Tori Spelling’s husband pissed she backed out of 90210 remake

August 21st, 2008 // 48 Comments

Tori Spelling’s husband Dean McDermott is pissed she dropped out of the 90210 remake after she learned she’d be making 10 grand an episode less than Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty. Dean was hoping to score himself a gig despite the fact a trained chimp could tell you this show won’t make it past October. Back me up, Coco. Or shove a banana in the printer; that works too. Star reports:

Tori told Dean that she wasn’t going to accept less money than her costars, Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth, “especially when it was her father who created the original show,” says a source close to Dean. “He told her that they should have worked something out before she made an abrupt decision because now he can’t even be on the show!”

If your only chance of finding acting work is mooching off your wife’s participation in a shitty remake of a shitty 90′s show, it’s time to look for a new career. Now, I don’t want to get your hopes up, Dean, but I hear after a week at Starbucks they let you use the Frappucino maker. We truly do live in the land of opportunity.

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  1. surlywench

    I’d like to see her jaw and heidi montag’s jaw fight each other.

  2. charmagne


  3. charmagne


  4. Alex

    Probably FALSE.
    By the way, it’s not 10000 less, she’d be making 10k-20k as opposed to Shannen and Jennie’s 35k-50k.

  5. MosesGabby

    Great tits but husband looks like a real douche

  6. joeyjoejoeshabadoo

    Could have at least dressed himself in a clean T-shirt

  7. Natalie

    Tori Spelling is a beast. Grossest celebrity ever!!

  8. morga

    She’d be OK after a face transplant.

  9. a reader

    oh no! La niña se ofendio por que en el show de su papi no le pagan igual que a sus compañeritas, como buena actriz tiene que hacer berrinche y su esposo que es tan solidario se ha unido a la causa.

  10. fat fucking cow

    shes so fat and ugly…

  11. Barbie

    His tiny feet and her giant jaw are not a winning combination.

  12. Hanafer

    Wow – that one Jewy face on that girl.

    Not that there is anything wrong with that.

  13. speak english


  14. you pizza-faced losers

    You pizza-faced losers would be lucky to date a blowup doll much less a real woman

  15. Brooke

    …she’s a midget?

  16. Deacon Jones

    Ahhh… typical Jew – never happy, always complain

  17. bakinmycake

    Do the words uselss waste of human flesh serve notice to Tori that perhaps her best bet is to make up with her step mom and wait for her to pass and reap the rewards of her Dad’s sucess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. washington

    I’d fuck her and spend her money.

  19. Vince Lombardi

    Perhaps someone should explain to Mrs. Spelling-Douche that pigtails look good on someone who is FIVE!

  20. Barak Obama

    The only way I would watch that show (again) would be if these three girls got into a carpet munching contest.

  21. Sidney

    First of all I hate this couple. Tori and Dean had sex the first day they met on set for some shitty movie while Dean was married and recently adopted a new baby. You never ever see Dean and Tori with Dean’s 2 children from his first wife. Tori has no talent and certainly cannot act so why should she be surprised that the talented actors get paid more. Tori is a home wrecker and deserves to have no talent, an ugly horse face, and the worst boob job in Hollywood. While channel surfing one day, I caught 1 minute of their reality show. Tori was pregnant at the time watering plants and Dean was video taping her and asking her to show her breasts. How immature, insensitive, and tacky because his two kids from his first marriage would be hurt to see their dad carrying on this way. These two people are heartless and clueless and have no talent and deserve each other. One of these days Dean will cheat on Tori because once a cheater always a cheater.

  22. sevenandaswitchblade

    Well, I guess the “Dane Cook douchebag” look is still going strong.

  23. Ted Mosby

    He must’ve forgotten that her Dad gave her no talent ass the job. Her Dad is not involved in this. He is busy making mushrooms.

  24. shanna

    good lord, just when i think she can’t get any uglier….. she DOES!

    bad bad bad bad bad genes going on here.

    i bet their kids will look like frogs with plastic “ken doll” hair when they’re grown.


