Tony Romo didn’t fumble Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson’s attorneys are going after OK! Magazine. The latest issue claims Tony Romo kicked Jessica to the curb after losing the playoffs. The article also says Ashlee Simpson is trying to distance herself from Jessica. Both of these claims are false, according to TMZ:

Simpson’s lawyers have sent a letter to OK!’s Editor-in-Chief, Sarah Ivens, claiming OK!’s article is bogus, adding that Jess and Tony are still together and that Ashlee and Jessica remain close. The attorneys say the article reflects a “smear campaign” and has subjected Simpson to “public contempt, ridicule, aversion or disgrace.”
The lawyers want OK! to “immediately publish a prominent and unambiguous” retraction.

I’m suing OK! Magazine too. I thought Jessica Simpson was single and mine for the taking. I even bought a bunch of Mexican Viagra and the always romantic box of wine. Of course, I kind of drank all the wine last night then took the Viagra. I’ve been knocking stuff off my co-workers’ desks all morning. Hey, Larry, you filing those papers? *swings around* Ha ha, not anymore! I should get a raise for this.

Photo: Splash News