Tori Spelling’s cervix dilated, birthlarity ensued

June 9th, 2008 // 89 Comments

Tori Spelling gave birth to a baby girl yesterday. Her name is Stella Doreen McDermott. She’s the second child for Tori and husband Dean McDermott. The couple have a son one-year-old Liam Aaron. People reports:

Stella Doreen McDermott was born at 3:13 p.m. in a Los Angeles hospital via C-section. She weighed 6 lbs., 8 oz. and was 19 3/4 inches long, a rep for Spelling says.

Kudos to Tori for A.) constantly being out in public so I have recent pics (She loves that ice cream.) and B.) not pulling some cheap publicity stunt where you announce the birth and kid’s name separately. Tori was all BAM! Baby popped out and BOOM! Here’s the name. I’m telling you, she freakin’ ninja kicked the whole celeb birthing process. Take note, Angelina Jolie. And you too, Gwen Stefani. I see that belly. Don’t be popping that mucus plug and playing games with me, sister.

The Superficial congratulates Tori and Dean on their bundle of joy. Best wishes.

Photos: Splash News

  1. All the money in the world can’t stop a horse from saying neeeeeeeeeeeiggh…

  2. ph7

    All the money in the world can’t change your ugly genes.

  3. julie

    umm OKAY why the hell are his nails chocolate brown?! do they get their nails done together? lol.

  4. kristen

    Wait one second, forget the baby…..does that dude have on toe nail polish??!! WTF!

  5. cemlaw

    um why are that dude’s toenails polished? And why does Tori look like she a peener in one of those pics??

  6. cemlaw

    we’re all thinking a like today!
    And it is pic 5 that looks like she has a peener.

  7. Mandy

    Oh she’s only famous cause of her dad!!! She’s sooo not worth it!

  8. Jrz

    How big are the child’s breat implants?

  9. Ssrn53

    This is what the country is coming to. Men painting their damn toe nails and displaying them like fags. He probably wears panties. Crazy.

  10. I liked her better when she played the dumb kid on 90210 who had a learning disability… back when they pretended drinking and driving were evils sins…

    Oh fuck you, you used to watch the show too… and 21 Jump Street…

  11. Mandy

    @10, no kidding, but lets be honest here, has she even done anything remotely interresting since? NOPE!! D LISTED!

  12. noneyobeezwax

    christ all fucking mighty, save some ice cream for the starving kids in africa you fucking sow.

  13. I didn’t say she was interesting back then either, though I do remember thinking how charitable it was of Aaron Spelling to let his Down’s Syndrome afflicted daughter act like a real person without drooling on itself, er… I mean herself…

  14. Auntie Kryst

    6 pounds, 8 ounces, really?? Maybe on the moon. Her stomache looks fucking huge.

  15. havoc

    Damn, I could have gone all day without that….

    She’s actually uglier than Sarah Jessica Parker.


  16. Lola

    OMG this “thing” is beyond ugly…. Ugh, look at her face? And her boobs. WOW… And God forgive me for saying this but her son is just as ugly as the both of them and I pray their new bundle of crap doesn’t inherit any looks from either parents… Tori, you need to stop pretending that you’re famous and just get a job working at Walmart to support your trailer trash family

  17. Choocher

    I gotta luv the skin funnel between her lobsided no-fun bags, perfect for holding matzoh balls while McDurnit pounds away.

  18. Forrest Fordutreese

    #16 Lola that’s pretty low making fun of a baby’s looks…Whoa never mind, I take that back…yeesh.

  19. grobpilot

    The word is spelled “dilated”. Leave out that first “a”. Just trying to make you a better wordsmith. You’re welcome.

  20. grobpilot

    Mmm…….mucus plug…..

  21. veggi

    In her current state, she’s hotter and tighter than any chick Jimbo’s had.

  22. @21 How do you know Veggi troll?

  23. Ted from LA

    STELLA!!!! STELLA!!!!!!!!! I could’a been a contender. I could’a been somebody.

  24. Jojack

    “The Superficial congratulates Tori and Dean on their bundle of joy. Best wishes.”

    Huh? Why so warm and fuzzy on this useless non-celeb. Why aren’t you making fun of her? Ohhhhh…their reality show has a giant banner ad at the top of the site.

    That’s disappointing.

  25. General Tao

    The saddest thing is that he actually left a normal looking woman for this lopsided tranny.

  26. English Bob

    She is one ugly bitch, always was and always will be. Who cares if she’s just had a kid ??? My neighbours Aunts best friends daughters workmate just had a kid and you don’t see her getting any publicity. C’mon SFW give us some more pics of Cora Skinner or i’ll send round the boys, know what i mean…..!!?

