Tracy Morgan Joked About Retards Now, We Should Lynch Him

June 29th, 2011 // 65 Comments

After jumping through way too many sequin hoops to pacify GLAAD after making a joke in a comedy club about stabbing his son in the face if he was gay, Tracy Morgan‘s standup routines are apparently going to be tediously policed for controversy so every special interest group gets a chance to make him show up at one of their events because that’s how we handle comedy in this post-Michael Richards hellscape we now live in. The New York Times reports:

During two hourlong sets on Saturday, Mr. Morgan did not repeat the bit that had gotten him in trouble, though his mind certainly went anywhere else that allowed him to imitate a bedroom or bathroom noise. He also made obviously facetious claims, saying he had been the assassin of Osama bin Laden, and variously describing himself as single, in a relationship, married and divorced. (He’s engaged with three sons from a previous marriage.)
Then, just before midnight, Mr. Morgan said he had something going through his mind “that I can’t share with y’all.” Though the audience goaded him to continue, Mr. Morgan said, “I can’t. I just got out of controversy, man. This is diabolical.”
After another brief flirtation with a woman in the crowd, Mr. Morgan turned sincere. “I love you all so much,” he said, “did I tell you that tonight? I’ve been in trouble lately, and this was big for me that you all came out.”
Whatever he had been accused of, Mr. Morgan said, “I don’t have that in me. I believe gay, straight, anybody, everybody’s supposed to be happy in this world, man.”
Resuming his routine, Mr. Morgan warned his audience, “Don’t ever mess with women who have retarded kids.” As groans and cries of “Uh-oh” were heard, he continued, “Them young retarded males is strong. They’re strong like chimps.”
Finally, he concluded with a bit about his alleged teenage romance with a girl he described as “a cripple” with a prosthetic arm, a mechanical larynx and a portable dialysis machine.

He facetiously claimed to have shot Bin Laden?! Heavens to Betsy! Alert the Veterans Administration while I fire up the Sensitivity Chamber. But, seriously, Louis CK tackled the issue of how fucking asinine it is to disseminate comedy routines in an interview with Slate during Stab-In-The-Head-Gate, so I’m going to defer this entire commentary to him because A. he’s funnier than me, and B. I’m still adjusting to a world where nothing short of angel rape fazes me anymore. (Yup, we’re still on that.)

“There’s a lot of times when I let myself channel bad ideas as a way to do comedy. I think it’s something that’s a healthy thing to do, honestly. And I think the person who really fucked people up and hurt people with Tracy’s words was whoever took it out of that Nashville club and put it on the national stage—whoever called Huffington Post or whoever started this shit, and said, “Guess what Tracy Morgan said,” and announced it to the rest of the world. He wasn’t trying to say it to the rest of the world. So when I read stuff like, How are gay people going to feel when they read this? Well they didn’t have to read it! They weren’t part of that show. Maybe there were gay people there who were laughing. You don’t fucking know. Nobody gets to say that they represent anybody and they’re offended on behalf of the whole world.

You can see this shit really bothers me. I didn’t carefully inspect what he said. I heard some of it, and it made me laugh. I didn’t get the context, but I have to defend it, because if I was in his role, if I was in his situation, which I might be someday—which I already am for having said something on his behalf—I would want someone to step forward and say something. This is a freedom that I live off of. I think, whatever, if Tracy made a mistake, he certainly didn’t deserve all of this. And I don’t know him well, but he’s a good guy. So I’m using that judgment, of just, hey, I met him and he’s a good guy. And I get a sense of him as a father, and there’s no way he would stab his kid.

It’s a dumb thing to take at face value. You’d have to be a moron. And if you do, you are not allowed to laugh at any more jokes. You are not allowed to laugh at any jokes that have any violence or negative feelings attached to them, ironically or otherwise. I think there’s a lot of hypocrisy in that. If anybody thinks that what he said is true and there’s no comedy in it, don’t come to my shows. I’ve said to many audiences that I think you shouldn’t rape someone unless you have a good reason, like you want to fuck them and they won’t let you. That’s worse than what he said! And I didn’t wink and say, just kidding. I just said it.”

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  1. That Guy

    50-100+ comments coming up in 3, 2,1……..

  2. hate to say it but he’s right on the money about claiming outrage on behalf of an entire demographic. no one speaks for all black men. no one speaks for all gays. no one speaks for all mongoloids or spastics. everyone needs to lighten up about words. haven’t we grown up since lenny bruce yet?

