Tony Romo finds replacement for Jessica Simpson

September 3rd, 2009 // 82 Comments

Tony Romo is dating 22-year-old Miss Missouri 2008 Candice Crawford who also happens to be the sister of Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford. So you know he’s not going to do anything about it except aloofly look into the camera. Us Magazine reports:

“She’s not happy that it’s out [in the media], but they weren’t trying to hide,” a source close to Candice tells Us the day after first reported the coupling. “They’ve gone out to dinner in Dallas a bunch.”

Granted, Tony Romo no longer has Jessica Simpson’s large, bountiful breasts to play with, he also don’t have to sword fight Joe Simpson every time he wants to touch a boob. Or clear off a pile of cheeseburger wrappers. That, too.

Photos: WENN

  1. Fred Legs


  2. fgfg

    Meh, nothing special. Jessica had some huge ol titties!

  3. ha

    I don’t like her type of face (it’s like Jenny McCarthy’s) but that’s just my personal taste.

    Watch everyone start saying, “He replaced Jessica with a skinnier look-alike!!” when their only similarity is bleached blonde hair.

  4. PoohEater

    Very nice upgrade.

  5. MizzNoItAll

    She looks good now, but wait, her crow feet are gonna start creeping from the corners of her eyes, her eyelids are gonna get real thin and saggy which will make her eyeshadow fall off, her extensions will have nothing to grab onto cuz she’ll be bald all by the time she is 35. Its the typical white girl syndrome.

  6. Nice

    So, so much much better than that short, fat hilbilly Jessica with the man-chin and retard eyes.

  7. Tim

    Keep in mind Jessica’s boobs, although large, are fat girl boobs – which mean they flop into her armpits when she’s laying on her back. Not firm, not toned, just big bags of bacon grease.

    This girl’s firm and perky boobs win out over Jessica’s

  8. The dude

    Wow, she’s pretty.

  9. fearsarewishes

    Miss Fucking-Missouri?!?

    She is a bible thumping moron for sure. Fuck all you fundamental christian cunts. That’s right, I’m talking to you. Fuck you all the way to Fucksburg.

    Thank you.

  10. Jethro


  11. ROUGH before dishonor

    She got that Christina Applegate vibe going on, and when she takes off the make up shes Zellwigger. Eerie similaries…

  12. Jesus of Nazareth

    #9, if she’s naked, on my bed, with her legs spread getting drilled by jackhammer of a boner, I don’t care if she’s Amish or Wiccan or any other religion.

  13. Jacko

    I hope Tony, the ugly caveman, defiles this pretty young flower. She could do a lot better than Tony.

  14. Jill

    Her neck is nice and long. It could hold a nice long length of COCK. Long necks are underappreciated.

  15. WW of the West

    Yikes! That pointy chin could bruise a guy’s groin! She’s the scariest sister in the sorority.

  16. Sarah

    This chick’s thighs – nice, long, but not too skinny. Soft as butter, but toned.
    Jessica’s thighs – short, stumpy, too muscular, cottage cheesy.

    No comparison. Glad to see that Tony’s picking up his game.

  17. Shaniqua

    @5…Are you jealous because her extensions look better than your own? Don’t hate on her, you don’t even know the woman. Sounds like you need a good boost in self esteem! Some exercise may do the trick. Good luck!

  18. Nameless

    Not bad…not sure if its a step up from JS physically but Tony has got to be relieved in not having to deal with Papa Simpson.

    He still won’t win a playoff game this year though….

  19. M

    hahahaha her eyes are so funny.

    i bet she’s still a virgin for Jesus.

  20. lol

    He replaced Jessica with a skinnier look-alike!!

  21. KS Shark

    @9. Come on, you can’t judge by the state someone was born in what they are into or not. I take acception to midwesterners being intolerant. We are some of the most polite people you would ever meet.

  22. fearsarewishes


    If she is on your bed it’s because she is lost. Lost in the literal sense, not the figurative “lost” like the fundamental cunts talk about.

  23. Missouri Wackos

    #21 – she’s a bible thumper:

    “Candice attended Trinity Christian Academy in Addison, TX”

  24. Kelley

    #3 … and a nose job ? Along with the bottle blonde thing … not sure I’d want to be famous for dating Tony Romo … and her close-set eyes, too sharp-looking.

