Tori Spelling still super huge and pregnant

February 28th, 2007 // 65 Comments






  1. TashaVin`

    I think she was meant to be a Big Beautiful Woman. I think she was maybe way too thin for her frame back then. I think she’s beautiful.

  2. Boner City? Como?

  3. SuperChic

    That outfit, what is she a pregnant mime? If I made that outfit, I certainly would not have intended for it to be worn by her. Not attractive, tsk tsk, not attractive at all.

  4. RichPort

    Bohemian Flaptitties.

  5. wtf

    She is so NoTorious

  6. 86

    Fat Albert Face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Clete

    #37 good one!
    Tori – she is daddy’s girl without the talent or cash. Her ‘loving’ husband would probably still be with his ex-wife if he had not seen the Spelling name attached to that package. I pity her … she is another one who is at high risk for attracting a ‘K-Fed’. Tori has a total bitch mother. Congratulations on the baby! I am not going to trash the baby. As to the outfit it is much more appealing then those women who wear tight t-shirts or belly shirts – that is hideous.

  8. Punkgal

    I have no issues with Tori Spelling, she has always been ugly and weird looking.. as for her being pregnant good for her, its fun i loved being pregnant.
    But her face has gotten massive hasn’t it?? its like her chin melted into her neck and she has turned into “Jabba the hut” from Star wars all i need to hear from her is

    “Wazza Dubba Jubeee Hans Solo”

  9. Lindsay

    Pregnant woman are usually very beautiful, cute and adorable! Tori is not. She wasn’t nice looking before she got knocked up. She has that scary face with oversized deep sunken eyes.. and that look that says “I’m gonna eat ya face!” Hope the baby doesn’t look like her…

  10. rho

    oh please! look at all the comments are not very nice!
    Tori looks so pretty preggie! Good Luck!

  11. oh god….please, no more…what is this the disgusting pic website now?

  12. .......

    She’s sooooooooooo fucking grosss ewww. Who fucked that to begin with? hahaha

  13. kristin

    thats the prettiest I ever saw her look. seriously. every other time I haver ever seen her she looked like plastic, like she was trying so hard to be someone who she really wasnt. but here she looks fine. She isnt even all that pregnant, either. ladies can get a LOT bigger than that.

  14. she is looking really good in this. it is far worse in the normal times

  15. Just stumbled across this while funsurfing.

    Since this is from Feb. 2007 I assume the baby’s out now.
    How about a update with a picture how she looks now?

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