Tony Romo meets Jessica Simpson’s exes

March 4th, 2008 // 71 Comments

Dallas Cowboy’s quarterback and Jessica Simpson’s current boyfriend Tony Romo got to spend the evening with her exes last night. Tony was recognized at Cosmopolitan’s Fun Fearless Male of the Year awards – along with John Mayer and Dane Cook. That’s awkward with a side of douche. Here’s what Tony remarked to E! News:

“I guess you date Jessica Simpson, that makes you fearless,” quipped the quarterback.

Yeah, because it’s really fearless to follow up Dane Cook and John Mayer. C’mon, Tony Romo, you could’ve been an axe murderer and looked like Prince Charming. Actually, that was more of a suggestion and not a joke. Here’s an axe. Start with Dane Cook. Tell him you saw a pair of flair jeans in the alley and it’ll be like shooting fish in a barrel. But with an axe.

Photos: Getty Images, Pacific Coast News

  1. Dr. E. Sandsidcksalilza


    Basically people use swear words and douche because one is not smart enough to articulate a complete thought.

    Actually Kim Kardaskin has to douche 2 times a day. It must be the weird food she eats and it travels down to her twat.

  2. OMG! Common, Dane, and the guy from Office? I would date all three at the same time if I was Jessica and even if I wasn’t her! Hold me, I’m fading fast!

  3. mamadough

    for reals #32, where the hell is that grape smuggler nick lachey in all of his glorified sassiness?

  4. Who cares about the story. Who makes Jessica’s handbag? It’s fabulous!

  5. lentista

    hollywood celebrity’s are whore’s n sluts…..changing partner’s every weekend…i wish i can be a celebrity someday…so i can fuck them whore’s….fucker’s quit posting at the same time as me….

  6. yeah ok

    @ #51 Yeah, ok Doc. What the fuck ever you say. It’s pretty damn funny that you ise this argument while using the wor “twat” Douche!

  7. Mal Gusto

    I only scan the stories anymore. Did all the guys pull a train on Jessica and they all got together because they survived. I wonder if the exes talk to each other and say things like ” did you squirt her in the eye too?”

  8. Faith

    I would fuck Tony Romo’s brains out!

  9. killer

    He’s so goofy looking. He has no right pretending that he’s all that.

  10. Doc


    Thanks for noticing. I wish my patients understood my sense of humor.

  11. Al

    Thank god for photoshop, or they wouldn’t have been able to delete the giant box of tampons from the picture.

  12. fizzle

    Look it’s Tom from Myspace, the 2nd one from the top left. How did everyone miss that, he was everyones first friend on myspace.

  13. aklsdli

    Is Tony single again?It’s said he recently joined a celebrity and millionaire dating site named “Searching Millionaire dot coM”.
    Many fans found him there. But I did not find him when I joined it. Really Pity.

  14. gotmilk?

    why the hell would any self-respecting man show up to get an award titled “fun and fearless” what the fuck?? oh, it’s for cosmo…well, that makes more sense.

    why does Jessica look downright frightening in those pictures. i thought it was that horse face Molly Sims for a second.

  15. papasito

    lol@tom from myspace

  16. bigorangehippo

    Common? aka Common Sense??? When? Why? Common Sense and Jessica Simpson are like oxymorons!

  17. ChristmasMiracleInMyToilet

    If Jessica stood in that group no one would notice, she looks like one of the men herself.

  18. moses

    Boys are hot. I saw one of them have a profile on the celebrities and

    millionaires dating site last week. It’s said he is

    interested in dating wealthy young guys on that site!

  19. agreeone

    Acturally Tony is meeting another beautiful girl on millionaire&celeb dating site “W e a l t h yR o m a n c e.c o m” now. I saw his profile on that site last week.

  20. erica.

    I KNEW THAT WAS TOM! Hahaa! I knew that was Tom from Myspace! SHIT! Man, that’s funny.

    People need to stop hating on Dane Cook. A lot of people find him to be hilarious, including me. It’s just people who don’t know how to have fun and who don’t have a sense of humor who find him not funny.

  21. Pat

    white guy I don’t recognize, white guy I don’t recognize, white guy I don’t recognize, that guy from the office, douchebag, that moron from Dallas, white guy I don’t recognize, white guy I don’t recognize, COMMON?!!!!!!!!! What the fuck is Common doing there. Who gives a shit about Tony Romo and the Johns, this story should be about how out of place Common is. First that fucking Escalade commercial, now this!

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