  25. KS Shark

    23. Oops, must have skipped that part. Well, she looks wholesome at least with a little bit of something going on behind her eyes. I think she is cute.

  26. Harry

    What’s with red state girls and big Donna Reed-style hair? Ugly.

  27. Jimbo

    Why would a NFL quarterback date some prissy boring christian? The answer? He wouldn’t. This chick must fuck, and must fuck him hard. He wouldn’t tolerate anything less. Her china doll looks just adds to her dirty little bedroom slut alter ego. I bet she’s her clit is tighter that snare drum.

  28. StopHatin

    Everyone that is saying this chick is not hot etc is either gay, fat smelly obese or ugly toothless bitches! She is smokin hot!

  29. Sally

    Harry are you silly or what, that is pagent hair you square. In the last pic her hair is normal.

  30. fearsarewishes


    “I bet she’s her clit is tighter that snare drum.”

    Jimbo, Jimbo Jimbo…let’s forget the grammar problem here for the moment. You really don’t have a working knowledge of female anatomy now do you?


  31. Pointy chin, huge schnoz and her eyes are too close together. Fake tits can only distract you for so long.

  32. ha


    Hahaha, how the fuck does a clit get tight or loose? I think you’re confused.

    Also, I have to say what is being avoided. Her brother is much prettier than she is.

  33. havoc

    Oh hell yeah.

    I bet her cooch smells like rainbows and Care Bears….


  34. Rancid

    Does this girl have a pull-string from her back, and you pull it and she says random things?

  35. addled

    big teef.

  36. HotPink

    22 my ass that heifer looks like a MILF.

    She is just as mannish as the former- pointy chin, close set eyes, and a big nose. Her body is only avergae only in that she is slim and toned, nothing special about her shape. Blaaaaahhhh as white bread.

  37. Pilatunes

    Great legs.

  38. awww yeah

    There we go. No more distractions jumping around in the stands during the season. She looks like the intellectual type who would show up at the Houston Texans stadium wondering where her boyfriend is. Probably just figured there’s only 1 of them ‘foosball’ teams in Texas. The structued schedule of 4 days practice, 1 day off, 1 day of banging this chick and 1 day to play will work well.

  39. Samantha

    I lived down the street from Trinity Christian Academy in Addison…basically, it’s just a bunch of rich kids whose parents don’t want them in public school!! She is just another really well-groomed Dallas superficialite.

    She looks pretty vacant, btw.

  40. Anonymous

    Wow she’s so ugly compared to her brother. Too fake!barbie look.

  41. Valerie

    Word, I was gonna say her brother’s much prettier

  42. Kaya

    27 – Poor Jimbo doesn’t know the difference between a clit and a vagina. Clits don’t get tight or less tight. You don’t know females at all, you poor thing. You might try to read about female anatomy before you lose your virginity because if you try to insert your penis into a girl’s clit, you are gonna have problems. Good luck!

  43. Kaya

    27 – Poor Jimbo doesn’t know the difference between a clit and a vagina. Clits don’t get tight or less tight. You don’t know females at all, you poor thing. You might try to read about female anatomy before you lose your virginity because if you try to insert your penis into a girl’s clit, you are gonna have problems. Good luck!

  44. PunkA

    Chicks from Missouri love to give it up. They tend to have esteem issues, so they get it from sex. I bet she is Romo’s pin-cushion, nothing more. dude needs a way to relax. And as well all know, Jess is not exactly into sex and stuff as her show proved.

  45. Red State Racists

    #39, Wait until she tells her parents that Tony works with black people.

  46. Deacon Jones

    Trading in for Younger and Dumber, you can’t go fucking wrong there Romo!

    As much as I hate your fucking guts since you’re a cowboy, you practice good logic.

  47. Guest

    What’s wrong with her face? It looks like a plastic face.

    dead behind the eyes. not hot.

  48. Kim

    Compare her lean musclular arms to those fatty fat fatty arms of Jessica.

    Her legs are sweet, too. Best of all, she looks both dumb and boring. Perfect fuck toy for a month or two. No presonality, so she just smiles, and waits to show off her prize for Tony to drill, not realizing she soon be discarded into the trash heap of desperate blondes.

  49. Pilatunes

    She has the whitest teeth I ever came across.

    That’s a double entendre right there folks.

  50. shes a CA 10

    better than simpson? maybe ,maybe not but nothing wrong with a bit of strange.

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