Tony Romo wants Jessica Simpson to be a fat country singer

Tony Romo is apparently the driving force behind Jessica Simpson’s already failed attempt to crossover to country music. While what small semblance of a music career she has left is being drowned in “twang,” Tony also wants to see his lady pack on the pounds, according to OK! Magazine:

Tony is also the first to boost Jess about her body! Jessica admits that she’s “packed on a few pounds but she doesn’t care,” the source tells OK!.
“She’s loving life and isn’t trying to be Daisy Duke. Besides, if Tony loves the way she looks, who is anyone else to complain?”

So, what? This is payback for all those football games he lost? C’mon, Tony Romo, that’s not cool. One day I might meet Jessica Simpson and seduce her with my funny stories Herculean pectorals. I don’t want to feel like it’s a “Gimme” because I ran into her at a Vegas buffet and quickly fashioned myself a necklace out of chicken wings. I’m a man who requires the thrill of the hunt. No, really, I always keep a blow gun handy. On a related note, I’m not allowed in the strip club anymore.