Tori Spelling should never do this again – ever


Tori Spelling got to be a Pussycat Doll over the weekend. What in the hell, God? We’ve talked about this before. This is not funny – at all. You think it’s cool to blind people, but, newsflash, it ain’t. Honestly, man, cut this shit out. If I see something like this again, I’ll totally come up there. You might’ve given me these Herculean biceps, but so help me, uh, you, I’m not afraid to smack you around a bit. Aw, okay, that was a bit harsh. You can stop crying. Seriously, it’s okay. All I’m asking is that you put a burlap sack over Tori Spelling’s face whenever she’s out in public. Is that too much to ask? Oh, you can remember to do that if I can remember to take you shopping every once in a while? It never ends with you does it?

Images: Splash