Tracy Morgan On Sarah Palin

January 28th, 2011 // 70 Comments

“As long as she got them six diff’rent kinds of cheeses…”

Tracy Morgan appeared on TNT’s Inside the NBA last night where Charles Barkley thought it’d be a great idea to ask him what he thought about Sarah Palin which prompted the following response. On live television:

“Let me tell you something about Sarah Palin, man, she’s good masturbation material. Glasses and all that. Great masturbation material.”

TNT has since apologized for Tracy’s remarks even though they should apologize for Ernie Johnson who killed the joke dead by acting like it didn’t just happen. And I’m not saying that ’cause he’s white. I’m saying it because everyone else was black and therefore stereotypically hilarious. Race has nothing to do with it.

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  1. Deacon Jones

    Sarah Palin fucks black people.

    • babooda

      Sarah Palin fucks grizzly bears! Rememer , she calls herself, “Momma Grizzly” . So, it follows that she fucks grizzly bears. I don’t believe I have every read of her calling herself, “Momma Black People”.
      So, I am not sure that your comment is true. Of course, if you have first hand knowledge, I would believe your comment to be true.

  2. That Guy

    Sarah Palin Reply: “You Betcha!”

  3. zilly


  4. GravyLeg

    Tracy Morgan is boring and unfunny. How doe she still get work?

  5. Maplewood

    I wonder if that’s going to make things awkward when he shows up to “30 Rock” and runs into his boss, Tina Fey.

  6. Not if I rough you first

    I was about to eulogize this dude…

  7. I guess the truth hurts and people get all pissed off when you speak it. Tracy Morgan is the most recent example.

    • This is Truth

      Tracy Morgan is an idiot who says whatever is on his mind. I don’t like Sarah Palin, but I refuse to butt-shark him for no reason, like you do.

      If you think that he speaks “the truth,” you’re probably an idiot, too.

      • I don’t hear everything this man says. But from this statement the worst you can say about him is that he is a broken clock. And the only useful thing Sarah palin is , is for good spanking material. ok there are lots of other people more qualified for good spanking material. And if you can’t stand it then you are an idiot.

      • You got to be kidding? How many porn films have they made with a look alike Sarah Palin pandering to guys who dream of fucking this MILF or Tina Fey. I bet you a case of beer that the majority who would vote for Sarah Pallin are White males,30+, who would love to go hunting with her and then fuck her brains out with her Glasses on. Yeah I really see her getting the minority , gay or female vote if she runs as a politician….

      • Above comment was directed at”Lightdragon.”

      • Sorry @ This is Truth…..4.11am here plus drunk

  8. California Red

    we get the government we deserve. What other politician would get this type of treatment? Did people act this way towards Hillary Clinton or Geraldine Ferraro? Why aren’t the liberal feminist advocates speaking out against this mysogny?

    If you disagree with someone’s views on government and politics, then raise substantive arguments to counter. But our country needs to get away from ad hominem personal attacks.

    Sarah Palin never did anything to anybody except run for Vice President. Why is that so threatening or scary to people. She lost. Stop the H8.

    • Inmate 12236969

      Because when far left liberals have no facts [usually they don't] they attack someone personally.

      • Lady Blah Blah

        Good point, Inmate. Because right wingers (like Palin, Coulter, Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reilly, and Beck) usually have the facts and never substitute ad hominem attacks for facts.

    • Hey dude, you should tell Sarah Palin the same thing. She always runs her mouth preaching hate and saying false information which isn’t true. She should shut up and study up on her politics and current events. The election should of have humble her, but she still goes on tv and other media outlets because she is a fame whore just like these other reality stars. Repubs, Dems, and Indep can’t stand her. We would like to unite this country instead of dividing it. Take advise from barbara bush and go back to alaska.

    • LJ

      Sarah Palin was a beauty queen in the 1980′s in Alaska. She won Miss Wasilla in 1984, and was in the Miss Alaska Pageant in 1984 trying to get to the Miss America Pageant.

      Video of her in the swimsuit competitio­n:

    • inbred

      Because, you idiot conservative pig, she is unqualified for the job. She quit her job as governor and can’t answer an intelligent question. It would be like Paul Reubens trying out for Peyton Manning’s job.

      • Cardinal Fang

        OR like Barack Obama acting like he can be a good president.

      • Deacon Jones

        Hey, even my DOG knows that Africa isn’t a country.

        Give me a fucking break people. I wouldnt trust her pumping my gas, let alone with the power to launch nuclear missiles.

      • BarneyFrank

        Yea you go ass monkey. Conservative pigs woo wee what a great thing to say like its all Che Guevara and shit. Btw where did you get your qualifications to be pontificating blowoff douche bag?

    • Reddy

      I love how whenever someone says something inappropriate about Sarah Palin — or anything negative, frankly — someone has to defend her by invoking Hillary Clinton’s name. Do you people not remember how she was treated — and still is? No, she wasn’t called “masturbatory material,” which is wrong and I don’t know any “liberal feminist advocates” who would defend it. But Hillary Clinton was called a man. She was put down for not being a “pitbull wearing lipstick,” just plain called a dog — more accurately a bitch.

