Tori Spelling will birth world’s smallest baby

April 8th, 2008 // 107 Comments

Tori Spelling is eight months pregnant but decided to show off how good her body still looks in a bikini. Apparently she was freaked out over her weight gain from first baby Liam, but Tori has things locked down this time around. Us Magazine reports:

“So far I’ve gained 25 pounds and am loving my body!” Spelling, 34, told photo agency Startraks during the March 20 shoot in Beverly Hills. “I’m eating whatever my body tells me it needs and wants. And now I know that it is possible to get back your body with diet and dedication.”

Only 25 pounds?! Sweet Moses. While I admire Tori Spelling’s dedication to physical fitness, I fear for her life as she’ll surely be attacked by a mob of pregnant women. The crazed herd will then turn it’s attention to Dairy Queen where it will hand over Tori in exchange for a case of Dilly Bars, three birthday cakes with Oprah’s face on it and a small Diet Coke with ten straws. Because no one likes a fatty.

EDIT: I’m hearing that only gaining 25 pounds is healthy. Shows what I know about the female reproductive system. Though one time I tried to deliver a baby but burnt the hospital down boiling the water. There were lots of lawsuits.

Photos: Startraks, Us Magazine

  1. cindy

    I think she looks great. 20lbs is plenty to gain, I’ve only gained 10lbs and I’m 6 months pg with my 2nd. Unfortunately I do not look like that, but if I did I would be wearing a bikini at all times.

  2. Is it wrong that I wanted to vomit when I heard her comment about the new 90210 and ‘every teen drama needs a milf”?

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  4. supermodel

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  5. MassGrrl

    25# is fine.

    I gained 56# with my first pregnancy, even though I was still jogging and doing step aerobics until 7.5 months. In my second pregnancy, I only gained 15#. I exercised less and ate pretty much the same.

    Some of this stuff you just can’t control.

    She looks pretty OK for being pregnant. I never really thought pregnant women in bikinis was particularly attractive.

  6. Grunion

    I hadn’t thrown up in my mouth yet today. thanks fish

  7. MrsReindeer

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  8. stewfig

    Hey, I only gained 30 lbs when i had my daughter. …And she was a healthy birth weight, 7 lbs 4 ozs.

  9. jimbob

    #45, 11 of those moles are dust and grit on the sensor of the digital camera being used by the careless boob of a photographer. If there were other photos her from a slightly different angle, you would see the “moles” in DIFFERENT spots on the figure.

    BTW, what happened to her implants. Gone?

  10. Yo Momma

    She is so fuckin’ ugly!

  11. shanipie


    Where the hell have I been…I didn’t even hear that she was pregnant again.

    Seriously, and I mean…I HAVE NO LIFE. I know about this stuff, I read about it. Did she try to keep it a secret or something?

  12. riotboy

    Now I can’t finish my cereal, thanks Superficial.


  13. just me

    I gained 29 lbs with my first baby and 25 with the 2nd. Perfectly normal…

  14. Shut the F up # 46

    Hey #46 When was the last time you gave birth to a healthy baby?

    Yes, I know you have never done such a thing. So shut the F up>>>

  15. christina

    25 lbs is already at a healthy weight gain. you need knowledge before you criticize no matter who it is about

  16. Auntie Kryst

    @68 Wow Cora34, that was kind of harsh. Maybe she will have a pretty child?? Just kidding, funny comment no go back into your cage.

    I don’t know, I still think these identify fraud spammers are fuckers, but I am sort of liking how their comments are getting more snarky.

  17. And what continues to puzzle me, is that someone fucked her not once but twice, and that they decided to have her deliver equine spawn not once but twice.

  18. AKS

    I think she’s gross! Who cares.

  19. Joe C

    I’m glad I have the AdBlocker extension on firefox. I was able to “Adblock” that hideous image so I don’t have to see that gross bitch every time I visit the site.

  20. Anonymous

    “Who can ever forget the first time we saw Donna in a white jumpsuit with black poka dots and an orange belt, along with the hat, to match.”

    I can forget, because I never watched that crap, you fucking gay prick.

  21. Anonymous

    “Randal is the man. Leave him alone.”

    Incorrect. Randal WISHES he were a man. But he isn’t, and never will be. He’s an attention whore.

  22. Ash

    That is a bit harsh there anonymous… I mean randall is just… well … gay what can ya do? let us just ignore his comments on attractiveness, unless they apply to men…. cause ya know… he’s gay… and stuff

  23. Jennifer Hammond

    How can any man get aroused by her , enough so to orgasm and nut in her to get that ugly thing pregnant not once but twice? Gawd ,she is so frickin ugly. He must have been hitting it from behind so he didnt have to look at that fugly face.

  24. adeliza

    midget ponies—– elf faced fish psycho- haaaaaa


  25. Trixie

    Strategically placed arms hide back fat.

  26. Jenn

    Anyone notice her hairy ass legs? GROSS.

  27. DJ

    I hate Tori Spelling. She had sex with her husband the first day they met and she knew he was married and just recently adopted a baby. You never ever see pictures of Tori and her husbands first baby. Tori deserves to have an ugly horse face and horrible boob job.

