Tori Spelling’s Pregnant, Gaping Chest Hole in a Bikini (a.k.a. Sexiest Post Ever)

May 31st, 2011 // 73 Comments

Apparently it’s Questionable Bikini Photos Day because here’s Tori Spelling in Malibu yesterday where I swear to God the hole in her chest is getting deeper. Seriously, what the hell is that thing? Did she specifically ask for breast implants that make it look like she took a mortar round to the chest, or is it just where Candy Spelling beats her with a croquet mallet because she can’t act? “Your father got you all those jobs and you resort to reality television?! *thwak* Just be happy he’s not alive to see this. *thwak thwak* And why don’t I ever see my grandkids? You make no sense to me, dearie. *thwak thwak thwak thwak*

Photo: Fame, INFdaily, Splash News


  1. Hugh Gentry

    I’d love to take a dump in her chest hole.

  2. DuncanHillsCoffee

    Seriously, what the goddamn fuck is wrong with this bitch’s chest? It’s like that big sand pit monster in Star Wars is going to pop out from between her tits and eat my face off.

  3. Joel Silverstein

    FAP! FAP ! FAP!

  4. slim

    its like her chest is melting and seeping into her gut… maybe she looked at the ark?

  5. dammit fish enough, you’re going to have us *all* puking like bulimics

  6. She’s like one of those stress relief dolls…you squeeze her chest and the belly pops out.

  7. So this is what, like her 20th pregnancy? Has she not figured out why this keeps happening yet?

  8. Tori Spelling Bikini Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    Her breasts are convertible…her tattoo is instructions on how to pop them back out.

  9. Any Guy

    jesus fuck, just when I thought this broad couldn’t get any uglier – BAM, pregnancy. and yes, what IS up with that sink-hole in her chest cavity? her black heart is probably working overtime to sustain another devil-child that won’t have to work a day in its life.

    • mc

      pectus excavatum…thats what the chest deformity is called…its genetic but it is 100 correctable with surgery…so wth? why spend $ on implants and not fix that huge hole too??? nasty.

  10. Dr. Detroit.

    PECTUS EXCAVATUM. Easly treatable as a child, much more painful and difficult as an adult. Why didn’t her parent with endless resources fix that birth defect, instead of buying her boobs?

  11. Tori Spelling Bikini Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    Guess her new nickname is Dent.

    • Misana

      Craps! I was JUST thinking her body (face included) must be one of the most dented out there then I read your comment.. whatever.. suppose it doesn’t matter

  12. adolf hitler

    its mtv’s oddities

  13. It had to be said

    And I finally knew I had accomplished my goal. Nobody on the Internet was making fun of how ugly my face is . . .

  14. RoboZombie

    Between her and WonkBoobs it’s been a very bad afternoon. Can u show us some that are not mangled???
    PS The mangled Va-jay-Jang earlier was no help either…

  15. Tori Spelling Bikini Pregnant
    Guy Smiley
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  16. LemonZ

    Holy fuck. That’s some scary shit.

  17. fx

    wtf…is it mutant Tuesday? some kind of xman movie promo? my eyes hurt from seeing all the monsters posted on here today

  18. Tori Spelling Bikini Pregnant
    Medical Stuff
    Commented on this photo:

    Pectum excavatum! Wonder why she hasn’t gotten it corrected? It’s not like she can’t afford it…

    Maybe it makes her cleavage look good. (when clothed).

    • SCH

      Have you seen the procedure to correct this? it’s horrific.. She’s clearly defying the common practice of avoiding exposure that most people with this defect practice.

  19. Pregnant women are BEAUTIFUL

    Especially with sunken chests, rib tattoos, their roots showing, and sporting penisbuttons. Yeah buddy, they GLOWWWW!

  20. TyroneBiggums

    I demand some hot chicks in bikinis to make up for the land monsters you’ve posted today.

    • MisterSuccint

      Emma -> Snooki -> Adrianne -> Angelina -> Aubrey -> Blake -> LeAnn -> Tori -> Snooki

      What a wild ride! It started out so well (bar Snooki) and ended so badly. What’s next? Ahnold’s muy fugly housekeeper?

  21. macullay culkin

    She’d better hope that poor bastard doesn’t find his way into Mila Kunis’ eye doctor or she’s fucked.

  22. Deacon Jones

    Man, nothing gets me harder than a perfectly straight line running from the knee to the ankle on either side of the lower leg.
    (puts shotgun barrel in mouth, single tear runs down cheek)

  23. Karry

    Oh that’s gross!

  24. Cock Dr

    *puts on geologist hat*
    It appears to be a sinkhole of some sort. If it was an impact crater there would be ejecta surrounding the hole.
    Perhaps the pregnancy disrupted her internal water table? She’s a mess.

  25. kimmykimkim

    She could eat cereal outta that chest canyon.

  26. Matcher

    I would NOT let that disgusting bitch pee on me. Fuck. That.

  27. Tori Spelling Bikini Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    This only confirms my theory that nothing should ever come across the internet which includes the words “Tori Spelling” and “gaping” within 10,000 words of each other.

  28. Tori Spelling Bikini Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    try a Bandeau top.. it would be more flattering

  29. anonym

    that’s some nasty shit.

    however, let’s get real. no amount of surgery could have fixed tori spelling.

    ugly face. ugly chest. ugly kids.

    too bad

  30. Leia ” The cave is collapsing!”
    Han “This is no cave…”

  31. Luke Perry

    90210 lbs.

  32. Jovy

    Who the fuck would even have sex with that??

  33. Jovy

    There’s a dolphin in the water behind her, saying it all with its eyes.

  34. This reminds me of when Optimus Prime took the Creation Matrix out of his chest, leaving a gaping cavity… except less sexy.

  35. Karen

    She looks like most of the male commenters at the beach, although they don’t have the common decency to wear some type of moob support.

  36. That hole is the shallow place where her heart should be.

  37. the captain

    you still wonder where ‘INCONTINENCE’ comes from?

  38. cc

    A horse walks into a bar and the bartender says ‘Why the Tori face?’.

  39. KC

    Sexiest Post Ever? Knot!

  40. Maybe her heart was ripped out by Mola Ram. It would explain her personality.

  41. This would only look right if her stomach had the arms and head of a slimy martian leader sticking out of it.

  42. Tori Spelling Bikini Pregnant
    Amber Hilton
    Commented on this photo:

    What is she thinking? Bikini’s usually look terrible on pregnant women ~ the chest disfigurement is on display too. It’s not like she doesn’t have the money to buy a flattering swimsuit; or clothes that don’t reveal problem areas. I don’t understand it…

  43. MinneApple

    It’s called “Pectus carinatum”, also known as “Pigeon Chest”. My gay friend Elliot has it too, we call it his “Cum reservoir”….. true story. :)

  44. puddleduck

    Seriously, I hope she hasn’t had a tumor removed or something. It looks like she has and if so, bless her.

  45. Roxy

    There’s nothing attractive about her, not one goddamn thing. I’m amazed that a man is actually sexually attracted to her.

  46. Tori Spelling Bikini Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    oh my.

  47. Tori Spelling Bikini Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    I love the fact that she doesnt give a damn about her chest and that her stomach looks so beautiful. tori is one of the gutsiest women in hollywood.



  49. Tori Spelling Bikini Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    torri spelling is so ugly to begin with that you think she would fix that crater; anything to detracte from the ugliness

  50. Tori Spelling Bikini Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    Good God! Lord knows that woman can afford some plastic surgery. Or at least some spackle.

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