Top 20 Richest Women in Entertainment

January 19th, 2007 // 76 Comments

Forbes has compiled a confusing list of the Top 20 Richest Women in Entertainment. To put together the list they ruled out “non-working celebs who essentially live off royalties (Barbra Streisand, for example), and we also excluded ‘old Hollywood” types like Elizabeth Taylor.’” So basically it’s the 20 richest women in entertainment that you’d be familiar with, and not your mom. Here’s their list in order from richest to poorest:

1. Oprah Winfrey
2. J.K. Rowling
3. Martha Stewart
4. Madonna
5. Celine Dion
6. Mariah Carey
7. Janet Jackson
8. Julia Roberts
9. Jennifer Lopez
10. Jennifer Aniston
11. The Olsen Twins
12. Britney Spears
13. Judge Judy
14. Sandra Bullock
15. Cameron Diaz
16. Gisele Bundchen
17. Ellen DeGeneres
18. Nicole Kidman
19. Christina Aguilera
20. Renee Zellweger

There’s a lot of names on there I just don’t understand. Why is Jennifer Aniston number 10? And how did Renee Zellweger make the list? This is supposed to be the Top 20 Richest Women in Entertainment, not Most Likely To Be Confused for a Homeless Person.


  1. veggi

    bitches betta have my money

  2. I’d do most of them.

  3. Priceless6549

    To those who have commented before me-

    Those people not only work there ass off but they have to deal with the likes of people like you talking crap about them on a daily basis. Have you even met any of those women you are so obviously jealous of?! You should be happy that there are people in this world that are so successful…that go beyond sitting on the couch day after day eating ice-cream on the couch getting fat. I say “You go Girls”

  4. TurdFerguson

    I’m confused – how the hell is Judge Judy in there?

    No Paris Hilton. You’d think she’d be rich as hell from all those blow jobs she gives in her daddy’s hotels.

  5. misanthrope

    @53… Um, what? I should be happy that Celine Dion ‘works’ to lure idiots like you to not only listen to her, but to pay her money for it? I am happy, come to think of it. It keeps the sheep like you busy with worshiping them while people who can think for themselves are off doing interesting things like… hmmm, say listening to *actual* music and doing actual work and reading actual books and being inspired by actual people doing actual things instead of listening to Celine screaming her fucking head off and calling it *singing* and then getting rich, famous and apparently, therefor, successful. Holy run on sentence. Anyway, I think you’re jealous. After all, *celebrity work* seems to be what you so adamantly look up to.

  6. pol pot

    #55 you forgot to end by saying “And with that, I bid you good day Sir.

    …I said GOOD DAY!”

  7. outoftown

    forbes listed the olsen twins as one person.

  8. gout

    to be fair, you really have to look at where their income came from. for example, due to a court clerk’s error, oprah actually managed to claim her 40 acres and a mule, and it turned out to be downtown NYC real estate. she spent a lot of the money on gold-studded dog collars for steadman, doubledongs made out of endangered species for gayle, and of course lots and lots of fried chicken, but still, she’s pretty rich.

  9. spunkbubble on J.alba's face



  10. pixel killya

    Aniston is an entertainer? I guess if you get laughs from watching laughably bad movies and acting, then yes I suppose. Nah, she sucks.



  13. Team OJ

    Damn it is a horrible list when Judge judy is the only one I’d do twice. Or perhaps the list is normal I’m just horrible.

  14. DIANA

    I don’t understand why people are so surprised that Jennifer Aniston is on this list. She earned 1 million per episode when she was on friends.

  15. sigmanu


  16. yeah, well, i guess they’re…uh…rich

  17. EdwardSmith102.3

    I just want to know why singer Beyonce` Knowles wasn’t on the list, As of Today Modanna’s net worth is not $225 Millon but it is $600 million and Beyonce should have been number 5 because her net worth is about $315 million. I just think they should have looked at that more carefully. I hope somebody reads this and if they ever decide to do another top 20 that they should add Beyonce` Knowles. Not based on love but based on FACTS.

  18. Read the post on What do you think about Oprah making 10,000 times more than someone working for minimum wage?

  19. mr irreaplceable

    wheres beyonce at???

  20. typical

    Only one jew on the list i’m very shocked. 19 is the only one that is even married to a jew and she has the money. There goes that idea.

  21. Tekalign

    It is very important to list thier address.

    I want to know tthe 5 best richest women address of email,, to write perosonally how they change their life and requiest how they succesed thier life? I thank in advance.
    1. Oprah Winfrey
    2. J.K. Rowling
    3. Martha Stewart
    4. Madonna
    5. Celine Dion
    6. Mariah Carey
    7. Janet Jackson

  22. this is NOT a list that interests me..

  23. Damian maxwell

    Celine Dion is the BEST singer in the world.She has the voice of 10 thousand angels.

  24. Damian maxwell

    Celine Dion is the BEST singer in the world.She has the voice of 10 thousand angels.

  25. Anexio


    Suck it losers!

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