Tori Spelling should never do this again – ever

October 1st, 2007 // 113 Comments

Tori Spelling got to be a Pussycat Doll over the weekend. What in the hell, God? We’ve talked about this before. This is not funny – at all. You think it’s cool to blind people, but, newsflash, it ain’t. Honestly, man, cut this shit out. If I see something like this again, I’ll totally come up there. You might’ve given me these Herculean biceps, but so help me, uh, you, I’m not afraid to smack you around a bit. Aw, okay, that was a bit harsh. You can stop crying. Seriously, it’s okay. All I’m asking is that you put a burlap sack over Tori Spelling’s face whenever she’s out in public. Is that too much to ask? Oh, you can remember to do that if I can remember to take you shopping every once in a while? It never ends with you does it?

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  1. robbyrob

    not that Im hating but this girl is not that hot!!!

  2. blb

    now you call your best friend forever number 49. a bit impersonal for best web friends FOREVER!!! love ya!

  3. Sí, mujer hermosa, el extranjero el mejor.

  4. MrSemprini

    Prettier than Britney…

  5. Shallow Val

    TT, tu hablas espanol, for reals???

  6. No. I suck spanish cock and wipe the cum off on bitches like you.

  7. Siendo de Tejas, sé bastante español para conseguir en apuro

  8. Paula Green Ajah

    Wow. That’s…well… Wow.

    He’s got a nice figure, though.

  9. Troll # 56,
    I dare you to show your “face”, you low-life piece of shit.
    Are you afraid of a little sissy tranny? Afraid I’ll kick your ass into next week?
    Come punk, make my fucking day.

  10. jrzmommy

    Could you fuckin’ imagine the horrendously-nosed little freaks she and Owen Wilson could create together?

  11. Damn, Jrzymommy, I just had lunch.

  12. jenster

    thanks superfish, I was eating lunch

  13. LL

    Why do women think that spackling on the makeup and piling on the clownish lipstick makes them look better? I would say they look like trannys, but that’s an insult to trannys. Also, what’s with all the stripping by untalented, not-very-attractive amateurs? Leave that shit to the professionals who know what they’re doing.

  14. whatever

    Thanks for the early Halloween gift Fish. Now I won’t be able to sleep due to nightmares for a week. Fucking asshole.

  15. Jamie Lee

    She looks better than my bf’s ex wife. And that’s pretty damn bad….eeccchhhh.

  16. Hecubus

    You idiot, that isn’t Tori Spelling. That’s that guy who sang that, ‘You spin me right round baby right round like a record baby blah blah blah blah’ song. He’s looking purty good too.

  17. IWONKY

    Tori should never do what again? Wear that head? With all her money, you would think she could buy a better head.

  18. No matter what this girl does, I can’t hate her….I just keep remembering Candy Spelling is her mother.

  19. Jackie Blue

    It that really Tori or a male impersonator?

  20. Alex

    I hate Tori because before she got involved with her husband, he was married and newly adopted a baby. Now the baby does not have a father at home. I don’t know how she could sleep at night knowing she is a homewrecker. It would be different if an innocent baby was not involved like when Brad and Angelina got together. Brad wanted children and Jennifer did not, but Angelina sure did. Tori deserves to have a hideous boob job and ugly horse face.

  21. BunnyButt

    Eh, these pics just made me throw up a little bit in my mouth.

  22. lalaland

    she’s got a pretty nice body here (i almost threw up saying that, but i’m actually serious) but daamn that face….uck

  23. miggs

    “Tori Spelling is a Pussycat Doll!” brought to you by Stephen King Productions.

  24. LivewireT

    When did they start using chicken drumsticks as cheek bone implants?
    Yeah that audience looks thrilled to be watching her/it.

  25. tanya

    Okay Tori, you got fake tits. Big deal, you are one UGGGGLLLLYY bitch.

  26. eeks

    I dunno. I got her show at blockbuster for shits and giggles. I kinda like her now. I’d rather see her than that Dita Von Teese dipshit. Honestly, Tori’s not all that bad.

  27. dana

    i know it is out of subject . i always think how she got her husband .he is hot.she has horse face!!!

  28. Not into Superficial People

    Although Tori is a homewrecker, ugly, and has a hideous boob job; there are superficial men right now beating off to her. Yikes!

  29. Good Karma is Important

    #77 Dana:
    Tori got her husband because he was desperate for fame. They worked together on some film project and she knew he was married and had a newly adopted baby, but that did not stop Tori from getting involved with him. Now the adopted baby does not get to have a father at home everyday. Someday her husband will dump her for a beauty and that will be her karma.

  30. She looks really comfortable and at “ease”! I bet she has dressed up in leather lots of times. She probably does it for a living when we’re not looking!

  31. DA

    Oh yes, yes
    I’m slowly stroking my tiny cock looking at her big boobs. I want to come on them.

  32. I bet you’re comfortable and at ease in leather cowgirl.

  33. steve

    Pussycat Doll Membership Check List:

    Fake tits…check
    Washed up career….check
    Dignity vacuum…..check

  34. She is like her own personal circus–clown makeup,beach balls,hoops–where’s the popcorn?

  35. doh!

    84–You meant Christina right? Not Tory? although they are almost interchangeable!

  36. Tash

    Isn’t that Pete Burns?

  37. Nek

    Tranny surprise??

  38. Anti-Semite

    Fish, could you make it any more obvious that the jews run Hollywood? I give up, you win; there’s no way I’ll ever top that top pic, ever.

  39. Judy

    her ass end looks better than the front

  40. alf oldland

    a modern-day medusa!

    this is a slow day for thesuperficial, indeed.

  41. gap

    looks like she finally fixed the huge gap between her botched implants.

  42. Mama Pinkus

    I feel sorry for Ms. Spelling; her desperate attempts to simply look FEMALE are backfiring into truly hellish territory.

  43. [dAn!]

    She (he??) looks like a drag queen!!!

  44. twit

    Very Jenna Jameson circa 2007.

  45. John-o

    Me no likeee the dudes, and these are pictures of a dude. Until someone comes back with DNA support saying otherwise, I’m goin’ with the dude theory.

  46. crack snacker

    See you went and ripped into SJP a few days ago… called her ugly. Now do you get the message? This is ugly! SJP looks fabulous next to Tori.

    And as for lips… why do you think they call it lips stick? Bet she puts that stuff on with a trowell

  47. Anica

    C’mon! She doesn’t look any worse than 3/4 of the group…especially the Red-Headed Tranny.

  48. Snarkington

    So…that dude in pic 5 is totally taking a picture of her ass.

  49. tori really freaked me out. is she trying to get attention from everyone but looking gross????

  50. MISC

    Ew..she is always in the restaurant i work at..she is kinda nice, but her hubbie is a fat cock..

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