Oh, Good, Another Transformers Movie. Wonderful.

Before Donald Trump managed to already bring us to the brink of war with China not even a month into being the president-elect, it was stupid easy for Hollywood to churn out nonsensical blockbusters that made buttloads of money overseas even if they were a turd fire to sit through. That’s how we ended up with a Batman/Superman movie where they’re both giant assholes who cry if you say their mom’s name and Lex Luthor pees in jars. It was ridiculous. So here’s the Transformers: The Last Knight trailer, which if it doesn’t make it to China, will end Michael Bay’s career entirely, so maybe this whole Trump presidency isn’t bad so after all. We’ll have radioactive tails and elongated ears that can predict the future, but no more Mike Bay movies. I can make peace with that.

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Photo: YouTube/Paramount