Tori Spelling still super huge and pregnant

February 28th, 2007 // 65 Comments






  1. jrzmommy


  2. fergernauster


  3. PunjabPete

    OMG – I think she ate David Green….

  4. didey23

    Holy COW!!

  5. Nichole


  6. k naz


  7. fergernauster

    Wow. Besides being more homely than a basset hound, she is now penniless & fat.

  8. ph7

    Must suck to be her.

    She’s always been ugly, but Dad’s money was able to pay for some patchwork reconstruciton to hold it together for awhile.

    Now, Dad’s dead, cut her out of the will,a dn she’s completely gone to seed.

    No bouncing back from this. Her lips hangs open like a mental patient.

    She got that diabetes look, too.

    And she’s fat, fat, fat.

  9. fergernauster

    Is that their duplex?

  10. i love fucking pregnant women. there’s nothin’ like fucking and gettin’ a bj at the same time!

  11. TashaVin`

    Calling a pregnant woman fat, when shes only fat because shes pregnant is just wrong. If she were fat before hand, sure, but SHES PREGNANT! Stupid ass mouthing off to he one of “them.”

  12. DingleberryJam

    what a hottie. Her child can one day star in a Garbage Pail Kids revival.

  13. Baroness

    Does anyone else think there is a different guy writing for the Superficial today? The writing style is completely different.

  14. jrzmommy

    Relax, Tasha. Tomorrow’s the first of the month – yippee!!!

  15. Where's Waldo

    Back during the 90210 days and even afterwards when everyone thought she looked ugly, I always thought she’d be an awesome fuck! I mean, she was a bit weird looking, but she had the type of body that you had to figure was good to be hittin for hours and hours and hours. But damn she looks fucking huge! Pregnant or not, she’s enormous!

  16. arden

    Egads . . . I mean . . . egads . . .

  17. biatcho

    Nice potbelly! Is this her first time getting off the couch in months? Time to put down the potato chips and bonbons and do some running. What a fucking pig.

  18. terry

    The bigger question that needs to be asked is, who is that fabulously fashionable man she’s with?

  19. Zoey


    Is that Keanu in the background of pic #1?

  20. Sandrahrah

    her face looks like a blowfish… but she’s always been ugly…

  21. The disturbing fact that someone actually impregnated that beast is a sure sign that the apocalypse is nigh.

  22. 4DPants

    At last her enormous head looks in proportion to her body.

  23. brujeriadiosa

    I was pretty hormonal….
    If I had motherfuckers hanging out my house tryna get a pregnant picture of me…OMG!

    I would have climbed the clock tower with a sniper rifle.

  24. xXrebeccaXx

    Well I don’t think she’s that fat…I mean she’s obviously very far along in her pregnancy. But the strange thing is that her head is very fat….well….it was huge before…but her head looks like a beach ball.

  25. alaskanchicsickle

    She’s one of those unfortunate women who get butt-ass ugly when she’s preggo. Wait….she’s always looked fugly? My bad.

  26. fritobandito

    Wow! Good thing they have ADT security so no one can break in and steal her Doritos!

  27. fame is funny

    I do like her outfit however, it’s much classier than say…brittney with bare feet and a ‘who farted’ t-shirt.

  28. fritobandito

    No, No, she looks good for a pregnant……whale

  29. Whammer Jammer

    What is she gonna do now that she can’t rely on Daddy’s power and money? No more TV shows for her. She may have to go out and get a REAL job, now that she’s out of the will. She can’t have garage sales all the time and expect millions.

  30. mika85

    those of you who can’t appreciate the preggo body should never reproduce.

    but yes, tori spelling is ugly.

  31. This is the first time she’s ever looked like a person who doesn’t own a Y chromosome.

  32. The Jenny

    She looks like my ex-roommate who used to fry imitation crab meat in a half stick of butter, and then rub her greasy fingers all down her fat shirt.

    Oh God… please don’t eat me!!

  33. dafeedil


    Did she really get cut out of her father’s will? That must have sucked.

  34. Tits_McGhee

    FREE WILLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. MrSemprini

    A harpoon, man! A harpoon! Quick now, afore she dives to the briny deep. Arrr. Quick now, or she’ll sink us fair shure!

  36. anti_babe19

    She’s a dude.
    An ugly horse-faced one too.

  37. lambman

    Fun fact:

    “Horse Gestation: The normal gestation period of a pregnant mare is about 340 days, give or take ten days.”

    so get used to seeing this people

  38. kate

    Despite how much I can’t stand this spoiled homewrecker, I don’t think she looks that bad. I have seen much much worse.

  39. Hecubus

    I didn’t know Penn Jillette had dyed his hair blonde.

  40. Stink

    She might not have papa’s money, but she’ll always have a career as a Weeble-Wobble.

  41. NipsyHustle

    this cow has a new reality show coming out about her and her toolshed husband opening a bed and breakfast. i can’t wait for it to flop so she has to keep eating at KFC like he rest of the paupers

  42. Grobpilot

    Holy shit! Somebody actually fucked that woman? He must have stapled his eyes shut to preclude the possibility of looking at her during that session.

  43. wtf

    Is the baby Brandon’s, Dillon’s, or Steve’s?

  44. sayll

    She look just like Dilbert from the side, especially in the last photo.

    I don’t feel great picking on a pregnant person, but her face was awkward enough when it was thin…

  45. NicotineEyePatch

    Poor Tori can’t do anything surgical to rectify those ugly cow eyes. And the fact that she’s pregnant only accentuates her bovinity.

  46. NipsyHustle

    i’m sure the only reason dean mcdermott left his wife and kids to run off to tori’s green pasture was because he thought he’d be living the pampered life. now he’s got to lay up with this annoying and penniless heifer FOREVER. ah, karma is so divine.

  47. Jedi Kevin

    Honestly? She’s never looked better. I’m serious about that and mean it in a kind way. And I don’t even like her that much. Maybe I’m just so tired of seeing all of the skanks on this site that it’s refreshing to see someone who looks wholesome. Time to revoke my membership to Snarks International…

  48. ellaminnowpea

    …don’t tell me…let me guess….that’s her wedding ring she’s wearing around her neck because it no longer fits on her maple sausage link finger…

  49. DJ Tanner

    I know it is really mean to talk about how ass ugly a pregnant woman is and how I never thought it possible she could look any more revolting than she already did, so I will just say her belly looks really cute.

  50. Now I know what Phillip Seymour Hoffman would look like in drag.

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