Tori Spelling in a bikini

June 17th, 2009 // 82 Comments

Here’s Tori Spelling on vacation with her husband Dean McDermott in Hawaii, and after looking at these, I’m convinced she not only killed Aaron Spelling, but continues to haunt him in the afterlife. However, on a brighter note, Tori clearly knew when to lay off the surgeries before turning into Tara Reid’s anorexic twin. (As of this post.)


  1. Duuude

    She looks bad…. not first.

  2. lila

    I think she looks awesome.


  3. kani

    i think she looks great.

  4. hamburglar007

    She makes Tara Reid look good.

  5. Deva

    She looks fucking awful. And her expression confirms that.


    Jesus fucking christ… she looks like skeletor in a pink bikini

  7. Wenny

    gee, if I wanted non-stop bikini shots I’d buy a playboy


  8. soahc

    OK. Now here’s a perfect example of a woman that no one in their right mind would consider worth losing a table spoon or so of seminal fluid. Much in contrast to SHAUNA SAND. Got that guys?

    Shauna Sand= not that bad knife work and worth a fuck.

    Tori Spelling= not worth even considering a fuck.

    All you Shauna naysayers overreacted in voicing your horrors.

  9. phuture98

    She looks awesome. I’d hit the hell out of that. I saw some hideous pix of her a few years ago.. but now she’s ultra-bangable.

    #9- Guess you like old, fake, leathery hags.

  10. phuture98

    She looks awesome. I’d hit the hell out of that. I saw some hideous pix of her a few years ago.. but now she’s ultra-bangable.

    #9- Guess you like old, fake, leathery hags.

  11. Tad Bit Tipsy

    She sadly looks like a young female version of Elton John…

  12. Sport


  13. Groucho


  14. I don’t think Tori Spelling looks half bad.

  15. ambidextrous handjob

    #15 Funny, I don’t think you look half-witted. Shows how wrong you can be sometimes.

  16. T-Mon


    Thank god patridge and fox were up next… I almost turned gay

  17. La Shaniqua

    Hey, it’s E.T.’s big sister!!

  18. I’m offended by the amount of comments (more than zero) saying she looks great…really?….REALLY GUYS? She looks like she is dying of starvation. Her bellybutton has inverted itself, her body is covered in lanugo…. This is attractive? Obviously I must be behind the times on what is now considered “hot.”

  19. zips

    These women saying she looks great clearly frequent those pro-anorexia sites. No one in their right mind would say that looks healthy or normal.

  20. keats

    she honestly looks disgusting so disgusting that i’d rather see an obese person in a bikini and the sad thing about it is that you can tell she thinks she looks really good.

  21. Jim

    ewww, thats just wrong. i think this site needs an age limit.

  22. me

    C’mon… She was never good looking.
    She always looked like Olive Oil with blond hair.
    Now she looks like Olive Oil with blond hair and fake tits.

  23. Kyle

    Holy fucking shit this woman is scary looking!!! She looks like a cross between swiss miss and the fuckin crypt keeper. God she’s beat to shit

  24. I feel like crying when i see that inner thighs!

    This case is too easy though!

    I think shes sun friendly, because i know she looks worse than that…

  25. JK


  26. captain america


  27. FromOutofFrakkinNoWhere

    Oh man this is so fucking disturbing on so many levels. She used to have a body, now she looks like a 90 year old hag with pony tails. I’m gonna have to wank through an entire season of American Curves magazines to get this crap out of my head. Damn you fish, you should know better.

  28. Darth


  29. Man, at least she hid her “left turn tit” pretty good…. I thought I was looking at a dead coyote that had been sun dried for a couple of years…

  30. William the Cockerer

    Oh how far has Violet Bickerstaff fallen since her days at Bayside.

  31. Death2Speidi

    The first pic is weird but in the rest she looks great….she is and will always be the ultimate butter face though. Her face is nauseating…and her kids didn’t fare much better.

  32. PhDiego

    GRANDMA, get back in the house!!

  33. If Aaron Spelling had implants and bad fashion sense…

  34. She looks gross. But the real story here is that douchie finally learned what an ellipsis is. Nice work.

  35. Dread not

    For two through the chute? She looks pretty tight.

  36. norton

    Easily the homliest actress in Hollywood. The only reason this two bagger ever made a dollar behind a camera is her father.

  37. Duuude

    Racheal, I just rubbed one out to your picture. Thank you.

  38. PhDiego

    #39 you’re totally right!!

    Racheal seems to be a nice hottie

  39. Max Planck

    We’re lucky we can’t hear the whining.

    Next time Miyammy we should go. Oy!

  40. Inmate #2648927

    Hang an oat bag from those braids.

  41. Fuck U

    #38 I couldn’t agree more…that is the ugliest skank in the world, not to mention she has absolutely Zero talent.
    She looks fuckin terrible.

  42. CutiePatutie

    This is one of the most disgusting pics I’ve ever seen of this chick! It’s bad enough she isn’t cute, but I put at a 5 because she has a super cute personality…but damn Torrie, and damn you Dean, you know this isn’t cute, yet you allow her farlock on beaches, and trott around like all is good in the world. This is a sad state of affairs, and for her to deny she has an eating disorder is not only a lie, but reprehensiable. She needs help…not plastic help, that won’t change anything on the inside or out….SMDH!

  43. Natasha

    You know the superficial writer is one of those men who thinks anorexic women means the wrinkly ugly ones. If a chick is near-death-thin but still has smooth skin and implants shes perfect.

  44. Nose job fake hair

    So this bitch got the hook cut off her big nose and not sure what else to make herself feel almost like a normal white woman would look like. What’s with the Nordic hair color? Does this bitch think she looks Swedish? She has an ugly face.
    Why is this bitch and her mother all over the news? Who is the money behind them? Why do they have so much money?
    MONEY!!!! They have the MONEY!
    We go to work and build our nations and devil like this scheme to take it away.

  45. Ian

    Oh god I wouldn’t fuck that with your dick.

  46. The Bisexual

    For having had two kids she doesn’t look that bad…her stomach flattened…you can just tell her skin stretched and it’s still working its way back to normal.

    She just needs to wear a one piece.

    And keep her face covered..

  47. Érico

    What an ugly biotch.

  48. G&T

    Ok, that does it!
    New rule!
    All bikini “articles” must henceforth be approved by a member of The Superficial staff who has actually had (consensual and non-paid) sexual intercourse before.

    If I wanted to vomit I would stick my fingers down my throat ala Nicole Richie…
    We demand Quality Control!

  49. db

    shes never looked better

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