Trailer For Trailer Of The New Trailer For ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Trailer

Posted by Photo Boy

Marvel knows we’d hand over a kidney in exchange for a ticket to Avengers 26: Alien Gods Destroy Paris This Time and it’s now apparent they’re desensitized to any happiness that can be bought with money. Oh you want a new trailer? Fuck you, you’re watching this shit first. They hunger only for power now. Bending us to their every whim is worth more than any half billion dollar worldwide gross ever will again. So, I guess if I’m using this analogy then Thor: The Dark World was them getting their balls whipped with a leather strap. What? Rich guys do that shit when they want to feel powerless for once. Ant-Mans a ball-gag, alligator clamps, and a car battery. I’m calling it right now.

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