Tori Spelling is engaged

tori-spelling-engaged.jpgTori Spelling got engaged to Dean McDermott over the weekend, only months after separating from her first husband in September.

“We’re so incredibly happy and in love. We cannot wait to start our lives together,” the couple said in a joint statement to People.

Per accounts in Us Weekly and People, McDermott, 39, popped the question Christmas Eve while the couple were in Toronto with his family. The proposal came during an evening horse-drawn carriage ride and was sealed with a diamond and sapphire ring.

There was no immediate word on a wedding date, but both Spelling, 32, and McDermott have to finalize their respective divorces before they can swap vows.

Now all that’s left is to determine who still cares about Tori Spelling. We can round them all up in a spaceship and shoot them into the sun. It might not be the most humane thing to do, but sacrifices have to be made for the greater good here. And by greater good, I mean the global IQ of the world.

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