Tracy Morgan Is Worried About Alec Baldwin

April 16th, 2014 // 7 Comments
Wait. I Thought You Quit.
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Alec Baldwin is mostly known for his one-man war against the cocksucking Illuminati more than anything else these days which has his 30 Rock co-star Tracy Morgan concerned and/or mainly enjoying the chance to go, “Oh, shit, and you were telling me how to live my life?” Via The New York Times:

Alec Baldwin, your former “30 Rock” co-star, has gotten into some hot water in recent months. He was concerned about the structure of my life, and now I’m concerned about the structure of his life. He’s getting fired from TV shows. He had about six fights since we left “30 Rock,” you know. I’m worried about him. I mellowed out, my daughter mellowed me out, and I don’t get mad at anyone.
Do you have any advice for him? Chill out, raise your family and enjoy your wife and your daughter. The paparazzi do what they do, man. They have a job, too.

When reached for comment, Alec Baldwin dictated a 13,000 word essay in which he used the words “cocksucking crackhead from Niggertown” who’s in “need of a lashing” before referencing his years of work with the NAACP and that time he met a tranny in Hawaii, so everything he just said is on the level and how dare you insinuate he’s not the Christ-child of the liberal cause? He’ll rip your faggot head off.

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  1. Tonethius

    How fucked up do you have to be for Tracy Morgan to be worried about you?

  2. JC

    Fish, you know Alec’s actually going to write that essay, don’t you? Except it will be closer to 20,000 words.

  3. Alec a hot mess if Tracy is worried about him.

  4. Hilaria Baldwin Nipple Slip Wardrobe Malfunction Yoga Poses
    Commented on this photo:

    so she leaves her kid alone and performs a circus act?
    wtf these freaks

  5. ‘The paparazzi do what they do, man. They have a job, too.’

    It’s actually pretty cool for him to admit that, rather than the regular celebrity bitch-fest about them.

  6. That’s weird. Where are all the apologetic comments from the douchebags who insist Fish only targets conservatives and never criticizes Alec Baldwin? I was certain they’d be here.

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