Transformers’ Isabela Moner Doesn’t Care If Her Phone Gets Wet

To be fair, Isabela Moner is being pretty reckless with that iPhone so close to the water. Maybe it has a waterproof case or maybe she’s aware her bank account is about to hit a googolplex after all that Transformers: The Last Knight money starts rolling in.

In case you haven’t heard, the new Transformers is being panned as the biggest heap of shit Michael Bay has produced since… the last Transformers movie. I haven’t seen it yet, but if I get drunk enough this weekend I’ll probably check it out. If not just to see Mark Whalburger put his mustardy paws all over Isabela here, it’s to see Sir Anthony Hopkins send subliminal cries for help.

“It’s a film where nobody bats an eyelid at an alien robot t-rex, but if you believe in the possibility of magic well then you’re obviously a crazy person. Perhaps worst of all, it’s a film that has Sir Anthony Hopkins deliver the line “what a bitchin’ car she is!” -ConcretePlayground