Tony Stewart Not Facing Criminal Charges For Killing Kevin Ward

August 11th, 2014 // 42 Comments
Tony Stewart
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If you were on Facebook or Twitter for at least 30 seconds yesterday, then you probably caught wind that NASCAR driver Tony Stewart killed 20-year-old Kevin Ward during a sprint car race Saturday night in New York. The very basic information is that Stewart caused Ward to crash – as rednecks tell me is his wont – prompting Ward to walk down the track, with cars still racing, and attempt to confront Stewart whose car connected with him killing him dead. Where the heated discussions start and will ultimately ignite the next Civil War are whether or not Stewart deliberately tried to fishtail like a hardass to scare the shit out of Ward which went horribly wrong, or he actually meant to run him the fuck over, or an idiot walked into the middle of a race track and natural selection happened. Which is apparently where the police are at because they announced yesterday that there are no pending charges for Stewart. SB Nations reports:

The investigation into the incident that killed sprint car driver Kevin Ward Jr. on Saturday night is still ongoing, according to Ontario County (N.Y.) Sheriff Philip C. Povero. At present, no charges are pending against NASCAR driver Tony Stewart, whose car struck Ward. The fatality occurred at Canandaigua Motorsports Park, a dirt track located in upstate New York.
“As we speak at this time, there is no evidence in hand or no facts that would support a criminal charge or support criminal intent on the part of anybody,” Povero said.

As for why the hell I’m posting any of this, SEO? Maybe? Am I allowed to say that? It’ll help me post Victoria Secret’s models in lingerie faster. — Thought that’d get you on board. We ride!

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  1. Jimmy

    Let the rednecks sort this out. it’s their stupid sport, let them apply their customary logic and intelligence to determine whether a crime occurred, and the proper punishment. It’s like trying to figure out whether breaking another person’s neck in backyard wrestling is a crime. It’s not for normal intelligent people to decide.

    • Wisdom

      I bet you attack Christians the same way, while bowing to communism.

      How do I know? I can tell where you got your intellect from, and it’s a false accomplishment.

  2. I just assumed you were covering redneck sports now as a way of reaching across the aisle to your Teatard demographic. Next up: Tractor Jousting!

  3. Hmm

    Redneck retard walks out onto a racetrack in the night with speeding cars in a black suit, end of story. I have no sympathy for the dumbass.

  4. Every comment section on various news sites have erupted in Nascar fans shouting at each other, much like the Hatfields and Mccoys. Only this time it’s Tony Stewart fans vs. people who hate Tony Stewart. It would be entertaining to read if it wasn’t so stupid. I’d vote this is a bit of natural selection because why the fuck would you think it was a good idea to walk onto the track when the cars are still racing, caution flag or not, it’s a fucking mud track and walking onto it while cars are still moving is stupid.

    • “walking onto it while cars are still moving is stupid.”

      It’s a race involving grown adults driving go-karts. Every human in attendance in stupid.

      • Do you realize how much skill is involved in doing perpetual left turns??? I mean, it’s so hard, you have to wait till your SIXTEEN years old to do it. SIX-FUCKING TEEEEEEEN!!!

      • When you do it at 160-195mph surrounded by 42 other cars in close proximity, yeah, it takes a lot of skill.

      • RexSeven

        By your logic it must be much harder than Olympic gymnastics which is done by 12 year olds. Stick to what you know… wait… I guess you are. You know spouting shit about something you know nothing about.

        Motorsports is a very different kind of sport, but just like anything else the top of each type is filled with the best of the best.

      • blerg

        Rich white people driving cars is not a sport.

      • I know everything that’s required: rubbing is racing. I’ve seen Days of Thunder so that gives me virtual Ph.D in “motorsports.” And comparing gymnastics to car racing is like comparing quantum physics to hopscotch.

      • DocJ

        Yet rich black people knocking the crap out of each other with helmets on or rich white people on ice skates with sticks in their hands is?

      • Yes, yes it is.

  5. guestie mcguesterson

    Ward did it to himself, and as much as people might hate Stewart for his supposed hotheaded hijynx, there was no impropriety here. Sprint cars are direct drive (no tranny), and run staggered rear tires (the outside is MUCH bigger than the inside on the rear) with the sole intention of the driver using throttle input to swing the back end out and slide around corners; furthermore you’re dealing with a visor caked with mud, poor lighting, and no crew/spotter radio chatter to say nothing of a driver leaving his car w/o safety crew (forbidden in racing)… So some dumbass walks into the middle of a hot track in a black suit and helmet at night, its no wonder he got whacked by the rear tire.