  3. Blumpkin

    Who fucking cares what he says about anything? Hes allowed to say whatever he wants without regret. If you dont like it, dont watch him or pay for tickets to go see him.

    When did we become so god damned pussified that we cry about everything someone says that we dont agree with or find funny?

    BTW, hes right…look at the first posters comments, retarded and gay as usual.

    • heywouldu

      Just like Craig Ferguson said-you can’t discriminate against a person-be they be they-gay,straight,or bi-cuspid.

  4. Rancid

    There are no sacred cows in comedy. Zero. Zilch. And if anybody starts squawking they should get the horns. Otherwise, we’re doomed.

    • well.. timing’s important tho. if you on 9/11 make jokes about dead rescue workers, consider it at your own peril.. jokes about fucking kids too..
      consider some things just a little sacrosanct. it’s a sign of ignorance if you can’t come up with anything else but shock

      • ball gag

        Good point, silver spoon…funny how mohammed is the only true sacred cow…NO ONE has the balls to do what you just suggested.

      • XFX

        Can’t blame people for valuing their lives… But it does annoy me when people (e.g. Fish) constantly bang on Christians for being intolerant, bigoted, etc. when all they really do is protest and try to pass laws, meaning they mostly use democratic tools.

        Sure, every now and then, some idiot assaults a doctor outside of an abortion clinic, but that’s about it. In Muslim countries or pretty much anywhere you can find many Muslims, “blasphemy” will get you killed.

    • silver spoon

      Yes, but it takes balls to kick up at people with power – maybe a monologue on the relative physical strength of the Prophet Mohammed next time? Whilst touring the Middle East. Picking on the disabled is just lazy-ass shooting fish in a barrel.

    • Jokes about fucking kids are a long way from sacrosanct, the classic “Aristocrats” joke is a prime example…and where’s the controversy about that one?

      The thing is there are people, groups, who are literally LOOKING for something to be upset or offended by so they can get attention for themselves. You’ve got the usual race pimps standing watch for anything they can be racially outraged by, there’s gay groups that are lying in wait for any subtle gay offense to lose their nut over, and the list goes on and on.

      It’s difficult for me to take people seriously who have a reaction exponentially out of proportion with the offense. Is it offensive to gay people to make a poor taste joke about stabbing ones gay son…sure. Is it reasonable to drag a shock comedian through the wringer for making a poor taste joke…no it’s not.

      • General Disarray

        I have to agree with McFeely here. Most people are miserable d-bags looking to be pissed at the world because they’re not receiving the attention they feel they’re due. He may be insensitive but he’s a comedian and people need to grow some thicker skin. Really, people have become way too cranky and bitter.

    • Rancid


      It’s perfectly fine to debate whether or not a joke is “funny”. Richards didn’t have any punchlines, it was just a stupid, coke-fueled rant. I would never defend the integrity of his set.

      I have a problem with people being forced to apologize. The shame should only be for a joke bombing – NOT for offending people.

  5. jimbo

    a comedian said something offensive? stop the presses!

  6. carlos

    Seriously. who wants to live in a country where there’s no free speech? That’s what makes this place great. You have every right to also say Tracey Morgan sucks and is not funny. Stop being such whiners, demanding people apologize to you. Fuck off.

    • JC

      Doesn’t the same freedom of speech that Tracy Morgan enjoys also allow people to express the opinion that they were offended by what he said? I don’t care if he apologizes or not–I dont’ care about him at all–but if he has the freedom to talk about retards, retarded people and their caretakers have the freedom to be offended and say so.

  7. milkawhat

    the bit about the crippled girl and the portable dialysis machine has been in his act for a while.

    also the joke that retarded people are strong as chimps was said by daniel tosh. “That’s why if you ever see a retarded chimp, you run the other way. Those things are borderline super heroes.”

  8. Linxx

    people do know what happens at comedy clubs right?

  9. Tracy Morgan
    Commented on this photo:

    Why you didn’t use photo #5 as the main image for this story is beyond me.

  10. George Carlin

    The retarded kid joke was stolen. I know Daniel Tosh had his take on it but I swear that I have heard it long before him as well.

  11. Richard McBeef

    I used to have to draw blood on retards. TM speaks the truth. Them sons a bitch’s are super strong. It would take full size dudes just to control a single a limb. Typical blood draw on a retard took 5 people.

  12. g-moonie

    The entire audience must have been offended then, because I’m pretty sure you have to be retarded to attend ANYTHING by Tracy Morgan.