  25. they're both douchebags

    If they offered her ANY amount of money, it would be more than she is worth.
    The value of the meals she would eat on set should be more than enough for her minimal contribution. Where are the pictures of her with her whale belly when you need them?

    The shitstain she’s with doesn’t even bathe or wear clean clothes. ‘Nuff said.

    And who really cares about a show that depicts the lives of a group of spoiled over-entitled rich brats whose parents buy them everything they desire? Fuck ‘em!

  26. Rafe

    Umm, “Sidney”, clearly you are you Dean’s first wife…

    Well just thank your lucky stars that you are well rid of that guy because his eyes are waaaay to close together and even if you start dating the town derelict your guy will have a more prestigious job because let’s face it…..being Mr. Tori Spelling is only one step up from being dead.

  27. fucknozzles 90210

    Funny how douchebag extraordinaire’s like this couple seem to find eachother. Hell, they’re made for eachother.

    They combine to make a giant douchebag capable of douching the entire zip code of 90210 for one calendar day. Then they are relieved by Silicone Bag and Spencer for a day.

    For an encore, this ugly couple will copy Spencer & Heidi claiming christianity.

    It’s actually not that fare fetched.

  28. you pizza-faced losers

    Funny how you douchebags keep looking at pictures of people you can’t stand

  29. NY Ted

    Just wonderin’…is Dean up to play “Herman Munster” in the upcoming movie?
    Fuck…he looks like “Frankenstein” with those size 18 club feet of his and his square head! Spittin image if you ask me!

  30. Beckinsale's Saggy Diaper

    #14, and 28 – you pizza-faced losers……… I guess you must be real loser yourself? Monitoring the losers? That you can’t stand.

    Actually Tori is that you?

  31. justifiable

    She’s going to be one of those older women with a body like an oil drum and really scrawny legs. Him? He’ll be carrying her purse, asking for his weekly allowance. Total loser douchebags.




  33. woodhorse

    what is with the Frankestein shoes? Did he borrow them from Tom Cruise?


  34. Rant

    Who would win in a Douche-Off? Heidi Montag, and Spencer Pratt or
    Tori, and Dean?

  35. justifiable

    #34 If first prize is death, I declare it a tie.

  36. LaraCroftsmole

    Does she have hydrocephalus? Her head is HUGE.

  37. studd

    he must really love pork cause she looks like miss piggy

  38. According to IMDB, the original 90210 was created by Darren Star — her daddy just produced it. So the original horseface can go fuck herself. She should take the paycheck someone had enough pity to offer to her. Stupid bitch.

  39. Poor Sidney


    I take it you have no talent in writing?

  40. rough daddy

    yea that guy seems like a leach to me from the begining!

  41. Karma

    #26 & 39

    It sounds like Sidney has compassion for Dean’s first family. It is sad when people are self absorbed like Tori and Dean and they damaged Dean’s first 2 kids emotionally for life.

  42. Jackson Wallace

    Ummm. I had to endure the first 90210, and was utterly horrified it ever existed.
    Tori spelling was gross back then, and I mean gross. Now, she’s just a black hole of hideous. Her husband is clearly a typical hollywood assclown. oh well, I might have to watch this show, just to see how bad it is, and watch the coolkids of the past make total asses of themselves nationally. That should be a redeeming revenge. In fact, if enough people watch it for trainwreck value, they’ll keep it on, and then the stupid bitches on it will get excited and then really rash and burn.
    Are they bringing back the loser males who douche from the show as well?

  43. auzzie

    i’d fuck him & spend her money.

  44. brookie

    hey tori im your biggest fan i always watch tori and dean home sweet hollywood stella and leime are so cute but was wondering could i have you street address because for school my teacher said we could write anyone we wont and i wont to write you i look up to u

  45. brookie

    hey tori im your biggest fan i always watch tori and dean home sweet hollywood stella and leime are so cute but was wondering could i have you street address because for school my teacher said we could write anyone we wont and i wont to write you i look up to u

  46. brookie

    hey tori im your biggest fan i always watch tori and dean home sweet hollywood stella and leime are so cute but was wondering could i have you street address because for school my teacher said we could write anyone we wont and i wont to write you i look up to u

  47. lazy troll


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