Tracy Morgan’s Emmy Appearance Almost Got Ruined By Paula Deen

Where would we have been without this? Lost. Lost and never to be found.

Tracy Morgan made a surprise appearance at the Emmys Sunday night, but you wouldn’t know it because I only posted about Peter Dinklage’s man bun and Christina Hendricks’ breasts, and I am the gatekeeper who shapes this reality and the next. Except that surprise was almost ruined by Paula Deen, which is hilarious if you know anything about Paula Deen, but mostly the stuff about black people. E! News reports:

He took a private plan from New Jersey to Los Angeles on Saturday night to avoid any sightings, and only a select few people were made aware of the surprise. Fox execs didn’t even find out there would be a surprise at all until the day-before rehearsal.
However, all the meticulous sneaking around almost became irrelevant when the comedian ran into Deen the morning of the awards show. Morgan was heading to Sunday brunch when he saw the TV chef in the lobby of the Four Seasons hotel in Los Angeles. She was adamant about snapping a photo for Twitter, but fortunately, publicists were able to quickly intervene before she could actually post anything.

“Look! A Negro! Fetch me it for the Twitterin’, sugah, and don’t be afraid to tackle it. Their kind is spry and quick to light.” – How that happened

Deen also chatted a bit about the run-in after the season 21 DWTS elimination episode on Tuesday night.
After dishing on the show, her excitement over not being eliminated and staying healthy through the next part of the competition, she told E! News that she was also super excited to see Morgan after his accident.
“I was so happy to run into Tracy. He is another sweet man. And I can tell, knowing him before the accident, that is has put him in a very humble position,” she said. “He values his life and his wife’s life and his daughter’s life so much. It was just wonderful to see that he is doing so well.”

And, now, how that happened:

“Great job, y’all. Now, which one was that? Bill Cosby? Such a sweet man.”
“It’s Tracy Morgan, Mrs. Deen.”
“Oh, dear. You’re going to make me study lots of papers and pretend that colored boy and I have been long-time friends, aren’t you?”
“We’re printing them out in your hotel room as we speak.”

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