  13. Cock Dr

    This is supposed to be funny? From what I’ve read about this guy he just spouts off stupid stuff. People who pay good money to see his “comedy” routine must be suckers.
    Maybe it’s better if you’re really, really drunk.

    • tell you what, most comics suck ass (torpedo of truth, cough cough). saw one dude recently tho, jim gaffigan (sp?), an hour long set so good it felt like two. and i don’t think he swore once or insulted anyone.

  14. Deacon Jones

    Who gives a fuck?

    With all the shit going on in the world, who has the time to be such an tight ass and get worked up over this shit?

    Louis CK is the man. Anyone know when his show is starting back up? I saw him on Stewart last night but he mumbled the promo at the end.

    • Godisapenguin

      It started last week. It’s on Thursday night but since it’s on FX they probably re-air that shit 25 times all week. Last weeks was hilarious as usual.

  15. oy

    It’s not against the law to say what he said (in the context of where he was saying it) and I don’t think anyone is going to try to jail or fine him (they’d have no case anyway) but if people want to protest him or vilify him that’s their right too.

    I think he’s just doing it for ratings because his game is up.


  16. The Most Interesting

    You know who’s really strong? Gay retards.

  17. Racer X

    SO WHAT.

    /people should be angry at bankers, politicians, pedophile preist, etc. instead of a comedian.

  18. rican

    All you “moral equivalence” bleeding heart progressive libs have to lighten up. It may be lame, but it is comedy and some people like it. If you don’t like it don’t pay attention to it. Soon enough comedy will have to be about abstract stuff so as not to offend anyone or anything.

  19. silver spoon

    No, we should lynch him because he’s black.

  20. Hnmmmm....

    Doesn’t anyone see the irony in a black comedian referring to retards as chimps?

    If that doesn’t say “racism is mostly over” I don’t know what will….maybe a black president?


    • Racism isn’t over. it’s alive and well, the difference is now racism isn’t acceptable in society so people keep their Racial bias’ to themselves or whisper their racial thoughts to one another in private for fear of being publically chastized for what they REALLY FEEL. Don’t kid yourself in thinking Racism is gone. I agree there is a porion of society where there are fewer racists but there are a whole lot who still are. Many of those who don’t see judge a race by color anymore are prejudiced against Arabs, East indians, and Asians. The type of discrimination has shifted focus from race to religion (ie. Muslims, Sikh, Jews etc). There is also a growing number of reverse racists from ethnicities who were traditionally discriminated against. The black seperatist movements, the Latin Kings, Bloods & Crips won’t accept people who aren’t of their ‘kind’.

    • you do know “chimps” are a real thing right…not some racist invention.

      • Fox all the way

        Are you asking me if I know which came first? The chimp or the negro? Or are you asking me if I know a negro is not a chimp?

        I’d say “idk” on the first and “yes” on the second. I hope that helps.

        I’m assuming racists call negro’s “chimps” due to the big ears/mouth thing and various other stereotypes….but I’m not an expert…maybe someone from the KKK can let us know.

      • TomFrank

        “Negro”? What year is this?

      • The Listener

        In the USA, racists sometimes use words like ‘ape, gorilla, chimpanzee, or monkey’ as a racist slur referring to black people.

  21. What I’m most confused by is how those statements were even remotely offensive? Granted the quote is just an except, so maybe somewhere else in the routine he makes jabs at their intelligence, quality of life, etc… but that seems to missing from the citation. So what’s offensive? The word retard? That’s like midgets claiming it’s derogatory to be referred to as such and expecting the everyone to start calling them dwarves. Getthefuckouttahere.

  22. Special interest groups and bleeding heart libtards. If there is TRUE freedom of speech, which there isn’t, then these comments shouldn’t be news. If people are offended by the remarks of Tracey Morgan then they shouldn’t listen to his comedy. I don’t find the guy funny at all, but I also think he’s being skewered for a non-issue. “Ohhhhh what a bad man! He’s making fun of Gay people and the mentally disabled!” Big deal. As the old saying goes, ‘If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

    People are WAY too sensative. Comedians make fun of EVERYTHING but namely they make fun of THEMSELVES. I saw a disabled comedian making fun of his disability, so that’s ok, but a healthy person can’t make fun of the disabled? C’mon now. That’s ludicrous! Get a thicker skin people. What’s next? Can’t make fun of ethnicities? Ooops, guess we can’t do that unless we are part of that ethnicity too. I’m not talking about racial slurs, as there are slurs which are quite unacceptable in society, but I’m talking about certain stereotypes which are humerous and not intended to be in a malicious manner. Like Asians can’t drive, Black men have Giant Penis’, and White people from the Southern US are Rednecks. What’s next? Civil Libertards Union taking comedians to court for being ‘mean’???

