” he wrote, insinuating that his wife had been unfaithful, a claim he also made to the New York Post. “I’m sad to say those allegations [of infidelity] are true,” Barker told the paper via a rep. “My priority will remain my children.” Moakler responded to Barker’s accusations through her publicist. “I have been 100 percent faithful in my marriage and a devoted mother, two facts of which Travis is well aware. I still happen to be very much in love with Travis, and his using the media to take low blows at me isn’t just embarrassing, it’s hurtful. “I feel he should be putting his family first instead of his pride.” She also lashed out at Barker’s MySpace posting, calling it “far-fetched” and claiming she was concerned for his sanity. “If that MySpace site was truly created by Travis, then I’m seriously concerned for his mental well being,” Moakler told on Tuesday. “The picture he paints is so far-fetched that I can’t believe this is his reality. If it is, then I’m truly concerned for him. Perhaps the lifestyle he leads is taking its toll on him. For the sake of our children, I hope that he seeks professional help.” Rather than responding in kind, Barker apparently chose to remove his rant from his MySpace page Tuesday without further comment or explanation.

It’s about time we had a serious break up. All these amicable separations are so boring. When you split up with somebody you shouldn’t just smile and say you’re still friends and wish the other well. You should question your partner’s sanity and make wild accusations of infidelity. Hopefully before this thing is over one of them will have driven their car through the house in an effort to run the other over.