      I’m with you that our country needs to get away from personal attacks, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call Ms. Palin innocent in this. She did more than run for Vice President; in doing so she made it perfectly clear that she thinks people who don’t think like her are un-American. She’s used inflammatory rhetoric about people like me, but refused to do it to our faces, hiding behind Fox News as her mouthpiece.

      • BarneyFrank

        So she deserves to burn right? She has an opinion that diverges from you and your ilk and she gets what she deserves. After all making fun of her retarded child is ok because she is conservative. How very Goebbels of you.

    • hmna

      Just curious if you’ve heard of Citizens United Not Timid, and what they had to say about Hillary Clinton.

      Though their website seems to be down.

    • Cardinal Fang

      Well said Red.

    • It had to be said

      I jerked it to Hillary at least twice a day when Bill was running for President. So, you know, there’s that.

  9. Lisa

    You liberals are annoying.

  10. Clueless

    I was hoping for porn.

  11. Roman

    sexual jokes about any politician (right, left, green, or anarchist) are always welcome! :-)

  12. conservative=cretin

    Tracy is a guy who claimed he bought a glass table so he could lay under it while his wife took a shit on top of it. If that turns him on it’s not surprising that he thinks a shit-for-brains Wasilla hillbilly is hot.

  13. Palin's Taint

    Conservative chicks=hot

    Liberal chick=not

  14. Liberal=brainless

    So you’re one of the idiots who voted for our token president. Tell me how she is not qualified and how Osama..I mean Obama was?

    • conservative=cretin

      You really are a moron if you think Obama is liberal. He continued all the Bush policies. If you consider yourself a conservative you should be sucking his dick when you’re not working to get him reelected. Oh, you are already? Never mind.

      • dude!

        Osama Obama is worse than just a liberal. He is an idiot socialist.

      • Inmate 12236969

        @conservative=cuntin Wrong the first thing Obama did was to restart funding for abortion overseas.

        I never seen conservative talking heads go after liberal politicians kids they way those brainless liberal fucks going after Sarah Palin’s kids. The oldest kid yeah she out in the public eye but not the other kids.

    • Burt

      She doesn’t know the difference between North and South Korea, she thinks the Soviets won the space race, she can’t tell when she’s being punked by French-Canadian radio hosts,…

  15. Glenn Hannity

    We at Fox have many times dreamed of glazing her glasses.

  16. Yeezy's Son

    Why do you guys always get into political debates whenever Sarah’s name is brought up? This has nothing to do with Liberals and Conservatives, Democrats and Republicans. Sarah Palin is a hot MILF. Tracy Morgan is a dumb-ass comedian with no filter. Put them together and you’ll get a stupid, insensitive, hilarious comment. Thats it. This is Save the political jargon for 2012.

  17. jojo

    I think a bus load of brothers should run a train on her ass.

  18. Tracy Morgan
    Commented on this photo:

    So basically he jacks off to Tina Fey.

  19. Lady Blah Blah

    Your father’s brother is your _ _ _ _ _.

    In Space Oddity, David Bowie sings, “Ground control to Major _ _ _.”

  20. aristotrash

    TNT apologizes … or TGS?

  21. See Alice

    What the F is a Tracey Morgan ? Did he finish sixth grade ?

  22. Tracy Morgan
    Jeff in St Louis
    Commented on this photo:

    Could you imagine if someone said this about a hot liberal woman… nevermind I see how ridiculous my argument is.

  23. Jay

    Morgan plays the doofus loser in the movies–most of which tank. I guess he’s really just playing himself. He might want to go buy some class before someone taps his ass for shooting off his mouth about their old lady. Numbnutz.

  24. Swan

    Come on, it’s fucking funny and true. Why is everyone getting so pissed off about it?

  25. Jim

    I agree with Tracy, this bitch is hot

  26. wim


  27. coolio

    true dat

  28. Banquo

    First funny thing that dude has EVER said.
    When you’re so crappy you can kill a Bruce Willis Movie, you know you suck.

  29. JN

    Why are white people so insecure? As soon as any situation comes up involving a black person you have to bring race into the mix. Had Charlie Sheen or Carrot Top said the same thing, I doubt we’d be hearing about their whiteness or any stereotypes. That’s the problem with you so-called non-racists (who have friends of other races/cultures), you see color not people, so you’re as bad as the rest.

  30. mightycheese

    Hey Hey hey everybody, now Tracy shouldn’t be silenced, there are some good boys out there fighting for his right to speak his mind. He wasn’t telling everyone or anyone to masturbate, he was expressing how Mrs. Palin was good masturbatory material for him. He does not condone fondling oneself while “reading” America by Heart, not even the photo of her wearing jogging shorts. Censoring Mr. Morgan would only be disrespecting the sacrifice our brave young men and women make to secure our freedoms. YOU BETCHA! ;-)

  31. Sheik Yerbouti

    I love Tracy, but Sarah Palin is only good masturbation material if you think Peggy Hill is good masturbation material. That being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tracy googles himself to episodes of “King of the Hill.”

  32. Titus Pussee

    Palin is the “fanstasy” of limp-dicked, 30 something and up, white men who still have desires for the “home ec” teacher. She’s attractive, but there are better women to jack too, and some are older. She can’t fuck wit Raquel Welch for the “jerkin”.

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