Tony Romo knows all the words to Jessica Simpson’s songs

Recently-injured Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has apparently used his free time to learn all the lyrics to Jessica Simpson’s songs. He was spotted singing along while she performed at the Texas State Fair over the weekend. After Dallas’ loss yesterday, this will undoubtedly be Exhibit A in “She comes to another game, we have legal grounds to hit her with a bull.” People reports:

Nursing a broken pinky and chatting with Cowboys tight end Jason Witten, Romo bobbed his head with the music and was caught singing along to a few songs. When Simpson hit a powerful note during “Do You Know,” he clapped in awe.
The admiration was mutual. “Sometimes, to find a love as big as that, you have to go through some heartbreak, some ugly ones and some butthead ones,” Simpson told the crowd. “You go through that to really appreciate where you are in life right now.”

If I bother to type down here, is that going to stop anyone from pretending the mic is a penis? Didn’t think so. Moving on…

Photos: Splash News