Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott Probably Faked An Affair To Land Their Reality Show

“Just keep chewing, and they’ll all think your husband’s penis was in another vagina. Nothing looks out of the ordinary, everything’s normal, except for the fact that you’re eating- OH GOD WHAT AM I DOING?!”

While it may seem like Jezebal and I don’t see eye-to-eye on a lot of issues, there are times when we come to together like two, hot, cisgender trigger warnings in a hot tub full of non-body-shaming custard. (Not a Lindy West joke.) Times like Tracie Egan Morrisey completely calling out Dean McDermott’s cheating on Tori Spelling for the poorly-acted scam to land a reality show it more than likely was. Not that I think cheating on Tori is entirely inconceivable because there is a gaping deathhole in her chest that makes her unworthy of human affection, but I also know that 145% of all reality shows are bullshit. At any rate, prepare to be angered if you’ve been bamboozled into watching Violet Bickerstaff’s new show and voluminously moistened by that sweet Saved By The Bell reference. Shh, shh, just let it happen. Let it happen…

Did Tori Spelling Fake a Cheating Scandal to Land a New Reality Show? – Jezebel

Photos: Splash News