    Rather than trying to get some news cycles by being the amatuer who confronted the NASCAR superstar on teh track, he just got himself run over and killed.

    • In all seriousness, thanks for explaining the mechanics of sprint cars.I never knew that bit about them being direct-drive.

    • Deacon Jones

      Not that I give a shot about racing, but it was pretty obvious he hit the gas when he was heading towards him.

      The police know if they pressed charges they’d be fucked trying to argue that in court though.

      • DocJ

        But you do understand that they use the throttle to steer the cars. The tires are so unbalanced on these cars that the steering wheel cannot turn these cars sharply. For a quick last minute turn, like say some nutjob is standing in all black in the middle of the track, you have to hit the gas to get that thing to swing out of the way. It almost worked.

      • Marketing Mike

        The way these particular cars are setup, and considering that the
        driver was practically running TOWARDS Tony’s car all pissed off,
        it’s pretty amazing Tony only glazed the guy.
        Tony: 0 Natural Selection: 1

      • guestie mcguesterson

        @Deacon: First, you’re dealing with the sound of a throttle from across a stadium and recorded via cellphone, but as the other poster noted, its a moot point. In order to make the car turn, you hit the gas. No gears, just stab the throttle and the rear tire layout causes the car to swing out so you can then go forward.

        Notice how close the blue car was to Ward? Stewart was even closer as Ward kept walking into traffic. Emergency measures.

        Again, I don’t know Tony Stewart from Tony Shaloob, but I do know that an experienced dirt car driver knows how to handle an emergency, like a pedestrian on a track in the middle of the racing line, like the pro he is.

  6. Oh, that’s definitely natural selection, no doubt about it.

    If you’re dumb enough to walk around on a racing track with racing cars doing what they were built to do (you know, going fast), you’ll get what you’ll get.

    Zero sympathy.

  7. buzz

    Bottom line- Ward was unhurt and should have remained in his car until the safety crews got to him. Instead anger lead him to chase down Stewart during an ongoing race.

  8. I’m no redneck motorsport expert, but it looked like suicide to me.

  9. Excellent summary. Thx Fish.

  10. JEDBOB


  11. Cock Dr

    I thought that annihilation & death was the whole point of NASCAR.

  12. Kevin Ward killed himself with his temper & stupidity. When you run out onto a racetrack populated with fast moving race cars and step in front of one don’t be surprised when you end up looking like a salsa covered tortilla.

  13. It just seems odd to me that everyone except the PROFESSIONAL race car driver were easily able to avoid the guy by just going to the inside of the track. Make that the professional race car driver that had already hit the guys car, and has actually run over people on racetracks before. That guy.

    • Mike Walker

      Everyone except Stewart and the blue car that Ward jumped back to avoid and jumped back into Stewart’s path.

    • anonymous

      That’s because Ward was making a beeline toward Stewart’s car. No matter where he was on the track, Ward would have walked toward Stewart anyway.

  14. +50 Racist Ignorant Fuckhead points to everyone who thinks that only rednecks like motorsports.

  15. I just wish newspeople had the balls to say, “Some idiot ran over some other idiot, but who cares? IT’S FUCKING NASCAR.”

  16. Darwin Award achieved.

    Tony may or may not have clipped the guy’s car like a dick the lap before. But it took awhile to run around the course again as those cars were not going super fast and only after he came back around the young idiot gets out of the car. Now had he exited out of the car over the wall fine, but no he gets out dodging incoming traffic to point (yell?) at Tony Stewart and ends up getting clipped and killed. This while on a night race, in a poorly lit corner, wearing black, with race cars coming at you. Sure it sounds like a dick saying it, but he had it coming.

  17. Slash

    It’s almost as if walking out into – literally – traffic is dangerous or somethin’. Huh.

    I guess their contempt for science has resulted in rednecks who are ignorant of concepts like velocity and force and what can happen when two objects try to occupy the same space at the same time.

    I predict the next tragedy will involve some white trash attempt at space travel involving a lawn chair, propane tanks and the Confederate flag.

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