Tony Romo Got Engaged

December 17th, 2010 // 30 Comments

“Take me to butter. And step on it.”

While news of an engagement was falsely reported a year ago in what I can only assume was an effort to inflate Rocky Road futures, Tony Romo officially proposed to his girlfriend Candice Crawford yesterday, according to Us Magazine:

Dating since September 2009, Romo, 30, proposed to Crawford (a one-time Miss Missouri and sister to Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford) in Dallas on Thursday, her 24th birthday.
Romo, who broke his collarbone in October and hasn’t played since, dated Simpson for nearly two years; he ended their relationship in July 2009, the night before her 29th birthday. Before Simpson, he also romanced Carrie Underwood and actress Sophia Bush.

This, of course, raises the question, what is Jessica Simpson going to do now considering she already forced Eric Johnson to propose to her immediately after Nick Lachey‘s engagement to Vanessa Minnillo? While a rushed holiday wedding seems to be the likely scenario, that would also lessen her Christmas ham intake, forcing her into a hyper-alert gathering state for the rest of the winter.

ASHLEE: Mom, can you get me a wipe? Bronx has chocolate all over him.
JESSICA: Awroooo?
ASHLEE: No, wait- Dad! The tranquilizer!
JOE: Her eyes have gone red! EVERYONE, DOWN! *fires*
JOE: I’ll take it from here. Honey, get everyone downstairs. This might be a while.
JESSICA: *whimpers*
JOE: ♫ Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus, right down Double D Lane… ♫

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  1. Marley

    Tony Roma’s? What?

  2. Drundel

    Sophia Bush too? Wow, the dude can pull some tail, which leads to the question, why the hell get married?!?!??

  3. In other news, Jessica Simpson got engaged to a Tony Romas.

  4. Adam

    Bah to a collar bone injury. Bah, I say!

    Bitch ate his throwing arm.

  5. I really like her t-shirt. This makes me doubt my own taste :(

  6. FattyFatty2X4

    Fish, have you seen Miss Crawford’s mouth?
    She could put you, me, and McFeely all in there at once.
    Not sure if that’s a Con or Pro.

    • Leggy Gal

      I am female…so I will go with a huge CON. That shit is nasty!

      • FattyFatty2X4

        with a name like Leggy Gal, i kinda figured you for a female.
        Well, this is the internet tho, thanx for the clarification and thoughts.

    • Cock Dr

      I would watch that……but only from a safe distance.
      Twenty or 30 feet should be sufficient.

    • mcfeely smackup

      Look Fatty, I’m up for a swordfight in Crawfords mouth any day of the week, but I gotta draw the line at the oral trifecta. I might be able to put a “not really gay” spin on my cock rubbing on yours when buried in her giant mouth, but once Fish’s huge tool gets wedged in there too…well, that’s just gay.

  7. Jessica Simpson
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Can’t wait to see the size of her after the holidaze.

  8. right

    Somebody above asked why get married? Get engaged to a girl and you get the best sex she has to offer for about 5 months. After you thoroughly abuse every hole, time to throw her back. Then move onto the next one & repeat.

  9. Jessica Simpson
    Mary Exmass
    Commented on this photo:

    Oooo! Sugar skull over sugar tits and sugar hips. SWEET!

  10. jojo

    That overbite gives her the edge when hauling down large game. Evolution people, evolution.

  11. Jessica Simpson
    Commented on this photo:

    She looks a lot like someone else he used to date…what was her name? Stimson? Samsonite?

  12. testington

    Chase Crawford is much prettier than his sister

  13. See Alice

    Jessica is one of the richest female celebs out there . She could care less !

    • mmmm I’m sure she does. It’s gotta sting, juuuust because it will be smeared in her face, if she was rich and anonymous then fuck it she can just pay someone to salt their lawn.
      idk…. I’m not really a mean person and when I come up with things to get back at people it’s usually really stupid like glueing nails behind people’s cars parked in their driveways…. as often as possible. Tires are expensive…..
      Not that I have done it, I haven’t. Really.

  14. Jon

    That’s a huge bitch!

  15. wim

    Mental Things & Smart Talks were never his thing…….
    THAT’S WHY, folks!!

  16. Justin

    Just as long as he is not getting married to this big fat bitch. This thing here will balloon up after she says “I do” then will not open her legs again. I feel sorry for that dude she hooked. Tony has a real cutie now.

  17. Megan F

    The Jessica Simpson weight gain comments and stuff are getting SO old…. it doesn’t even matter that I thinkshe looks great, and .. *ahem* FUCKING NORMAL which is nice for a change… but seriously, get some new material.

  18. mel

    Jessica Simpson has gained even more weight since those chili cookoff pictures. At this rate, she’ll be as “NORMAL” as Kirstie Allie by this time next year.

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