Tony Romo knows all the words to Jessica Simpson’s songs

October 20th, 2008 // 52 Comments

Recently-injured Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has apparently used his free time to learn all the lyrics to Jessica Simpson’s songs. He was spotted singing along while she performed at the Texas State Fair over the weekend. After Dallas’ loss yesterday, this will undoubtedly be Exhibit A in “She comes to another game, we have legal grounds to hit her with a bull.” People reports:

Nursing a broken pinky and chatting with Cowboys tight end Jason Witten, Romo bobbed his head with the music and was caught singing along to a few songs. When Simpson hit a powerful note during “Do You Know,” he clapped in awe.
The admiration was mutual. “Sometimes, to find a love as big as that, you have to go through some heartbreak, some ugly ones and some butthead ones,” Simpson told the crowd. “You go through that to really appreciate where you are in life right now.”

If I bother to type down here, is that going to stop anyone from pretending the mic is a penis? Didn’t think so. Moving on…

Photos: Splash News

  1. Anonymous

    Chestica is so incredibly useless.

  2. lisatlantic

    that stupid twat has an Aum on her necklace in fucking diamonds… does she even know what Buddhism is about?

  3. quake

    She has ham breath.

  4. Bill

    So it’s true love. Why bash it? Jessica finally found somebody willing to lovingly wash off Papa Joe’s encrusted semen from last night’s especially-vigorous 3 am encounter. Good for her. As for Tony, when you find a non-obese girl with Jessica’s level of underlying shame, you don’t let go of her. There is nothing quite as intense as the tearful orgasm a girl has when she believes she’s fully into the moment with her guy then her dad’s leering face flashed through her mind right as she starts to come. Just try to hang on, Tony, after you whisper “you’ll always be my little girl” right at that moment.

  5. mamadough

    romo is a fucking pussy. broken pinky? grow some balls! tape that bitch to your ring finger, and get your queer ass back out on the field!

  6. I’d like to spread that on my bed! like its a brand new sheet I brought from Macys…

  7. CoolSAiler

    black = fat..

  8. ph7

    Short, elephant legs. She will age BADLY.

  9. Max Planck

    Best part of this is that there is no sound. Pity all those 4H clubbers who had to listen.

  10. MrMagoo

    Nothing better than semi-attractive, horribly insecure women who will do ANYTHING to keep their man. DVDA with the Cowboys linebackers? Whatever you want Tony, just love me.

  11. Fat Chicks Suck

    She looks chunky as usual. She hasn’t looked good in years. If she lost 25 pounds and toned up she would look pretty decent.

  12. Parker

    I don’t care how chunky she looks, I’d still bend her over, wedge my cock up her ass and fuck her till she had to crap.

  13. jim

    1. Dumb.
    2. Fat.
    3. Low self esteem.
    4. Fading looks
    5. Family of Users

    = Easy, easy lay.

  14. CaptainMorgan

    I’m waiting for someone to photoshop a penis onto the first pic. It’s perfect!

  15. i think he only knows the words because he plays her music to keep from blowing his load in her as he is banging the hell out of her. i admire the guy for even being able to keep it up while her music is playing.

  16. wow… going down hill. That being said, I am a downhill kinda guy :)

  17. Deacon Jones

    The first pic looks like my ex-girlfriend, minus a tear streaking down the cheek and her mumbling “Why don’t you love me?” in between head bobs.

  18. joppy

    Her skin is turning to leather from tanning bed addiction.

  19. allnewxp

    @ CaptainMorgan

    My first thought EXACTLY as well : ) Pics no.3 and 8 are usable as well

  20. britney's weave

    she looks chunky, and needs a new hairstyle. it’s not 1998 anymore. and if he was seriously singing along with her shit songs then it should be tony homo from now on, period. that’s worse than not being able to play b/c of a broken pinky.


    Chubby chaser. Thighs are so fat she can’t zip her pants.

  22. fa'reel

    Whatever dorks. like you wouldn’t learn a few of her songs in exchange for tearing that @ss up and playing with those huge breastesses.

  23. Cerwin

    @ 14

    Totally agree! the look on her face, the bending down, the lips.. perfect for a nice photoshop!

  24. kelley

    Yes, but can she really blow ??

  25. Sport

    She should focus on her talents and just make the transition to Porn right now.

  26. veggi

    The top pic is how she looks while struggling to finish a blowjob on her 10th black Cowboy of the night.

  27. Prof

    @ 14 the last pic is a strong runner up for “photoshop the penis into Jessica’s mouth contest” that is no doubt underway even as I type this comment.

  28. E. Norma Stitz

    Goody, she knows her role. Giving head. Dumb cuntry singer.

  29. anonymous

    In a Dallas Morning news review of the free concert called “Boyfriend Tony was a bigger star than Jessica Simpson at State Fair concert”, reviewer Mario Tarradell says about a third of the crowd had no interest in listening to Simpson and left once they could no longer see Romo.

  30. Who is picking out her clothes these days??? She looks TERRIBLE.

  31. malicious

    what’s with the gym shorts?

  32. Ron Jeremy

    The first photo is just begging for a good photoshopping….

  33. NY Ted

    Those crazy Limey bastards thought Silverman was bad…they should send this no talent hill-billy over there so that they can really get their monies worth of bad over-rated talent!

  34. tara

    The first picture WAS photoshopped. She had a big ‘ol cock in her mouth before the PS job.

  35. AJ




  36. sameshitdifferentyear


    #8 will ?

  37. jed

    I bet her crusty twat smells like dead possum.

  38. anonymous

    It doesn’t matter what we look like, #36…Jessica will still be fat and ugly.

  39. anonymous

    It doesn’t matter what we look like, #36…Jessica will still be fat and ugly.

  40. plastique

    Can’t we get real here?

    Isn’t it about time for Jessica and Tony to market and distribute their first sex tape?

  41. on the other hand: SHE PREFERED A PENIS OF FLESH & BLOOD, folks!!

  42. tc

    #34. Send her over. We’ll show her what a proper sized cock feels like.

  43. Erica

    Why is she eating the microphone?

  44. andy7171

    I’d wrap her legs around my neck and use her as a feed bag!

  45. stickykeys

    oh yeah, i agree – somebody pleazzze shop a cock in pics 1 & 8
    *fap fap fap*
    she looks sooo dirty in pic #1
    *fap fap fap*

  46. craigj

    When you do Photoshop a penis, please post the link. I need the laugh. And since she’s some high maintenance, emotionally needy, clingon woman set to balloon on the couch watchin’ Oprah the moment someone else is foolish enough to say I DO, maybe she’ll take the hint, rent some porn, and take lessons on how to do a good blowjob.

    How hearty do you think Nick laughs every time he sees this trainwreck in the news?

  47. Thighhighs

    Go ahead, have your relationship, but for the love of God please stop singing, acting, etc.

  48. Dee

    She is gross because she looks just like her creepy father. Her face is so masculine.
    She’s looking worse, I agree with the posters who say she’s not aging well. All that spray on tan, tooth whitener, bad makeup, and fried hair is taking it’s toll.

  49. what_a_cow


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