  28. Megan

    One should gain no more than 25 pounds during pregnancy. Anything more is just overeating. My doctor made sure I gained the right amount of weight which was 25 pounds and after my baby was born; losing the weight was easy because I breast fed. Tori is just going to get bigger and uglier.

  29. Tiffany

    Yeah dude…only gaining 25 pounds IS healthy…I’m 5 months pregnant and so far I’ve only gained 10. I can only hope that my tits look as good as Christina Aguilera’s once I squeeze it out!

  30. JJ


    Hopefully yours will look better because Christina has horrible implants.

  31. ace11

    i don’t know but brian austin green banged her….she must have been decent

  32. get a grip on yourself

    Dear God, man! Why are you posting photos of Tori Spelling in a bikini while she’s knocked up higher than a kite? Tori Spelling fully clothed and not knocked up is hard enough on the eyes.

  33. JMUgracie

    Yes, 25 lbs is normal and fine. Back in the day women were advised to gain only 10 lbs. Most celebrities use pregnancy as an excuse to over eat. I only gained 22 lbs during my pregnancy and my doctor applauded me.

  34. Wilma

    Tori is 5 months pregnant and already gained 25 pounds! She going to be huge in 9 months! My stomach looked like Tori’s when I was 9 months pregnant. I hope she has a big baby and her flower gets all stretched out because she sucks (See Comment #80).

  35. justtheobvious

    I hate her. She is a fake piece of crap and ugly. I’d rather suck a guy off than look at this bitches face. She only is here because of her daddy. She sucks ass. I wish she would get hit by a truck and maybe she wouldn’t be as ugly.

  36. david

    what a joke! someone just PSed her pictures to hot ones and then uploaded to the famous free interracial people seeking affairs club intimatemingle.c om .. you know it is a free men seeking sugar babies site.. so she is said to seek her sugar daddy there!

  37. Barf

    I did not need to see that. She is disgusting.

  38. Tori looks great!

    I gained 30 lbs with my first baby and he was 9 lb 7 oz. The day before he was born, a stranger commented that I must have a couple of months to go still!

    Of course, the next will probably cause me to gain 50 lbs and look like a whale by 5 months. ;)

  39. Janine

    Some pregnant women still look beautiful. Her, not so much!

  40. MONGOL spelling is calling!!

  41. she would look good with a bag over her head!! so true about being mobbed by angry pregnant women… women just cant stand to see someone look good during pregnancy.. she should keep a tally on how many women say ‘i hate you’ every day.

  42. Tracy

    What most of you (and even moms!) don’t know about pregnancy could fill a book!!

    25 lbs at this stage in pregnancy is right on. The only people who should gain less are the obese women who are advised to only gain about 10.

    Smoking and drinking during pregnancy is unhealthy and so is deprivation. Babies cannot eat your fat- they need food! They need healthy fats too because without it their brains do not develop well. Most brain tissue is made from fatty acids.

    So if you eat just veggies and fruit and work-out to the point that you are sweating you might as well sit in a hot tub, boil the baby and be prepared for an idiot for a kid. But hey, you will look good and your doctor will (not) applaud you.

    When I wasn’t gaining enough because I was on a diabetic diet which is very healthy I was not applauded. I was threatened that if I did not gain more that week they would have to put me in the hospital. I countered it by ingesting a tablespoon of olive oil at every meal and eating lots of avocados.

    When you are talking about another life this is when you should be thinking “who gives a flying fuck if your belly gets huge”. If you care about that crap you have no right being a mother. Once that baby is out it won’t be about you for another 18 years. If you have a hard time with that concept- give the baby up.

    You can and will get back into shape. It is no time to diet. Plus- to the girl who’s anorexic mother ate a high protien diet during her pregnancy- it makes sense why you are a complete dolt. High protien diets release ketones which are fine unless you are a fetus. They pretty much attack the baby and cause miscarriage or retardation. I suppose you are lucky you can type.

    I hope I educated a couple of you lonly men and stupid 17 year old sluts with kids. Seriously, this is just sad.

  43. kimK

    UGH Heidi Montag is pregnant?

  44. ........

    Um everyone talking about baby weight gain (and other facts), NO ONE CARES. If we wanted to know we would research it so shut the fuck up.

    oh and Tori is grosss ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. hahaha

  45. Jenna

    i don’t give a dayum about her weight gain or whatever else this “thing” has to say….. she’s disgustingly ugly and repulsive….. her husband looks like a redneck child rapist and her son is butt ugly and look so fucking retarded….. he looks like a blob or redneck and has nothing appealing about him….. he’s an ugly child….. no one cares about tori spelling….. she has no talent and nothing at all to show anyone…. i’m glad her mother cut her out the will and didn’t give her any money….. tori can continue writing stories about how screwed up her life was growing up in a mansion and having butlers and maid do everything for you…. yea cuz that’s how everyone grows up…. stupid bitch

  46. Liz

    She’s a homewrecker whore.

  47. kiya

    bitch u still ugly but your baby and husband is sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  48. kiya

    bitch u still ugly but your baby and husband is sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  49. kiya

    bitch u still ugly but your baby and husband is sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. kiya

    bitch u still ugly but your baby and husband is sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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