  23. Your mom got $15 for sucking dicks at the Greyhound station glory hole.

  24. DC

    I saw a Tracy Morgan show in person a little over 4 years ago and he was doing this same bit about having sex with “crippled girl” — it’s not like this is new material. He’s just getting residual flack from on overly sensitive online blogging community (composed largely of gays, retards and cripples) who happen to be having a slow news month and run with bullshit stories like this.

    Fish – what’s your personal breakdown of gay to retard to cripple? I’m guessing 50-10-40.

    • Knippy

      I’m a cripple and I’m not offended by the joke. We aren’t all sensitive pricks, there are some out there, but what can you do? The ones who are outraged certainly don’t speak for me.

  25. Comedians should have the right to say whatever the hell they want and be able to ‘test’ out their jokes, even if they’re offensive and bomb, w/o repercussion. Even the best comedian doesn’t get it right the 1st time and should be given more leeway. I don’t like the alternative where everything is banned and we have to live in a Big Brother world where everything is scrutinized and dissected for offensive material.
    On the other hand, I feel like sorry excuses for comedians abuse this right and use Free Speech to spew out whatever BS they feel like and then call it ‘comedy’. I think it’s taking the easy way out when you say an offensive statement, throw the word ‘Fuck’ in, and call it a day, w/o there being any actual ‘joke’. It’s pure laziness and devoid of any creativity or intelligence and that’s what actually offends me the most.
    I think Tracy Morgan falls under that category. I think he is untalented and yeah, I still think he was coming from some place of honesty when he said the ‘stabbing the n*gga in the head’ line. However, he has the right to be unfunny. We have the right to not support him too. I think the best ‘punishment’ for someone not funny is awkward silence, not making a press fiasco out if it.

  26. precedent

    from the president!

    “It’s like — it was like Special Olympics, or something,” referring to his bowling.
    If it’s no biggie for the leader of the free world, then who gives a shit if a comedian says it?

    • Fox all the way

      Cause the President is divinely inspired & elected! Jesus loves it when we make fun of retards.


  27. Dude’s not even funny. The real retards are the ones in the audience, who paid money to see him.

  28. Mandy

    I don’t understand why he would do this, after all the backlash he got from the anti-gay comments he made a little while ago. It looks like he just enjoys the attention. It’s weird how people get SO upset about him saying these things, but no one cares that Daniel Tosh is a million times more offensive. Maybe the different is that Tosh is actually funny and says those things for jokes – while Morgan seems to just say them for attention.

  29. Hugh Jazz

    You should not lynch black people. I’m just saying.

  30. Tracy will never win. After the whole gay incident he had to be careful until it blew over completely. People still remember the ay remarks so he has to be careful next time.

  31. Artofwar

    ….To all you retarded, crippled , p.h..g.g.o.t.s– lighten the f#ck-up!!!

    It is getting to a point where no one will be able to open his or her mouth unless speaking baby language– goo -goo-ga-ga.

    The Nazi Word Police are in full effect, and just like the Nazi they all must be exterminated.

    America is raising a full crop of soft, sensitive, tearful p.h.u..z.z.i.e.s. Let us all hope America never again has to fight a real war such as World War II—fore the enemy would not need firearms, bombs, or tanks. The only weapons the enemy would ever need are bull-horns and some insulting words–end of war.

    The blame should be placed squarely on the backs of women and gays, who seem hell-bent on their mission to emasculate young boys, whom inevitably will grow into soft men.

    So once again, you retarded, crippled, p.h..g.g.o.t.s lighten the f#ck-up!!!

    And if I have said anything that may cause any of you to want to commit suicide, please do, please let Darwinism take its course…..Artofwar

  32. tlmck

    Everybody keeps saying Tracy Morgan is a comic. I have yet to see any evidence of that. None of the current crop of black comics are even fit to lick the shoes of the late, great Richard Pryor. In other words, if you are not up to that level, find a new line of work.

    • YoMama

      have you ever watched/ heard a richard prior stand up routine, his work is definitely inflated. Cosby had much better material.

  33. Blech

    Until he’s forced to find a real job, Tracy Morgan can go ahead and discuss cows and bees in his routines in my opinion. I just have zero interest in this guy and his “career”. He’s just not fucking funny, in the way that Kanye West is not a non-dick.

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