Tori Spelling in a bikini

June 17th, 2009 // 82 Comments

Here’s Tori Spelling on vacation with her husband Dean McDermott in Hawaii, and after looking at these, I’m convinced she not only killed Aaron Spelling, but continues to haunt him in the afterlife. However, on a brighter note, Tori clearly knew when to lay off the surgeries before turning into Tara Reid’s anorexic twin. (As of this post.)


  1. Deacon Jones

    Did Gollum and Paris Hilton fuck, or what?

  2. .

    @49 What makes you think there is a member of the Superficial staff who has had consensual non-paid for sexual intercourse? They’re the kind of guys who think the nipple is situated in the armpit, as seen below.

  3. Deacon Jones

    I triple that!

    I hereby elect Rachel to replace Amy as the “Rub-out Queen of the Superficial”

    Who’s with me??

  4. Valerie

    Tori, giant glasses are OUT–get with the times, biatch! : P

  5. friendlyfires


  6. sardonic

    She needs a cardboard sign:
    “Disowned by mother. Will work for food.”

  7. I agree, she’s too thin..but I don’t think she looks that bad?? I like her bikini too. At least she comes across as a nice person, unlike a lot of female celebrities.

  8. Josey Wales

    Her momma’s sitting on a half a billion, too bad they hate each other.

  9. #53 – I’m not so sure… Rachael looks like she’s about 15 where Amy is apparently overage and angry. And we all know angry girls give the best head.

  10. AJ

    She looks horrible with her ugly breast implants, ugly tummy tuck, horse face, and flat ass!

  11. Superbiggerevil

    The pictures of her pet spider monkey are cute, but wheres Tory in the photos???

  12. She needs to eat about 100 ham sandwiches so she can get some junk in her trunk.

  13. dude


    Some mad scientist used discarded parts from other celebrities, starting with Tara Reid’s stomach and Kate Gosselin’s navel. Maybe he used Ryan SeaCrest’s Vagina.

  14. zebop

    That’s one hot lookin’ tranny.

    Oh, you mean she’s not?

  15. Big Beefy Steak

    Eat me Tori!

  16. Deva

    #19, is that you attached to the link pic?

  17. Jake


    It is all an act. Tori slept with her husband the first day they met knowing he was married and adopted a new baby. Tori deserves to have a horse face, flat butt, ugly tummy tuck, and the worst breast implants in Hollywood.

  18. Shawn

    I normally not one to insult, but good grief. Did she just jump out of some guy’s stomach in an Alien movie?

  19. TopCat

    Is the woman in pic #1 her granny ?

  20. SOS

    Can you get that non-wrinkly skin stomach after kids without surgery??

  21. joe blow

    She’d be really pretty if it wasn’t for her face.

  22. Mama Pinkus

    that gal needs help

  23. Julie

    At least nobody can say she’s fat. That’s the ultimate insult for a female to make them feel like they do not exist because they are not a walking skeleton. Tori is naturally thin, more power to her. How many guys in this world are in awesome shape? not too many that I have seen. but women better be toned and fit. give me a break

  24. ginger

    Fat – “the ultimate insult for a female to make them feel like they do not exist because they are not a walking skeleton.”

    Are you out of your mind? No-one wants to have sex with walking skeletons. Sometimes they look OK with clothes on and then when they’re naked it’s like BAM you may aswell be in a nursing home. Skinny people are just as fucking lazy as fat people, they just smoke all day instead of eat.

    P.S. There are heaps of toned & buff men & women out there. Who do you think plays all of those games called sports?

  25. Huckleberry Hashimoto

    Aw, shit, I’ll never be able to un-see that. Damn you, Fish.

  26. NANA


  27. RaraAvis

    I’ve never seen a woman with worse posture. Yes, she’s skinny, but when she pulls her shoulders back she doesn’t look half-bad. It’s like being beaten with that ugly stick made her skittish.

  28. @66

    No- I’m just a creep who steals pictures of random females and links them to my posts.

    You know, the most logical of all the explanations :D!



  29. EM

    she looks like a foot

  30. Darth

    The average family day out to the beach! All the best!

  31. arroyo

    Jeez, couldn’t we have something sexier, like Bea Arthur bikini pictures?

  32. Tori Spelling Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s got too much slim

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