  27. Melissa

    I absolutely *heart* the name Stella!

  28. Auntie Kryst

    @23 Ted, have you Named a Waterfront Streetcar Desire??

  29. If they were ever to make a sequel to ET…she would be perfect for the title role.

  30. Ms. Whiplash

    Ted from LA, don’t take this the wrong way, but I think I have a computer crush on you. I’m no crazy internet stalker, you just never fail to make me laugh. And I suspect that you actually don’t hate women, unlike most of the misogynists around here. Have a nice day!!

  31. Lol

    Pfft. Her cervix never even dilated. This was a planned C-section.

  32. #29 – Danny? I always knew it… what did your family say, you know, about being down low and shit? That said, you better try harder… even Tori Swelling up there is visually female.

  33. @32. What the hell are you talking about dishrag??

    Did you accidently put bleach in your cereal instead of milk this morning?

  34. Gia

    I hate Tori and her husband Dean. Tori slept with her husband the first day they met knowing he was married and had 2 kids and one was an adopted baby. Now Dean lives in the USA and his kids live in Canada which means they lost their father due to the distance. Dean’s first wife is an attractive and talented TV personality and Tori is an ugly horse face no talent worthless media whore and has the ugliest saggiest big hard breast implants in Hollywood. Tori deserves to be ugly and have a horrible boob job. Tori and Dean deserve each other. Tori also gained too much weight during pregnancy and I hope she gets saddle bags. Tori is only famous because she had a talented and very successful producer dad.

  35. Bleach? HAHAHAHAHAHA…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

    I do love the stereotypical nylon braids… I know, I know…. it’s YOUR hair… you paid for it…

  36. SurroundedByFools

    Why oh why do these effing fat cow pregger bitches think they have to show off their effing fat cow butt ugly bodies including the outie? No shame whatsoever. Keep it under wraps piggies.

  37. justifiable

    Please, bitch had a scheduled C-section, you wish she actually had to do some work. The kid came out like a slice of toast.

  38. superficial gag reflex

    Speaking of mucus plugs, click on #29′s link….bitch, puhleeeeze!!!!

  39. If Tori Spelling has a stroke, it should finally straighten out her face.

  40. justifiable

    #43 Amen, her husband is a grade-A number one tool. But you left out that he and his first wife were in the PROCESS of adoption when he broke the news that after 3 weeks after meeting her he’d decided Tori was his soul mate and he was bailing, leaving his wife to adopt the kid on her own. She actually had a lucky escape not having him for a father, but the fuck sort of selfish assmop pulls a stunt like that?

  41. justifiable

    #40 That should be #34. Sorry, 43 is Tori’s IQ.

  42. @35. Nylon? You really are a doucheball.

    At least I have hair to put braids in, you’re probably bald and old…living at home banging mommy on a daily basis.

    Useless fuck.

  43. “HURRY UP AND BUY!!!”

    ~~Old Korean woman at variety store in Edgewood Terrace, D.C., watching danielle peruse the “looks just like real hair!” section.

  44. sasquatch watch

    #42 Proof that the ability to grow hair and add extensions does not equal wit. If you don’t believe me, I refer you to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. QED, babes.

  45. say it ain't so, Joe

    #43 Oh, fuckity, is she back? Mercury really is in retrograde, ain’t it?

  46. Suzannah

    Danielle, you’re a cute girl, but watch the potty mouth, don’t lower yourself to their level, ignore their ignorant asses.

  47. I swear I didn’t talk to half as many of you freaks on here before I left this site. And now all of a sudden, everybody’s jumpin’ on the bash bandwagon?? Geesh. You people have NO lives whatsoever.

  48. Kat

    Y’all, what’s the deal with the toes? It looks like even the baby’s toes are painted. Tell me this is not the new trend for men? If it is, just shoot me now. I would be considered very old in all of your eyes, judging by most of the comments I read, and I get more thankful by the day for it.

    On another note, he has two other children with the wife he dumped for this one. How often do you think he spends time with them. I think he’s a dirtbag.

  49. jesus wept

    #46 DanYELL is all potty mouth. Well, what isn’t stomach and pea brain that is. She pissed off a lot of people last time she was out on parole and had computer access which is why she’s so poopular, uh popular, now. Still the lame lame-ass-just-missed-the-mark insults, so we know it’s her.

  50. @49. Yeah, I’d like evidence of that. You’re delusional. As I recall, I was the one getting bashed for no apparent reason.

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